Are Flower Bud Vases Cheaper Than Centerpieces

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Coming up with centerpieces or simply using bud vases can cost a lot. The cost of the two decorations can sometimes be a determinant for those who want to get themselves a beautiful space. So, which is cheaper? The flower bud vases or centerpieces?

The cost largely varies depending on many factors, such as design, size, the material used, and where you get the decorations. However, flower bud vases are generally smaller and typically simpler in design. As such, you should expect them to be less expensive than centerpieces.

We review the cost expectations for bud vases and centerpieces below to help you understand the best option. At least you can know when to choose the bud vases or centerpieces.

How Much Should A Bud Vase Arrangement Cost

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We have already mentioned what factors can make the flower bud vases cheaper or more expensive. In that regard, you should expect the price to vary from as low as $10 up to $100 for the premium custom bud vases.

The small bud vase arrangement is the cheapest, with most at $10 to $25. The arrangement typically has one or two stems of flowers in the vase.

The next choice would be the medium bud vases. These vases can hold even up to five stems of flowers because they are slightly larger. The price varies from $25 to $50.

The large bud vase arrangement is what you need when you have more stems to include in the arrangement. Expect quite an elaborate look with more than five stems. Just make sure the arrangement does not look crowded. The price can go up to $100 for such flower bud vases.

Other factors may lead to the final price of a bud vase other than size. Check them out below.


Expect that the price can depend on the local cost of living, availability of flowers, and florist competition. In an urban setting, expect these prices to be slightly higher than in rural areas.

Florist Expertise

The expertise you get from a florist can help determine the price of bud vases. Some florists are fair in their prices, while others can charge more, believing their experience accounts for something. Still, design expertise is vital.

Arrangement Size

The size and floral arrangement of the flower bud vases may determine the final cost. Since larger arrangements require more flowers, expect to pay more for the overall price. It is the vice versa for the small floral arrangement.

The Flowers Used

The type of flowers used in the flower bud vases can also determine the final cost. What most people may need to realize is that flowers are generally expensive. Some can be more expensive than the bud vase itself. The worst is when you want a certain type of flower, and it is out of season. Getting it as part of the arrangement means spending more than your original plant.

Imported flowers are also likely to cost more than flowers locally available. The importing business would still want to make a bit of profit.

Additional Customization

So, sometimes you request customization of your bud vases on top of what a company offers as the standard options. Customization means changing colors, using unique design elements, and using specific flowers. In that case, the arrangement can be more expensive.

All these factors should be clear for you to try out flower bud vases. Keep in mind that they would still be cheaper overall than centerpieces.

A Centerpiece Stand Cost On Average

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Now that we understand the price of bud vases, what about centerpieces? A fair comparison would help you know which one to choose.

Below, we give you a general idea of what you should expect to pay for when buying a centerpiece stand.

Basic Centerpiece Stands

We can start with the most affordable centerpiece type. This would be a common choice for those on a budget but still want something that looks good. Expect to spend around $10 to $50 on this type of centerpiece.

The basic centerpiece stands will offer a minimalist design, but they are still good to make them stand out.

Decorative Centerpiece Stands

If you are willing to spend more, move to the decorative centerpiece stands. These stands feature unique shapes, ornate designs, and additional decorative elements. All these combined raises the cost.

It is impressive how most of such stands will have intricate details such as embellishments, patterns, and scrollwork. These work well to improve the visual appeal of the decorative pieces.

The prices will range from $50 to $150, depending on the craftsmanship and materials used.

Custom Centerpiece Stands

Most companies making the centerpiece stands would also offer custom-made options other than those available for sale.

Custom centerpieces mean that they are built to match a specific theme or include personalized elements. Because of the additional design work and unique raw materials, that significantly affects the price.

So, the price of such custom projects will often cost more than $200.

When To Use Flower Bud Vases Or Centerpieces

Knowing the price difference between the two is just half the journey. You still need to know when each would be appropriate to use them correctly.

Flower bud vases are small and may hold one to three or more stems. For their design, we recommend them for minimalistic and intimate settings. You may also use them simply as table decorations rather than focusing much on whether it is an event or for home decoration.

Centerpieces are mostly designed to be focal points as you enter a room or space. Because of such, we find them useful for grand events and celebrations. You could also find them useful for large tables, high-profile spaces, or seasonal decorations in the house.


We can all see that flower bud vases are cheaper by far than centerpieces. However, it all depends on what you finally choose. Some bud vase arrangements can be expensive. First, understand how you would want to use these decorations and only pick something that would work well for you. The last thing you need is to spend too much on decoration, which does not match what you need.

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