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What to know if you are planning a COVID-19 wedding?

As covid-19 proceed, we entered phase one and had to call off all the weddings. Vendors, wedding planners, and caterers all went out of business.

We had to call off all events like graduation, homecoming, Christmas, etc.

We got introduced to sanitary masks and sanitizers.

83% of couples in the United States consulted local regulations before getting married. In 2021, we entered phase 2, where couples took the relationship to the next level.

But still, there was ambiguity about how to plan your wedding in the presence of covid -19? Should you host an indoor wedding? Are all your guests vaccinated? Can you plan a honeymoon?

About 41 % of respondents said they postponed their honeymoon due to covid-19. Are you planning to get married and a little confused? Let us guide you along about how to plan your wedding with covid-19.