Easy Steps to Attach Flowers for Wedding Arch

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Flower arches are a terrific addition to weddings; whether used at the entrance or as a backdrop for the stage, they can bring elegance to the venue. The beautiful flowers for wedding arch and the green foliage of leaves add more beauty to the occasion. Having one at your wedding does not mean spending a lot.

Thus, if you are thinking of cutting the cost and making an arch yourself, go with this blog. You will find some easy steps to attach flowers and make a remarkable wedding arch for the biggest day of your life.

Materials Required to Attach Flowers for Wedding Arch

Before starting, be ready with these materials, which will help you easily attach the flowers for wedding arch:

  • Flower Mud is required to give the leaves and flowers a base.
  • Pliers will help you to cut the wire mesh and ends of zip ties safely.
  • You will require some zip ties to tie the long branches of leaves and flowers.
  • Get some wire mesh to hold the flower mud on the arch frame.
  • Pick some of your favorite flowers that you want to include in the arch.
  • Use gloves while working with the mesh wire and pliers to keep your fingers and hands safe.
  • Green leaf branches will help you to cover the frame of the arch and, at the same time, will add some greenery to it.

7 Easy Steps to Fix Flower on a Wedding Arch

By going through the below-given steps, you will get an idea of how to attach flowers for wedding arch. Besides, these tasks are easy to be done by anyone and do not require you to be a professional florist. Therefore, just sleek below and follow the steps.

1. Making Base With Flower Muds

The first step is to attach flowers for wedding arch is, to make a good base. This will help the arch to stand upright. Thus, take some flower mud and attract them to the base of the arch with the help of zip ties and mesh wire.

It will add weight to the base of the arch so that it can stand steady and remain fixed to place. Moreover, make sure to soak the flower mud in water beforehand so that it keeps them fresh for a longer period. Also, last, ensure that no sharp ends of the wire are left.

2. Covering the Arch With Flower Mud

After making a steady base, it is time to cover the whole arch with mud to attach flowers for wedding arch. As you did in the first step, repeat the same process of fixing the mud with wire mesh and zip tie. However, ensure you don’t load the arch with too much weight, which can make it fall.

3. Adding Leaves

Attaching flowers for wedding arch will not be enough to hide the frame of the arch. Thus, adding leaves can help you with it. Choose some large leafy, and dense foliage branches so that it hides the frame perfectly. Insert the branches in flower mud at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees to display them as if they are growing from the frame. Further, use one zip tie at the branch’s base and two or more on the upper part so that it does not slip.

greenery and flowers for wedding arch
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4. Adding Leaves to the Base

Repeat the same process to cover the base before attaching flowers to the wedding arch. Properly cover any exposed flower mud, and make sure to choose a variety of leaves. This will bring some greenery to the arch and, combined with flowers, will make it look more fabulous.

5. Time for Flower

Once you cover the arch with leaves, it’s time to bring in the flowers for wedding arch and use them to fill the gaps between the leaves. To make the work easy, you can start with one box at a time by choosing the best variety of flowers. Cut the branch of the flower at an angle and insert it in flower mud keeping in mind that it does not come out from the other side.

Moreover, you can make a bouquet of the same flowers to attach to the arch. Also spreading them evenly across the arch will also be a great idea. Further, make sure that you do not make both sides arch too much identically. Decorate them in such a way that they complement each other without looking the same.

6. Longer Branches to the Base

After attaching flowers for wedding arch is almost completed, you just need to add the longer branches of the flower to the base making sure that they do not get symmetrical. This will create a dense look to the lower part of the arch and will hide the frame. Besides, the long branches will create an illusion of growing from the base giving it a natural look.

7. Finishing Touch

As you have completed all the steps to attach flowers for wedding arch, you can now give it a finishing touch. You can choose ribbons or fabrics like satin, chiffon, and lace to add more beauty to the arch. Further, step back and take a glance at the arch to check the overall design of the arch.

If you find any part exposing the frame or flower mud, use the foliage of the leaves to conceal it. Also, check the arch is not moving too much or standing on loose ground.

Summing Up

Following these steps to attach flowers for wedding arch, you will end up with an opulent arch for your big day. The arch, with its beauty, will surely draw everyone’s attention towards it. Besides, the green leaves and whimsical blooms will exude a sense of serenity on the occasion.

Further, while attaching the flowers, you can easily get focused on one part, so in between, keep moving back to check the design and symmetry of the arch. Hence, what are you waiting for? Go on and make a wondrous flower arch for yourself.

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