Average Amount to Spend on Wedding Custom Flower Arrangements

Wedding flowers add a natural and blissful feeling to the wedding ceremony. Many kinds of custom flower arrangements are used for different aspects of the wedding. One of the most popular wedding flowers is the bride’s flower bouquet. Flower bouquets are memorable as the bride’s handy flower. It has become almost a tradition for every bride to have a bouquet.

Aside from the bouquet, there are many other types of wedding custom flower arrangements, which have varied costs. The cost of a wedding flower depends on the type of wedding flower it is. It also depends on the materials the flower is produced with. There are wedding flowers that cost as much as $500, and there are also wedding flowers that cost as low as $10-$20.

Whatever your budget, you can get a wedding flower but generally, on average, an exclusive wedding flower should cost around $50-$500. There are even wedding flowers that cost above $500, but those are very exclusive wedding flowers.

Are you seeking more information on the different kinds of wedding flowers, their costs, and where they can be shopped? The following are different types of custom flower arrangements you can consider buying.

Bride’s Bouquet

custom flower arrangements bouquet

The bride’s bouquet is the most popular and most-used wedding flower in weddings. This is because it is often considered part of the bride’s dressing. The bride, therefore, is not seen as completely dressed with a bouquet.

The bridal bouquet is a collection of flowers that the bride holds as she walks down the wedding floor.

The question now is, why do brides carry a bouquet? To answer this question briefly, a bride carries a bouquet not just to have a flower to keep her hand busy through the wedding. She also carries the bouquet, complimenting the wedding theme and decor.

The bouquet also has some traditional functions at a wedding. It used to be a wedding accessory that the bride would throw at his bridesmaids. It was believed that it carried luck, and any bridesmaid that picked it was next to get married.

The cost of a bridal bouquet would depend largely on the type of flowers it is made with. It will also depend on whether the flowers are in or out of season. Some bridal bouquets are more exclusive than others. On average a bridal bouquet can cost around $30 – $250. You can shop for a variety of bridal bouquets at Inweder.

Bridesmaid Bouquet

The bride is not the only one meant to carry bouquets at her wedding. Her maids of honor can carry bouquets. Usually, the bridesmaids have a smaller version of the bridal bouquet. Their bouquet should be different from the bridal bouquet. However, it should complement the bride’s bouquet in style or color.

If you are seeking to buy a bridesmaid bouquet, the first thing you should think about is how many bridesmaids you have. If you have 10-15 bridesmaids, you may need to acquire smaller bridal bouquets. The fewer bridesmaids you have, the more advisable it is to go more extravagant with their bouquets.

If you need clarification about choosing flowers for your bridesmaids, you can simply look at their clothes. This will help you decide on the color of their bouquets which would suit their clothes. It will also enable you to choose the right custom flower arrangements for the type of dress.

Generally, the bridesmaid’s bouquet can cost around $30-$80. Remember, it can go above this if you go for short flowers for the bouquet. You can shop for your bridesmaid bouquets here.

Custom Flower Arrangements for Boutonniere

custom flower arrangements for boutonniere

A boutonniere is also known as a buttonhole, mainly a suit or waistcoat floral decoration. It’s mostly a single flower worn on the lapel of a suit jacket. Boutonnieres are reserved for formal occasions like a wedding.

There have been questions about who can wear a boutonniere. A boutonniere can be worn by a male or female on a suit lapel. Generally, a wedding boutonniere can cost around $10-$50.

The boutonniere isn’t so costly, it is less than the cost of a floral bouquet or centerpiece. To cut costs, you can order a handful of boutonnieres especially if your bridesmaids or groomsmen are few. You can shop custom flower arrangements for wedding boutonnieres here.

Cake Custom Flowers Arrangements

custom flower arrangements for wedding cake flowers

There are also flowers used for the decoration of wedding cakes. They make the cakes have a uniform look with the wedding decor and theme. However, there have been concerns about whether it is healthy to have flowers placed on cakes that are to be eaten. Some cake makers wrap the stems of flowers on the wedding cakes.

The issue here is that the fluids from the flower stems can get into the cake layers. The truth is that even if a flower is not poisonous, the fluids can leave a bitter taste on the wedding cake. Apart from these, the flower stems on the cake aren’t hazardous to the cake.

Wedding flowers are not that costly, on average cake custom flower arrangments can cost from $10-$30. You can get more ideas for wedding cake flowers here.


The cost of wedding flowers varies depending on the nature and season of the flowers. However, whatever your budget, you can get flowers that can serve your purpose. Whether you are looking for bridal bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, or cakes floral, you can get within your budget.

Feel free to drop a comment to let us know what you think about the costs of wedding flowers discussed here. Also, tell us what is the costliest wedding flower you have ever bought.

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