How to Keep a Tall Glass Floor Vase From Falling Over

Tall glass vases are often a good pick for decorating your home. They can be filled with a wide range of flowers or other decorations to ensure the room looks good. However, they can also pose a challenge in ensuring they do not fall over. This is because of being tall and unstable in some cases. This guide looks closely at how to keep the tall fresh flower vase from falling over.

Tips For Keeping Tall Glass Vases From Falling Over

You probably have one or have ordered a fresh flower vase, but you are afraid it might easily topple once you put it in position. That is not what you want, considering it is glass and expensive. So, how do you keep tall glass vases from falling over? Here are some ideas.

Put Water In Vases

The simplest way to stabilize the tall glass vases will be to add water to the vase. The water will put more weight at the bottom of the vase, ensuring it does not move around.

The level of water you fill in the vase does not have to be too much, but just enough to keep the vase stable.

The other option would be using the same water to keep the flowers fresh and natural. So, you can choose different flowers and add water to keep the vase stable and ensure the flowers also look nice.

Vase Adapters

Another option would be to use the tall glass vase adapters. The adapters would be designed to hold the flowers better to avoid them toppling the vase over. A good example is when you have a tall, slender vase, it will need an adapter to hold a bigger bouquet while remaining stable without falling over.

Look for fresh flower vase adapters from a store close to you, or make one at home. If you decide to make one at home, use a dish and attach a tube at the bottom with glue. Insert the tubes in the tall glass vases to provide a wide base to hold more flowers while keeping them stable.

Turn It Upside Down

You may have noticed that some tall glass vases feature a wider top too. This tip will exclusively work for such designs of tall glass vases. In such a case, you should consider turning the vase upside down to be more stable. So long it can still remain usable as a fresh flower vase, go ahead and do it. The now bottom side will have more stability.

Use Decorative Sand

Decorative sand in tall glass vases is quite impressive as a decor piece. You simply have to add the fresh flower vase to a room, and it will look good.

The market is filled with a wide range of decorative sand options. You can choose based on color, crystal sizes, and so much more. So, as much as you add sand to the tall glass vases for stability, you can still end up with a colorful vase.

Pick A Stable Design

It seems straightforward, but you should consider a stable design for tall glass vases. Different vases would have different designs. That is why you must check the different designs to determine the more stable version.

Of course, consider something with a wider base to give the fresh flower vase more stability.

Use Adhesive Strips

Consider using tall glass vases together with adhesive strips. Start by placing the adhesive strips at the bottom and add the glass vase on top. Make sure you are using quality strips to ensure the vase does not topple with ease.

The adhesive strips might need changing after a couple of months. This is to ensure they do not easily move.

Consider using putty at the bottom of the vase to keep the vase from moving. Choose a strong putty known for strong adhesion.

Place the Vases Out Of The Way

Sometimes the best way of keeping a fresh flower vase from falling over is to keep it out of the way. If you keep it in a hallway, expect people to bump into it. Try to place it in a room where people are not always passing by it. They would still see it but not necessarily touch it.

Watch this video for tips on stabilizing tall glass vases.

Video from ehowweddings

Tall Glass Floor Vases Ideas

You can always find a way of decorating your home with tall glass vases. However, what are some of the options that would look good in your home? Below are a few ideas to consider today.

Decor Unicorn 20” Extra Large Floor Vase

flower tall glass vases
Photo from Decor Unicorn

This could be a great idea if you are looking for tall glass vases. It has the right size and shape, making it ideal for home use or office workspace.

You are advised to unpack with caution because it is a large floor vase made of glass. Any wrong move can leave you with a broken vase. Well, nothing much to worry about since it is not hard to handle it. Also, the manufacturer uses the best packaging material to keep it from breaking during transportation.

Many people would find this a great gift to someone who enjoys floor vases; you can comfortably use it as a wedding gift to give the newlyweds a new decoration as they start their new journey.

Serene Spaces Living Green Glass Vase

fresh flower vase
Photo from Serene Spaces Living

In case you are a minimalist, this is among the tall glass vases you may want to consider. Looking at it, you can see that it gives off the lustrous and beautiful look you have always wanted. It is still a durable glass vase for your home. That is why many people consider it a good gift for a housewarming event.

The glass has a small mouth with a big belly design. Such a design is key in ensuring you can use long-stemmed flowers or branches for decorations. A good example is using olive branches, tall pampas grass, and so much more. Other than being good as floor vases, they would also work great on dining or coffee tables.

Mcgarry Glass Floor Vase

colorful floor tall glass vases
Photo from Breakwater Bay

The blue color gives off a coastal breeze look that you may like in a room. The vase is made using glass which gives off a rich look. Its design generally makes it a good centerpiece for ensuring you get the best floor vase overall. You would use it mostly in the living room or dining room. It can still work great as a wedding decor.

It might not be the cheapest, but it does feature better durability. Just make sure you handle it with care to keep it looking good overall. You can still choose the gray color if turquoise is not what you enjoy.


You should always invest in good tall glass vases as they can help improve your decor better. You might be surprised how good a tall fresh flower vase looks in your living room. We have given you ideas on the best tall floor vases and how to keep them from falling over. With good care, these flower vases will last a long time while making the space look beautiful.

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