Tall Vases for Centerpieces Without Flowers

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One thing about vases is that they can be quite versatile. You may find people using them for many applications, including creating centerpieces. The good thing about using these tall vases for centerpieces is their versatility. You can be assured of getting the best outcome if you know what to do.

Flowers would be the most common way of decorating tall vases for centerpieces, but you can do so much more. That is what we want to consider in our case. You can use other decoration options such as branches, twigs, feathers, shells, fruits, and more. We cover the ideas in detail later in the guide.

Why Decorate With Tall Vases For Centerpieces

You might ask yourself why even decorate with tall vases for centerpieces. Tall vases have many benefits, including creating a dramatic effect as you enter the venue. Let us see what more reasons you would have for decorating such vases.

– Having More Height And Visual Interest

Using tall vases for centerpieces creates height and visual interest in the piece or a room. You can be sure that such a centerpiece would draw your eye to learn more about it. Also, it could create a more engaging and dynamic space for the audience.

Using tall centerpieces adds more detail to the vertical space in a room that would mostly be neglected or left empty.

– Quite Versatile

Another thing is that the tall vases for centerpieces are quite versatile. This allows them to be used on a variety of occasions. You can also love having such a centerpiece on your dining table, bookshelf, or even a standalone decorative item in a large room.

Expect to come across multiple shapes, textures, and colors for such vases. This makes them good for fitting them into different applications without a problem.

– Creating A Focal Point

Creating focal points for your space becomes easier when you have tall vases. It could be on the table or even in the whole room generally. We recommend filling such vases with many decorative items and flowers to see how well they can draw attention to a particular area.

– Cost-Effective Options

The cost of the tall vases for centerpieces would depend on the materials used. Even though they are tall, it is still possible to come across affordable tall vases. Rather than buying multiple small vases, you can get fewer tall vases to create the same effect, but the cost would be cheaper.

– Customizable Options

The tall vases can also be loved for their overall flexibility. Many people like how it is possible to customize the look of tall vases by using fresh flowers, branches, faux flowers, feathers, and many other decorative items. It is still possible to change the decorative items depending on the season.

Ideas For Non-Floral Vase Fillers

feather in tall vases for centerpieces
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Below are the best non-floral vase fillers to consider.

– Shell And Beach Treasures

If you like to scout the beach for some nice ornaments, the shells, sand dollars, and starfish can be just some of the vase fillers to use. These vase fillers are great if you want to create a beach decoration.

We recommend having fun while at it. Mix different colors and sizes of vase fillers to create a unique, fun, and eclectic display.

– Rocks And Pebbles

You can fill the tall vases for centerpieces with rocks and pebbles. These are vital for adding texture and depth to the vase. You could use natural stones by picking them around river beds or get colored stones from a craft store. Expect to end up with an eye-catching display.

– Branches And Twigs

The next closest thing to decorating the tall vases apart from flowers would be using twigs and branches. They are a nice addition to the vase since they can create a rustic and natural look for the home. We recommend options such as birch branches, curly willow branches, and so much more. Expect them to also add height and texture to the decoration.

– Feathers

You can always create a beautiful centerpiece of ostrich feathers. The other option is peacock feathers. All these large feathers can help create an elegant and still dramatic look in a vase.

– Candy

Yes, you can use candy for decoration. This time around, your aim is not to eat the candy, but rather create a centerpiece. Because of the many candy colors, they will help pop the color in the room. The most common options to consider as M&Ms and jelly beans.

– Marbles And Beads

The other choice would be marbles and beads. They are still as colorful and playful as the candy option mentioned above. We recommend mixing different colors and sizes of marble and beads for a beautiful decoration.

You can still come up with many other options for decorating tall vases for centerpieces without flowers. The possibilities are quite endless out there.

Tips For Arranging Non-Floral Tall Vases For Centerpieces

DIY feather tall vases for centerpieces
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Since you now know what to use in the tall vases, how best can you utilize them? Below are a couple of tips to get you started.

  • Start by choosing a theme for your decoration. This will guide you on what to use for filling the vase.
  • Look at the vase’s shape and size. These two help you know how best to arrange the vase fillers.
  • You should also use the vase height to strike a balance among all the different things you want to use for filling the vase. You could use multiple vase fillers at the same time.
  • We recommend adding texture and color for you to generate interest in the arrangement. You can expect to end up with a unique or eclectic look if you combine rocks, shells, and twigs as an example to create a natural feel.
  • Keep it simple, as sometimes less is more. Make sure the addition of any new vase fillers is necessary.


We can it is possible to find various options for filling tall vases. Since they are most versatile and stylish, getting the right vase fillers should not be a problem. We recommend rocks, shells, feathers, twigs, and many others to create beautiful centerpieces.

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