Artificial Tree and Flower Ball At Inweder

Weddings are all about festivity and celebration; no wedding is complete without perfect decor. With a surge in wedding flower costs, a striking inclination has been observed to use more artificial flower balls at weddings. A recent study shows the “artificial flowers and feathers” industry’s revenue is expected to be 484 million USD by 2024. Inweder offers various centerpieces, flower vases, artificial trees, and multiple-colored flower balls to enhance your event. Check out the following items for your next big event.

Artificial Christmas Tree Wedding Centerpieces 30″


NameArtificial tree Branch Wedding Decoration
ColorBlack / White
MaterialPlastic resin
Weight2.7 pounds (one piece) / 5.4 pounds (two pieces)
Price39.99 $ (one piece) / 77.99 $ ( two pieces)

This gorgeous and stylish artificial tree is the best decor for any formal event or simple home decor. This unique centerpiece can be best complemented with mini tealight candles or crystal tassels to bring glitter and glam to your event. This DIY centerpiece comes in two exquisite colors, black and white, making it perfect for your day and night events. It is made of high-quality plastic resin and can quickly assemble into pieces.

The package has eleven pieces (ten tree branches with one tree trunk); these branches can be easily inserted into a tree trunk to make one centerpiece. This package comes with an installation guide, but you can always reach out to us if you have any difficulty. Perfect decor for weddings, birthdays, romantic casual dinners, or valentines day, etc. Use this gorgeous piece as the best gift for housewarmings or weddings etc. Due to its large size can be used as the best decor for a large wedding head table. Use this centerpiece with tea light mini candles for evenings. Use faux silk blooms garlands or crystal tassels for a lovely day event.

Flower Ball For Wedding Centerpieces Set Of 2


NameFake Flower Balls
ColorBlack / Blue & White / Peachy Champagne & White / Pink & White / Pink Champagne & White / Pure White / Purple & White / Red & White / Champagne & White / Pink
Weight6.15 ounces (one piece) / 12.3 ounces (two pieces)
Price17.99 $ ( a set of two)

Are you in charge of planning any events? Wondering what might go with your simple centerpiece? Are you worried about the rising costs of flowers? Check out our exclusive collection of artificial flower balls from our online store with a variety of ten unique colors. These beautiful and stylish flower balls are made of high-quality silk to retain freshness and bright colors like the original flowers.

Unlike real flowers, you can order these flowers without being worried about taking care of these artificial ones. Just dip them into the soapy water and rinse thoroughly with water and allow them to dry. Don’t use chemicals or any other hard material to clean the flowers. Order these gorgeous flower balls from our online store in your favorite color. Planning a wedding? Check out our exclusive ten-color combinations for flower balls to match the theme and color of your wedding. Unlike regular flowers, you can place them anywhere without worrying about pests or decaying plants. It is also easy to clean.

End Note

Check out our official website of Inweder to get all the centerpieces, artificial trees, artificial flowers, candle holders, and flower vases for any event. We hope our guide has helped you choose a gorgeous and affordable flower ball. Happy shopping!

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