Is It OK To Decorate Wedding Centerpieces With Silk Flowers

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When decorating your wedding centerpieces, the common choice is to use flowers. Floral arrangements have a way of making the centerpieces look quite impressive. Of course, they have to be done professionally. You may notice that there are two main options for flowers. This includes fresh flowers and silk flowers.

We want to concentrate more on silk or faux flowers as they are quite popular right now. It is possible to use silk flowers for wedding centerpieces and get the best look. However, are silk flowers ok for weddings?

Let us learn more about the benefits of using silk flowers for wedding centerpieces and how best to decorate with such flower types.

Why Do People Use Fake Flowers For Weddings

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Using fake flowers for a wedding is okay if you want an alternative to fresh flowers. You might be wondering why people would choose such flowers. Here are key points to understanding the benefits of fake and fresh wedding flowers.


The biggest reason for using silk flowers for wedding centerpieces is that they offer better longevity than fresh flowers. Fresh flowers will usually wilt within a few days. This means all the money can be considered wasted sometimes. However, the fake flowers will last several years with simple maintenance. So, a couple can preserve their wedding bouquet when it is decorated with silk flowers.


Some people are allergic to fresh flowers. This is because some trigger allergies leading to discomfort and other health issues. That is not what you want for your guests. Using silk flowers for wedding centerpieces seems the most logical solution to the problem. This is because these flowers are hypoallergenic.

Silk flowers do not produce pollen, unlike fresh flowers. They will be suitable for people with allergies and sensitivities.

Availability And Customization

Both fresh flowers and silk flowers for wedding centerpieces come in many options. For this reason, you can choose what you like. We have found that fake flowers can be customized better than fresh flowers. It depends on the manufacturer. As such, you can always get the beautiful look you want.

Another thing is that there is an impressive availability of fake flowers. Unlike fresh flowers, these flowers do not have seasonality. When you need them, simply walk into a flower shop and get the one you like. So, expect to have better flexibility using silk flowers for wedding centerpieces.


Silk flowers are also good in terms of affordability. Unlike fresh flowers, which can sometimes be expensive, You may not have to worry so much about buying silk flowers for wedding centerpieces since they are within the affordable price range. Keep in mind that they are never out of season. As such, the price range remains the same throughout. So, you should have a budget left over to buy beautiful vases and other decorative elements for the centerpieces.

Low Maintenance

Silk flowers do not have a lot of maintenance to do for you to keep them looking fresh. This is unlike fresh flowers, which would demand water and other special care to leave them looking good. As such, fake flowers are now more convenient for weddings and other events that might take long hours.

We also see that fake flowers do not stain upholstery or clothing. This reduces the chances of accidental damage to wedding attire or venue decorations.

All the benefits above help us see the importance of choosing silk flowers for wedding centerpieces. Expect to experience more pros once you also use these flowers for any other event.

How To Decorate With Silk Flowers For Wedding Centerpieces

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We have already seen how silk flowers can help you achieve beautiful, long-lasting decorations. However, how do you practically use fake flowers in setting up the centerpiece? Here is an example for you to consider.

  • Start with the right silk flowers for wedding centerpieces. Pick fake flowers that complement the wedding theme and color palette. Of course, consider the wedding style and the general ambiance you need to create and let that guide you in choosing the best flowers.
  • With the flowers in mind, choose the containers or vases for making the centerpieces. Expect multiple container choices, so ensure they align with your decorating style.
  • Proceed to create a base for the centerpiece. Use floral foam to securely hold the silk flowers in place for this part. Cut the floral foam to size and soak it in water before fitting it into the vase.
  • Start arranging the flowers just like you would with fresh flowers. You may have to cut the stems of fake flowers to the desired length with floral shears or wire cutters. Start the arrangement with the tallest pieces at the center and move outwards with the shorter pieces. This creates a balanced and beautiful centerpiece.
  • You may also add fake greenery to the arrangement as a filler. Greenery can add texture and depth to the wedding centerpiece. Use filler flowers where you feel the bloom is sparsely done.
  • At this point, start doing some final touches to the silk flowers for wedding centerpieces. Make sure there are not many gaps that can be seen between the flowers and so much more. You may also add lighting where necessary to create a romantic ambiance.

Now that the arrangement is done, you need to figure out how it will be transported or even stored until they have to be used. Most people may consider using bubble wrap to prevent damage to the centerpiece and keep it looking good before unveiling.

You may still consult your wedding planner or florist to help execute your plan and have beautiful wedding centerpieces.


The silk flowers for wedding centerpieces can save you time and money when setting up your wedding decoration. Things are even better when you consider the flexibility you get with silk flowers. They are never out of season, so the prices are stable. Planning becomes better compared to fresh flowers, whose price changes a lot. With that in mind, always involve a professional florist to end up with the best-looking centerpieces.

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