Top 9 Wedding Venues in Houston

Houston is a large city with so many places you can visit. Among these attractions, is there one you found that would be good as a wedding venue? This is the guide for someone who lives in Texas or wants a destination wedding in Houston. We go deep into finding the best wedding venues in Houston so that you can enjoy getting married. Let us see what Houston has in store for us.

The Gallery Wedding Venues

The Gallery

The wedding venue is found in the Galleria area and has a huge indoor and outdoor space for couples to use on such an important day.

The location is full of charm and can easily hold over 300 people. So if you are thinking of having many more guests, this can be good for you.

The venue gives off a French Mediterranean vibe. If that is the kind of wedding you were hoping for, then you have the venue ready for you.

The Gallery also has six event spaces. The spaces include courtyards, an ivy wall, gorgeous landscapes, and more. With a fully fitted kitchen, you can have the catering team handle all your food here.

Address: 6303 Beverly Hill St, Houston, TX 77057

The Bell Tower on 34th

The Bell Tower on 34th

The name should easily give away its location. It is one of those wedding venues with impeccable designs. You will generally like Italian-inspired villas and haciendas. The best part is how it can accommodate over 1000 guests. In case you want an elaborate wedding, this is the venue to consider.

The venue also has stone archways plus high ceilings, making it ideal for couples who want a fairytale wedding theme.

You will also get many other services as part of the package. They include a bridal suite, a wedding coordinator, setup and clean-up, bartending, and more. Basically, everything you need to have a wedding.

Address: 901 W 34th St, Houston, TX 77018

The Majestic Metro Wedding Venues

The Majestic Metro

Its space can hold up to 250 guests. This should be enough to have a sizeable wedding that most of your friends can attend.

The venue seems to allocate time frames for various events. An example, you can get four hours of event time with a caterer to clean up and do other activities in one package. So, it all depends on the package you pick.

The in-house catering team is also quite good at handling guest demands. The team can offer a buffet style, or you can have a plated and served type of dinner. It is the same thing at the bar where you get served professionally.

People enjoy going to The Majestic Metro because of its fine art details. Old-style architectural designs also stand out and give off the vibe of having a majestic wedding.

Address: 911 Preston St, Houston, TX 77002

The Bougainvilleas Wedding Venues

The Bougainvilleas for wedding venues

This wedding venue is also full of charm and class. This is thanks to having a wide range of indoor and outdoor spaces to hold different events. That is why its capacity is from 32 to 400 guests. It depends on the choice of space and how it is set up.

There is also a chapel as part of the venue. The chapel can hold up to 100 guests, which is enough for the guests to attend the wedding ceremony as you exchange vows.

The Wine Room space seems to be one of the favorite picks for those who want weddings in this place. It can hold up to 32 guests. Such is enough for those looking for an intimate party.

Considering how it has received many awards for being a great wedding venue, you would have no problem checking it out.

Address: 12126 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077

Mona Lisa Events At Le Jardin

Mona Lisa Events At Le Jardin for wedding venues

Being published in various wedding magazines generally makes someone consider it. The venue is highly rated for its excellent services and reception. You can always inquire about the in-house catering offer to help take off the pressure of getting a caterer elsewhere.

Catering is not the only service offered. You can also get wedding centerpieces, floral arrangements, custom linens, draping, backdrops, and more. The highly trained staff will take you through the available spaces and advise how best to utilize the venue.

Address: 17103 Bamwood Rd, Houston, TX 77090

Silver Sycamore

Silver Sycamore for wedding venues

The good thing about this wedding venue is its proximity to Downtown Houston. Looking at its atmosphere, you should generally like how it looks. Most people feel like it gives off a wild west and classic theme. This is possible with its 1800s design and decor.

The venue has an impressive guest capacity of 20 to 500 guests. It comes down to which event space you pick and how the seats are arranged.

The wedding packages also include a chapel ceremony which should make it easier. This means you can have your wedding ceremony in the chapel and then have a reception outside.

In-house catering is also good of the menu options available. You can customize as much as you want regarding foods and drinks. The same team will do the setup and cleanup, which should be fun.

Address: 5111 Pine Ave, Pasadena, TX 77503

The Parador

The Parador for wedding venues

There is also The Parador, a good wedding venue ideal for the locals who want a unique wedding celebration. Considering it is in the heart of the museum district, you can expect to find a lot of art in this venue.

There are two main event spaces, including The Cloister and The Duomo. The Duomo is great to accommodate up to 200 guests. It also has a dance floor, a garden, and a raised stage. You will also like the dark wood tones plus the arch doors that define the space’s various features.

How about The Cloister? It does come with 3,000 square feet and has seating space for up to 200 guests. There is a private courtyard that offers additional space for more guests.

Address: 2021 Binz St, Houston, TX 77004

Crystal Ballroom

Crystal Ballroom for wedding venues

Crystal Ballroom is a historic institution that comes packed with many amenities you can use as a wedding venue. It was built in 1913, so you can expect it to have a rich history.

The ballroom has two separate event spaces available for wedding rental. There is the Empire Room which would sit up to 50 guests. With a 22-foot ceiling, it is an excellent ballroom to consider.

The other ballroom is Crystal Ballroom too. It can sit up to 400 guests or up to 800 standing guests. Well, 400 is a good number. This ballroom also features a wraparound balcony, a complete stage, crystal chandeliers, a dance floor, and more.

Address: 909 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002

Sterling Banquet Hall

Sterling Banquet Hall

This is a great facility you can use for your wedding celebrations in or around Houston. Many people find this venue an affordable option compared to the others mentioned already. So, if you are on a budget but still want a suitable venue, check out this option.

You will get other in-house catering, photo booth hire, chocolate fountains, DJ services, photo and video service, and more. With an excellent 400-seater capacity, it should be a worthy choice.

Address: 5475 W Sam Houston Pkwy N, Houston, TX 77041


All the wedding venues mentioned above are about good ambiance, rich history, excellent customer support, space, and much more. You can always go for a venue that gives you more value for money. Consider checking out various venues first before settling on one. This will ensure you get the right venue based on your wedding aspirations.

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