6 Best Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Nobody is entitled to take that away from us as it’s our day. We all want our big day to be as unique and beautiful as it is, but how can we do that? Every wedding is incomplete without a cake, and every wedding cake is empty without a wedding cake topper. One might not know how long they are in the tradition. Still, they represent the love and commitment of the married couple. 

Why Do You Need A Cake Topper For The Wedding Cake?

wedding cake topper ideas

The most common wedding cake topper is a wedding couple statue. But a wedding cake topper is much more than that. It could be a wooden monogram of a couple’s memory, a customized one-liner, a memorable date, or something to go by with the theme. 

A cake topper might look small or vague, but surprisingly, it’s the most noticeable object. After the first dance and the couple’s toasts, it’s time for the cake cutting. And when the couple cuts the cake, everybody gathers around them, and there’s the highlight. A cake topper might be small but has the power to steal the cake’s spotlight.

Every wedding has a theme, expensive or cheap, but there is a theme. Many people design their cake toppers to match the wedding theme. A beautifully customized and designed cake topper would make a stunning impression on guest friends. If designed according to the theme, it can perfectly complete the decor of your wedding

What Can I Use As A Cake Topper?

You can buy a wedding cake topper from any online store. If you want creativity, customize it by designing it according to your wedding theme. Either designed or bought, a cake topper is the highlight of the wedding cake. Are you confused about what to use as a cake topper? Check out the following guidelines about using unique cake toppers for your exclusive wedding cake. 

  1. Flower Cake topper:
wedding cake topper ideas

What is more romantic than using flowers as a cake topper for your wedding cake? Sounds weird? Hello no! Think of it creatively, A sizable white plain cream cake with fresh blood red roses as a topper would be a stunner! 

Remember to use your grown garden flowers or bought from a verified Gardner. Before using, wash the flowers thoroughly and clean them from insects to pests. To avoid them from rotting, put them at the last minute on your cake, and voila!

  1. Fruit Cake Topper: 

Who says we can use the mini-designed props only? How about some juicy, ripe, and freshly colored fruit chunks? Sounds yummy right? Fruits are an excellent and creative addition; they add color, taste, and glee to the cake. Think about the yummy, fruity taste you’ll get while taking a chunk of your cake. You can add apples, figs, grapes, strawberries, pears, etc.

You can be as expeditious and creative as you want while designing your cake’s fruits. Before proceeding, talk to your cake vendor. Guide your vendor about your wedding color theme and discuss the colors of tiers and the fruits to be displayed. The creativity can go way more yummy with the fruit toppings; try chocolate-dipped strawberries or sugar-coated grapes etc.

wedding cake topper ideas
  1. Greenery Wedding Cake Topper:
wedding cake topper ideas

Imagine a breezy morning of a summer wedding, an intimate arrangement in a lovely gazebo. What is more pretty than a plain white or a nude cake with greenery embossed around its tiers? What a wonderful sight it would present to its guests.

You can use greenery in various forms, for example, succulent toppers, paper grass toppers, sage and olive grass toppers, etc. If you’re planning it elegant and classy, try using these greenery cake toppers with a plain white cream base to make a two-tone cake.

  1. Monogram Cake Topper:

How about a laser wood or plastic monogrammed letter or initials as your cake topper? You can even be creative while using these pre-made cake toppers. Think of any memory, first date, initials, one-liner love quote, etc., to give your wedding cake a personalized touch.

wedding cake topper ideas
  1. Classic Couple Cake Topper:
wedding cake topper ideas

What’s better than a classic groom and bride vintage cake topper? Add creativity by customizing your wedding day’s colors, gown, and suit in those figurines. Add some fresh flowers and greenery to the cake topper for an elegant touch.

  1. Pine Cone Cake Topper:
wedding cake topper ideas

Not everyone’s a fan of fancy cake toppers. How about keeping it cool and forestry by using simple pine cones? If you think they are too simple, try assembling them with wildflowers matching the cake base. A simple and beautiful foresty wedding cake represents a winter wedding.


With new advancements, cake toppers are a crucial part of every cake. The exciting thing is you can be as creative as you want while designing a cake topper. Nevertheless, it’s always affordable. A beautifully customized wedding cake can make a simple wedding cake chic. There are cake toppers for almost every occasion, whether a birthday, anniversary, congratulations, sorry, engagement, or wedding.
It’s advisable to use a cake topper for future celebrations. Try using a giant wedding cake topper or something compared with the top tier of the cake. After the wedding, keep your cake topper as decor or keep it in your wedding memory books or box. We hope our ingenious ideas have proven to be a successful choice of cake toppers for your wedding. Let us know in the comments below, Happy Wedding!

wedding cake topper ideas

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