What Affects the Price of Your Wedding Flower Wall

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A wedding flower wall might be beneficial and simple to obtain when a couple requires an incredible backdrop for décor or a picture opportunity for their wedding. Yes, the flower wall truly enhances the event’s attractiveness, and as a result, many event planners like to utilize it to create an appealing backdrop. 

It has since taken the lead as the centerpiece of wedding event decorating. But what affects the price of your flower wall for weddings? Let’s examine a couple of factors that greatly affect the price of your wedding flower wall.

1. Quality of the Wedding Flower Wall

The first and foremost aspect that affects the price of the flower wall for weddings is the quality of the flowers. There are two quality types:

– High-Quality Wedding Flower Wall

A high-quality flower wall for weddings can accommodate different colors, sizes, and designs of flowers to create a wonderful 3D effect. To create an elegant backdrop, you can match and customize your wedding flower wall with your color theme. 

Only skilled designers can correctly match a variety of flowers in various sizes and hues, as it is not a simple task. And thus, greatly affects the price and cost of the flower wall for weddings.

– Low-Quality Wedding Flower Wall

This kind has flowers embedded only in a single color and even a single layer. It is the least expensive flower wall, commonly referred to as a flat flower wall. The cost will be significantly reduced if the designer utilizes plastic flowers or subpar cloth flowers.

2. Material of the Wedding Flower Wall

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Now let’s examine the different kinds of materials used in wedding flower walls to see how beneficial they are. As the pros and cons of each material directly affect the price of a flower wall for weddings:

– Foam Board

Fixing flowers on foam boards is typical in online classes or YouTube videos. It is extremely simple to style and place flowers on the foam board. However, the package cannot be folded and is too large to transport. It will typically only be used in a fixed location and just once.

– Plywood Flower Wall

The initial flower wall was made by gluing flowers to plywood, but today, hardly anybody prefers it. This kind provides a secure standing as there is no need for extra stands. However, it cannot be folded because it’s too heavy to transport. Depending on the location, it may be used only once or several times. Although often, it will only be utilized in a fixed location.

– Plastic Panels Flower Wall

Plastic panels attach flowers on plastic panels having measurements of 40 cm x 60 cm, mostly. Due to its simplicity, this method is frequently used to appease customers with tight budgets and costs less. Plastic panels make it simple to arrange flowers, and a wedding planner can create a wedding flower wall in various sizes by using many panels.

However, setting up a big floral wall will require much time and labor. For instance, you would need to connect at least 24 panels to create a 2.4 m × 2.4 m floral wall, which would cost the same amount of time to fold up. Although it might be used repeatedly, installing and disassembling it each time would be labor-intensive and thus cost a bit more than other options.

– Cloth Flower Wall

The flowers adhere to sturdy cloth using hot melt glue for a cloth flower wall. It might be glued to the wall or hung on a metal stand. Compared to other flower wall structures, this one requires more expert laborers since once the flowers have been glued to the fabric, they cannot be removed, and even if they have been, it is not worthwhile to reuse them because they have already been harmed.

Depending on client demands, it can be built in any size for a huge floral wall, and it will be easy and quick to hang up for usage. Most significantly, it can be rolled up, which makes packing and carrying much easier. But a large panel cannot be split into several smaller ones. Due to its ease of installation and disassembly may be used repeatedly and reused in various locations.

3. Design of a Wedding Flower Wall

It is always challenging to pinpoint what constitutes fashion or popular culture because trends evolve. While one can always customize their wedding flower wall, most people like to go with trends and what’s in style. However, the most popular and in-demand hues for wedding flower walls are white, red, purple, pink, and green. The popularity and demand of the design also affect the price, as the more something is in demand, the more it will cost you. 

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