What Can I Use to Cover Cylinder Glass Vases

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Glass vases are one of the best ways to decorate a room or space. Being transparent makes it possible to see what is inside the glass vases and if it fits the space better. That said, it may be possible to improve the look of the transparent cylinder glass vases and make them more beautiful. We look at such options in this guide to help decorate your glass vases better.

1. Fabric Cover

Fabric wraps have been around for a while, and people enjoy using them because of their versatility and stylish nature. We recommend fabric wraps also because of the customization options. Expect such wraps to be available in many colors, textures, and patterns. This allows for the best personalization.

Adding softness and elegance to the cylinder glass vases with fabric covers is also possible. This is the way to go if you can find a refined look and better aesthetics.

Versatility is something we have touched on when talking about fabric covers. Depending on seasons, moods, and occasions, changing or swapping out the various fabric covers is possible.

Here are some creative ideas for fabric covers on your cylinder glass vases.

  • Use solid colors as they help complement the overall colors in the room. The bold hues give off a vibrant look, or you can use pastel shades for a delicate soft touch.
  • If you want to make things more exciting, use patterns and prints. Explore patterns such as floral motifs, polka dots, stripes, or geometrical designs for a more appealing look.
  • Textures will leave you enjoying the feel of the vase in your hands. We recommend exploring various textures such as velvet, burlap, satin, and lace.
  • Seasonal themes are also easy to achieve with fabric covers. Let us say it is during summer; use a tropical print and festive plaid fabric during the holidays.
  • Embellishments such as ribbons, bows, and others can also be paired with fabric covers for a wholesome look.

2. Ribbon and Trim Embellishments

decorate flower cylinder glass vases with ribbon
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So, ribbons on cylinder glass vases help elevate the visual appeal and elegance of the appearance of vases. We like how the ribbons and trims are most versatile in terms of colors, materials, width, and more. Finding the right decoration to make your desired theme and style is easy.

How about applying the ribbons to the cylinder glass vases? The process is mostly easy, and anyone can do it. It is often a simple process that requires minimal tools and expertise. If you are interested in DIY, this project can be for you.

Once you add ribbons to the vases, you should expect instant transformation. It will no longer be a plain vase but a decorative centerpiece.

You could use a couple of techniques for applying ribbons and trim to your glass vases. The most common one is a simple wrap. Simply measure the circumference of a glass vase and cut the ribbon to size. Apply glue and attach the ribbon around the vase. The other options for wrapping the ribbon on the vase include crisscross wraps and bow accents.

3. Cardstock and Paper Wraps

paper wraps cover glass flower vases
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You could use paper and cardstock wraps to end up with beautiful cylinder glass vases. This is mostly because of the endless opportunities for customizing the glass cylinder.

The colors and patterns you get with these materials will likely complement a house’s overall decor or theme. We suggest experimenting with stripes, floral prints, and other designs to add more visual interest to the vases.

The textures you get with paper wraps for cylinder glass vases can help get more feel with the otherwise boring glass vase. You could try embossed materials or even tactile elements to improve the look of the vase.

It is not uncommon for people to consider specialty papers, such as handmade decorative papers, adding a more artistic nature to the look of the vases.

Personalization is also possible with such materials. This is where you can have messages, quotes, or names written on the paper warps before using them on the cylinder glass vases. This adds more meaning or makes the special occasion stand out better.

For more creative glass vase decoration ideas, go check the following video guide.

Video from Kimagine DIY | YouTube

4. Decorative Adhesives

This is another way of providing a fun and engaging way of decoring the glass vases. The adhesive decorations can be in the form of many things, including glitter, sequins, and rhinestones. As you can expect, adding glamor and sparkle to the vases is possible.

Glitter adhesive will allow you to achieve a vase’s shimmering and sparkling effect. Glitter is available in different sizes and colors. This allows you to choose the right flitter to match the desired aesthetics.

Rhinestones are small gems that can be applied in a cluster or individually to create a dazzling effect on cylinder glass vases. You can always develop intricate designs and patterns since they are also available in various shapes, colors, and sizes.

Sequins are also great for adding more reflection to the glass vases. Simply attach the small discs in a pattern to add elegance to the vase. You could still attach them randomly and have a beautiful display.

5. Painting The Vase

colorful cylinder glass vases for flower centerpieces
Photo from In My Own Style

The other option for covering the cylinder glass vase is simply painting it. This one also comes with a lot of customization. This is because there are so many colors you can consider choosing from.

Start by choosing the right paint. We recommend acrylic enamel or glass paint for covering the glass vase. Such paint is designed to stick to glass and not run off. Of course, you can still add designs and patterns to the vase as you paint for a beautiful look.


The cylinder glass vases can always look good if you know how to decorate them. We have shared a few tips above; you can be sure it will leave you with the best look. Try out different materials as much as possible, and you will be happy with the overall look of your glass vases. Do not be afraid to try all our shared methods, as you can always find beautiful ways to decorate your glass vases.

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