12 Fun And Unique Bridal Party Entrance Ideas

Bridal showers and bachelorette parties may be the most dramatic part of a wedding, but your bridal party could be as interesting. This is why many brides love to have a bridal party for the wedding. The entrances for bridal party help make the day memorable.

Here are 12 fun and unique entrances for bridal party to inspire you for both the wedding ceremony and the reception.

Bridal Entrance Ideas for the Ceremony

– Ballet Dancing

Ballet dancing is a great way to add fun to your bridal entrance. How you pull this off is entirely down to you. You can hire professional ballet dancers from a local club if you want an elaborate display. That will cost you some money. For a cheaper option, you can bring them on and save costs if you have cute nieces or cousins who don’t mind walking and showing off some moves as your bridal party makes an entrance.

– Lose The Bouquets, Showcase Puppies

bide and bridemaide

Another adorable idea you can pitch to your bridesmaids is to replace the traditional practice of walking down the aisle with bouquets with a charitable display that involves puppies. You can partner with a local dog shelter to display adoptable puppies to the audience. To pull this off, you must ensure your bridesmaids are comfortable with the idea. They could even walk the dogs instead of carrying them.

– Hire A Live String Quartet

Live music affects people and goes beyond making them tap their feet or shake their heads. Studies have shown that live music is therapeutic. They produce vibrational sound waves that engage the water in human bodies to create a soothing effect.

– Do A Line Dance

Wedding ceremonies are known for their solemnity, but you can infuse some energy and excitement into the venue without necessarily disrupting the overall mood of the ceremony. A line dance is a perfect way to do this. The idea is: that you choose upbeat music while your bridesmaids show off their dancing skills as you all move down the aisle.

– Ride In Like A Royal

Imagine bringing your bridal party on a horse-drawn wagon or even an old-school firetruck. It will enthrall your guests. It might be expensive, especially if you’re trying to have a budget wedding, but it’s a lovely idea if you can afford it.

– Use Props

bridal entrance ideas

Your bridal party can be more colorful and eye-catching when adorned with props. Huge outdoor lanterns, electric candles, balloons, and sparklers will add fun to your event. Even better, your wedding planner or decorator can add these props to the wedding decor afterward. Outdoor lanterns and electric candles can form part of the lighting after sunset. Balloons can be used as centerpieces. Sparklers, if used, should be limited to outdoors only. Keep the entrances for the bridal party at a distance from the guests as they move down the aisle.

Bridal Entrance Ideas For Reception

The perfect way to get the best out of this is by building on the initial energy created from the ceremony display. You can even create a theme for both events if you like. For example, if you did a line dance at the ceremony, you can have bridesmaids and groomsmen collaborate on choreographed dances for the reception entrance.

– Screen A Music Video

This one will get your wedding guests awning and aahing, but it doesn’t come cheap and will take time to pull off. At the least, you would need to spend three months preparing this. Preparation includes choreographing dance moves and picking out locations. You can do this professionally, with high-end filming equipment, or record with your smartphone and edit with free editing software/apps.

– The Bridal Party Sips Their Way In

The bridal party can foreshadow what will come by walking in clinking wine glasses, popping champagne, or cracking beers. To make it more interesting, you can have the DJ call their names while they raise their drinks in acknowledgment.

– The Short Skit

Perhaps you want to do a performative entrance but consider a music video too challenging or technical; you can do this instead. Your bridal party can mime funny scenes, do the fishing pole gag, or do the grocery cart dance. The options are innumerable.

– The Flash Mob

This one is a classic. A surprise flash mob is coming on the scene just before the bridal party is announced or at the beginning of their speech. You can go a step further and make it a surprise for you and your guests. Talk to your bridesmaids beforehand and let them handle the plans by themselves.

– A Couple’s Dance

Here’s the idea— each bridal party member enters on cue to a personalized wedding song, doing a two-step tango or salsa. You can have them choose their preferred songs ahead of time. With this, the DJ can create a mashup with 15-30 seconds allocation for everyone. Perfect?

Use A Green Screen

Now we’re back to the technical entrances for the bridal party. This one is even more challenging than the music video option, but so is the excitement it brings to the party. Say you want to snowboard into the venue but don’t have the skills or equipment. A green screen will do just fine. Chroma keys are affordable. You can create the perfect background to make your bridal party land on the moon, or snowboard- whatever it is you want the audience to see.

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