Are Acrylic Columns for Wedding Centerpieces Durable

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Centerpieces are one of the main components of wedding day decorations. Of course, you do your absolute best to choose impeccable wedding centerpieces. You think about a lot of things when it comes to wedding centerpieces. What type of flower will look beautiful? Where to place these centerpieces? Will acrylic columns fit right in wedding decor, and how durable are they? There are a million questions that you can think of.

Wedding days are full of joy and a lot of work too. And you might think, is it necessary to put this much thought into a wedding decor item? Well, the answer is yes, it is your special day, and you deserve the best. So keep calm and find the answers to your queries from the points mentioned below.

Do Acrylic Columns Centerpieces Break?

The acrylic columns are ten times stronger than glass ones. So there is no way your wedding centerpiece will shatter if someone knocks it off. This is why they are a better choice for wedding centerpieces. Also, the acrylic column centerpieces are more clear compared to standard plate glass.

Can I Put Flowers on Acrylic Columns for Wedding Centerpieces?

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The answer is Yes! Acrylic columns work best with flower arrangements. You can use different sizes of acrylic columns and combine them with unique flowers. But you don’t have to struggle with finding acrylic columns decor ideas. Let’s have a look at these points to find mesmerizing wedding centerpiece decor ideas.

Dried Flower Arrangement

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You can use these trendy dried flower arrangements in your acrylic columns. You can use these dried flower arrangements in your entire wedding decor. This arrangement will make your wedding decor unique and rustic.

If you are planning to have a farm wedding, then bravo! These arrangements will set everyone in the right spirit for a farm wedding. And when you place a few acrylic dried flower columns, they will look stunning.

Greenery In Columns

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You can use a combination of various types of decorative greenery. This is the finest way to make your wedding decor look alive. If you feel like greenery alone won’t match the wedding themes, then use small flowers too. But don’t try to overfill it with flowers; otherwise, it will look like a flower arrangement.

You can place this greenery column centerpiece on your wedding aisle or anywhere you like. If possible, you can combine these centerpieces with flower ones too. Just place one greenery and flower column next to each other. This way, you can use two types of centerpieces in your wedding decor.

Vines And Flowers

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If you are planning to use tall acrylic columns, then go for vines and flowers. This arrangement will look absolutely stunning in tall columns. You will place the arrangements either on top or bottom. The choice is yours.

If you mount it on the top, the vines and flowers will hang beautifully. Also, if you choose a clear acrylic column, then it will look like they are hanging in the air. When you choose to place them in the bottom, use clear masking tape to adjust the vines upward.

Monotonous Flower Arrangement

Nothing beats the simplicity of monotonous flower arrangements. You can use flowers of the same color in your column wedding centerpiece. Just ensure you choose flowers that match your wedding color theme. Also, make sure you place your order of flowers in advance. Buying the same color of flower in bulk can be a challenge.

Blend Of Colors

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If you are confused about what type of flowers to use in your wedding decor, then blend them all. Just like that, the end of your confusion. Also, it is easy to find and blend multiple kinds of flowers. You can easily buy various types of flowers from different florists.

Combo Of Multiple Columns

Your combination ideas are not limited to flowers only. You can do the same with different sizes of columns too. A small column will look adorable beside a tall one. You can decorate these columns with dried flowers, greenery, vines, and more. It is up to you how you want them to be. Also, you can use two flower combos in these acrylic columns. You can use greenery in a small one and white flowers in a tall one. Try different combinations to find your ideal fit for the decoration.


Centerpieces are like the essence of wedding day decoration. Beautifully decorated acrylic columns will hold the attention of every guest. These decor pieces will complete your wedding table, aisle, and seating decoration. There are hundreds of ideas to decorate these beautiful pieces. But for you, we have made it simple. Just follow the ideas mentioned above to get it done with wedding centerpiece decor.

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