Guide to Decorate Your Wedding Candelabra with Flowers

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Do you want the best wedding decorations? Anyone who has worked on wedding decoration understands the importance of flowers on such an occasion. They enhance the wedding venue’s beauty and elegance. Wedding candelabras are especially vital since they add warmth and atmosphere to the wedding room. We can easily see why combining these two results in a stunning wedding venue.

Multi-branched candlesticks or candelabras are popular as wedding centerpieces. They often come in metal and feature both modern and traditional designs.

If you need ideas to decorate a wedding candelabra, you are at the right place.  We will offer ideas to decorate beautiful wedding candelabras.

Best Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Candelabras

Wedding flower candelabras are the most popular decorative way.

First, choose the right flowers to select your color palette, often based on a theme. Using your theme as a guide will help you choose the right flowers.

For example, you may use blue calla lilies or blue roses if your wedding has a Cinderella theme.

Let’s learn more about how to decorate your wedding candelabra with different types of flowers and what they mean.

Popular Wedding Flowers And their Importance

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Baby’s Breath

Baby’s Breath is a beautiful, airy flower that blends well with other flower types. It also works well as a filler. It complements different flower varieties wonderfully. Baby’s Breath gives a gentle and whimsical touch to the wedding candelabra.


Flowers like hydrangeas, which are full and luscious, have a significant aesthetic effect. Their huge flowers may nicely fill out the candelabra. The best part is that they are available in a variety of colors. You can choose from pink, white, purple, and blue.


A Wedding candelabra can include a natural and organic aspect by incorporating foliage like eucalyptus, ferns, or ivy. Use them to fill in the arrangement. They provide texture and depth to the floral arrangement.


Lilies are fragrant and elegant flowers. They make a unique statement. Consider using Calla lilies or Oriental lilies, popular for their elegance.


Exotic and beautiful orchids can give a look of sophistication. They occur in a variety of forms and dimensions. The beautiful hues include pink, white, and vivid yellows. Hang or attach them to the candelabra’s arms.


These opulent and romantic flowers give a beautiful touch to wedding candelabras. Peonies come in a variety of shades. Choose from vivid hues to delicate pastels. Their gorgeous petals guarantee an eye-catching display.


Roses are timeless, romantic flowers that go well with any wedding theme. You may match them to your wedding’s color scheme. They come in varying sizes and hues and are always available.

Unique Floral Arrangements for your Wedding Candelabras

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Flower arrangements may embellish wedding candelabras. You may use garlands, clusters, etc., for decoration. Using flowers to enhance wedding candelabra can make your special day more romantic.

Here are some of the top floral arrangements for your wedding candelabra:

Floral Garland

Wrap the candelabra’s arms in fresh flowers and foliage. That way, you can create a lovely floral garland. For a delicate appearance, use flowers that complement the colors of your wedding theme. Drape the garland naturally.

Clustered Blooms

At key locations, place flower bunches to decorate the candelabra. To arrange them beautifully, use a variety of flowers in various hues and sizes. You can keep the flowers in place by using floral foam to glue them at the base of the candelabra. Floral wires also come in handy.

Hanging Blooms

Use ornamental ribbons or fishing lines to connect little vases to the candelabra arms. You can also fill them with water. Let the vases of fresh flowers dangle gracefully over the table. Don’t forget to fill them with beautiful and fragrant flowers. This arrangement has an alluring appearance.

Floral Wreath

Make a flower wreath that goes around the candelabra’s top or base. Choose beautiful flowers and greenery to ensure the wreath stays in place. You can add decorative elements like ribbons or crystals for extra elegance.

Flower Swags

Place floral garlands along the arms of the wedding candelabras. To make the swags, use flowers with long stems. For example, orchids or flowers with cascading blooms. You can also choose ivy or wisteria. Flowers can hang freely between the arms to create a magical appearance.

Submerged Flowers

Submerge flowers in tall glass cylinders or vases filled with water. Place these vases next to or around the candelabra base. That creates a contemporary look, mainly if you use floating candles on top of the water.

Single Stem Elegance

Take a tall, cylindrical vase or test tube. Next, put a single, long-stemmed flower. For example, a calla lily or a rose. That creates a minimalist and contemporary look. The result is a tidy, posh impression. You can place several of these vases around the candelabra.

Check the following tutorial video for more detailed arrangements.

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Final Thoughts

Pay attention to the significance of wedding candelabras. They can make any wedding a memorable affair. Flowers play a crucial role in any wedding event’s décor. Beautiful floral arrangements can set the mood of any event. Don’t forget to consider the table size and other décor elements.

Choosing the right number of flowers is important for decorating a wedding candelabra. Also, make sure the flowers don’t overpower the other components of the setup. For additional information on our products and ideas, contact us.

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