10 Table Decorations Making Your 50th Anniversary Special

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Wedding anniversaries are a special occasion for any couple. When celebrating such a joyous occasion, the overall decoration of your wedding event plays an important role. Specifically, regarding the decorations, the tables are the most important, which surely grab every guest’s attention.

Your guests will spend most of their event moments on these tables. Therefore, decorating them will make the event look more enjoyable if you plan to make your 50th birthday anniversary special. You can start by paying close attention to your table decorations for weddings.

Don’t worry; we have a few best table decoration ideas below. You are sure to love them all.

Top 10 Table Decorations for Wedding Anniversary

1. Wedding Photos as a Centerpiece

photo table decorations for wedding centerpieces
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It might be the most common idea that usually comes to a couple’s mind. You can start your table decorations for wedding anniversary by placing your wedding photos on either each table or at the main table. As for the wedding photos, you can choose the same picture on every table or a different one.

Mixing different wedding pictures for the display can be an option. You can even put a note on the table about how you met each other and the first place where your love journey began. All these small centerpieces will make your wedding speech more interesting and loveable for the guests.

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2. A Story-Themed Table Decoration

balloon house centerpieces for table decoartions for wedding
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While putting a short note of your wedding story or how you met each other, you can consider using it as a story-themed table decoration for the wedding anniversary. If you don’t have a story, you may even use a special moment of your life and can transform it into a table decoration theme.

For instance, if you go on a road trip to any attractive place, you can use it as your story theme. Decorate the table with a car toy, trees, and small buildings to represent the surrounding environment. It can help you capture your story’s essence for each table.

3. Leave a Note Box

gift box table decorations
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Another idea for table decorations for wedding anniversaries can be to leave a note box on each table. However, to make this decoration attractive for the guest, you can give it a gift-like look.

Next, get a pen for the guests to write their best wishes and congratulations to the couple. Leave enough space at the table for guests to leave their gifts beside the note box. Then, you can review their gifts and notes at the end of the event.

4. Metal Vase for Decorations

wedding centerpieces
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You can use a metal wedding flower vase to decorate the wedding anniversary. These vases can add a shiny and glittery look to your wedding anniversary tables. Next, add artificial flowers to the vase to make it look more attractive. You can use real flowers instead. They can make the tables look and smell more pleasant for the guests.

5. Small Sweet Jars

candy jars table decorations for weddings
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Small fancy-looking sweet jars can always be another good idea for table decorations for wedding anniversaries. Those guests who show up with the kids would love this idea. Not only would these jars give a beautiful decoration look to the table. It will keep the kids occupied and around their parents.

6. Geometric-Shaped Flower Stand

centerpieces for wedding
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A geometric-looking flower stand can be another excellent choice for table decorations for wedding anniversary. Especially if you are looking for a simple yet elegant-looking centerpiece for your tables, these high-quality metal stands can use flowers as decorations.

You can put flower balls on top of these stands. Apart from your wedding anniversary event, you can use it later for home, birthdays, or other celebration events.

7. Cake Stands

wedding cake stands
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You can use small, fancy-looking cake stands for table decorations for wedding anniversaries. Then, if the wedding anniversary event is in the morning, they can help with the tea serving. Displaying small cupcakes or sandwiches is a good option. This way, the guests can help themselves with the snacks.

8. Artificial Petals in Jars

Adding petals in glass jars can be another simple yet beautiful way of table decorations for wedding anniversaries. It is an inexpensive decor idea you can even craft yourself at home.

All you need is some petals which you can buy from any store. Next, put them in any clean glass jar you use at home. They will give a beautiful look to your guest tables.

9. Ice-Buckets Centerpiece

Ice-Buckets Centerpiece Table Decorations for Weddings
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These ice buckets will be excellent table decorations for wedding anniversary. You can add a ribbon to make these simple-looking ice buckets more attractive.

Ask your venue or event host if they provide these centerpieces so you can request them to decorate them. Their decoration will make them look like decoration pieces. You can also use fabric instead of ribbons for a customized decoration.

10. Over-Sized Balloons

balloons table decorations for wedding centerpieces
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Using an oversized balloon on each wedding table can be a good idea for decorations for the wedding anniversary. This craft is very easy as it only requires a few oversized balloons. Just inflate a balloon and stick it tightly with a vase, flower, or other solid objects on the table.

You can use these balloons on each table or if you are using a combined large table. You can use colors variation or the same color in balloons.


Wedding anniversary celebrations at any age of life are always enjoyable. However, to make these occasions more delightful. You would have to choose different decorations to please the guests. Where every detail for the wedding décor matters, the table decorations for wedding anniversary also play a crucial role and need equal attention. You can use the above ideas to decorate the wedding anniversary table.

Although, using them altogether may not be possible. But you can choose the best ones to provide attractive décor looks to the guests. Lastly, they might not be as expensive as those event coordinators may charge you.

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