What Is the Most Popular Centerpiece for Table Decor

Just like its name, a centerpiece is placed in the middle of the table. It’s a central point of any table and its place for decoration. Plant centerpieces for tables are an essential part of table settings. They are used for decoration and give a particular theme to table decor.

If you can afford it, always use high-ceiling chandeliers, crystal tassels, hanging metal centerpieces, etc. But a centerpiece doesn’t always have to be expensive; it could be any placement. It could be of any type, i.e., flowers, lanterns, bottles, candles, planters, etc.

Centerpieces are a huge part of wedding decor; they come in various shapes and types. One can use centerpieces with candles, planters, and flowers, but the most popular form of centerpieces is the flowers. Flowers bring freshness, beauty, and color to any event. And what is best than using flowers with planters?

Plants are inexpensive, handy, and can be used later, even after the event. They work best if you’re tight on budget and want some facile and economical decor for your event. Are you looking for some ideas to use potted plant centerpieces for table decor? We’ve got you covered; let’s move onward to our guide about using plant centerpieces for your big event.

8 Cool Ways to Use Potted Plants Centerpieces for Table Decor

use plant centerpieces for tables to decorate wedding

The best thing about using plants is they’re economical and can be used for years, even after the event is finished. Not only can you use the potted plant centerpieces for tables, but later on, you can also use them as a fantastic giveaway gift to your wedding guests. We’ve compiled some cool and trendy ideas to try on plant centerpieces for tables.

Combine Height and Shapes

You can combine the small potted plant centerpieces for tables with one big potted plant. This effect will steal the show in two ways; it would look creative and pretty. Secondly, it wouldn’t block the eye level of your guests sitting at the same table.

plant centerpieces for tables

Botanical Wedding

For plant lovers, using potted plant centerpieces for tables is heaven. You can incorporate potted plant centerpieces by placing short plant centerpieces on tables. In contrast, the massive plants can be used as decor or a boundary for your event. For example, you are placing huge plants on arches, behind guest chairs, along the wedding aisle, etc.

Campfire Flame

The gorgeous red petals of a campfire flame for a beautiful fall wedding would add beauty and zest to your event. The best thing about campfire flame plant centerpieces is it their petals would turn lovely yellow or orange in fall. In contrast, they’d turn fresh yellow petals edges with a bright red center. You can use them as plant centerpieces for tables or place them in a big pot as decor.

plant centerpieces for tables in pots

Succulents as Escort Wedding Cards

Another way through this gorgeous mini potted plants could help you as an usher in your wedding. Use mini succulents as a seating arrangement guide in informing the guests about the seating arrangements, their table numbers, and their name.

Use Herbs With Elusive Smell

This idea will serve you in two ways it will be a pleasing sight for the eyes. Secondly, it would scatter a romantic aroma all around your event. Use subtle smells like lavender or rosemary for a mild pleasant fragrance for a romantic environment.

Edge Around the Wedding Aisle

Who needs expensive and pricey decors and flowers when you can use a botanical theme for your event? Use plant centerpieces for tables and place them on the edges of both sides of the wedding aisle.

Pro Tip

Add colorful flowers and various-size planters for a chic and stand-out effect.
plant centerpieces for tables decoration

Wedding Favors

What is the best thing to honor all your guests who made it to your wedding than giving them succulents? It’s affordable, eco-friendly, and a cute gesture to show how much their presence means to you.

Pro Tip

Leave personalized notes like thankyou, Wouldnt have been possible with you, You made it, etc., to show your generosity and love for your guests.

Table Numbers

The seating arrangement is a crucial part of every wedding, and you should use it. Use mini succulents as table numbers for escorting guests about which table they should sit on.

Final Note

Using potted plant centerpieces for table decor is beneficial in two ways. It’s environmentally friendly and also budget-friendly. If you and your significant other are big plant fans, go for a botanical wedding with your favorite misty plants all over your venue. Just be a little careful with the plant’s allergies; make sure none of your guests isn’t allergic to your selected plants for your wedding to save the day. We hope we’ve guided you well about using plant centerpieces for tables for your big day. Let us know in the comments below.

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