10 Things You Should Do To Have An Instagram-Worthy Wedding

We live in a digital world where every memory is shared on Instagram. We constantly share our lives with our friends and followers. Marriage is a beautiful day in someone’s life. We all want our wedding to be the talk of the town and a viral trend. Want your wedding to be like the perfect Instagram worthy wedding? Have your dream Instagram-worthy wedding by using these little tricks and tips.

things you should do to have an Instagram worthy wedding

1. Use Great Lighting

The key to having the perfect Instagram worthy wedding is to use excellent lighting. Use help from your friends, and if hiring a professional, ask your wedding planner’s help to use the marvelous light and reflection to give the perfect and bright clicks. People will stop scrolling to see your illuminating pictures with excellent lighting.

2. Use Bold and Bright Colors

Try using bold and bright color combinations like blood red with cream or royal sparkling blue with fawn. Try using a bold theme and match it with a contrasting light color. Try incorporating lovely hues to make your Instagram worthy wedding look good.

things you should do to have an Instagram worthy wedding

3. Have A Unique Entry

Surprise your guests and be viral with a surprise entry as a couple. You can arrive at the reception in a classic vintage car. Live your Cinderella dream by arriving at your reception in a big flowery decorated horse carriage. Want your entry to be more creative? Then you can also arrive as a couple and dance with your bridal party as back dancers. It’s your day, so make it unique.

things you should do to have an Instagram worthy wedding

4. Perfect Decor

Once you’re done with booking or selecting a venue, the next task is to work on its decor. And when we say decor, it means highly decored. Decor every corner so your guests can take a perfect picture from every angle. Use bright colors, hues, perfect lighting, and fresh flowers for your reception. Use as many colors as you can to make it surreal.

flower centerpiece for Instagram worthy wedding

5. Colorful Food Menu

We all are a little obsessed with clicking and posting what we eat on Instagram. Try incorporating colorful and dainty-sized appetizers with a fruity and colorful cocktail to have the perfect click. Before deciding on your final menu, talk to your caterer about which foods to be included for Instagram worthy wedding.

beach wedding

6. Best Venue

The critical element to having an Instagram worthy wedding is to select a chic venue. A beautiful location, preferably outdoors with lovely sightseeing where your friends and family could click some lovely selfies. How about a beach wedding? With just about the people you love, with the beautiful sound of the silent sea, a perfect fairytale wedding.

have a pet at weddings

7. A Furry Tail Wedding

What’s better than making your furry friend a part of your Instagram worthy wedding? It’s cute, sweet, and trendy, yes! Having pets at your wedding is another level of viral. Did you know that the most followed pet of 2020 on Instagram was Jiffpom, a pomeranian dog?

wedding cake

8. That Instagram Worthy Wedding Cake

Undoubtedly, the wedding cake is the most talked about and clicked thing at a wedding. More than the bride’s gown or groom’s suit, the wedding cake is the talk of the town. Make sure your cake is trendy and goes well with the current Instagram trendy cakes. As in 2019, the most Instagrammed cake was the “nude cake,” so trust us, the cake does matter!

9. Create Lovely Backdrops and Photobooths

While designing the backdrop of your venue, try using an outdoor location with a gorgeous backdrop and funky props for some unique clicks. A photo booth with fun props would be ideal for the bride’s maids, where all the girls can get together and have lovely clicks.


10. Use Catchy Hashtags

Never underestimate the power of a hashtag. Lastly, the success key would be to use trendy hashtags which are already viral and are being loved by people. Remember, using the right hashtag can make an ordinary click viral.

Final Note

Remember, If it’s easy, it isn’t worth it! If you want a memorable and festive wedding, you must make some effort. Try using glam, glitter, colors, personalized invitation cards, table numbers, elegant decor, welcome wedding signs, etc., to make it Instagram-worthy. Use something trendy and look out for the latest hashtags; after all, it isn’t easy to get the attention of  1.21 billion Instagram users worldwide.

Are you thinking of having a chic Instagram worthy wedding too? Have you planned anything yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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