14 Disney Love Songs for Your Wedding Day

Since childhood, it’s every girl’s fantasy to live and have a splendid fairytale love life. The idea of falling in love and being loved is like a dream come true for every girl. Every girl is a Cinderella, waiting for her prince charming. Disney songs for wedding are genetically created in a way to be fitted well as the perfect wedding songs.

Of course, every bride desires to have her first dance with her prince charming on a Disney-themed love song. So to all the beautiful brides out there, here is a compiled playlist for your first dance to give your big day Disney magic.

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1. Can You Feel the Love Tonight ~~~~~ The Lion King.

A beautiful poetic masterpiece by Elton John, still one of the favorite Disney songs for wedding. It depicts a love story between Simba and Nala.  How love is magical and how it changes the world of two hearts in love.

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2. Love Is an Open Door ~~~~Frozen.

A beautiful love song depicts the sheer innocent feeling of love. This joyous, lovely love song describes two young hearts experiencing a blooming romance.

3. Someday, My Prince Will Come ~~~~~~~Snow White.

Another beautiful love song depicts Snow white’s biggest desire to get reunited with her love. A perfect first dance song for the lovely bride and groom.

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4. A Dream Is A Wish ~~~~~~~ Cinderella.

One of the most amazing Disney songs for wedding is Cinderella’s perfect wish. Relive your Cinderella dream while dancing with your charming prince. That would be a perfect song for your first dance as a couple.

5. A Whole New World ~~~~~~~ Aladdin.

Another beautiful number signifies the first love between Aladdin and Jasmine. It exhibits overwhelming emotions of new love and anxiety.

6. I See the Light ~~~~~~~ Tangled.

Here the light is used as a metaphor for love. A beautiful song with the beautiful emotions of Flynn and Rapunzel, and how they met and fell in love with each other. Very catchy romantic wedding songs.

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7. You’ll Be in My Heart ~~~~~~~Tarzan.

Another beautiful song was written by Phil Collins, a song about two lovers whose souls are inseparably close, although they are physically separated. This song can be used as a dedication to a deceased loved one.

8. True Love’s First Kiss ~~~~~~~~~~ Enchanted.

Another beautiful song from the movie Enchanted is a lovely ballad of two lovers: Giselle and Edward. This love song would be the perfect expression to signify your true love and companionship.

9. Can’t Help Falling in Love ~~~~~~~~Lilo Stitch.

Any wedding reception would be incomplete without this evergreen romantic song. Beautifully sung by Elvis Presley is an emblem of love and companionship. Use this song for your reception and see the magic of love.

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10. Someday My Prince Will Come ~~~~~~~~ Snow White.

A perfect song for your first dance. A lovely dedication from a gorgeous princess bride to her charming prince. A beautiful expression that finally her prince charming has arrived.

11. Love Will Find A Way ~~~~~~~~ the Lion King.

Another romantic ballad by Elton John is perfectly written to serene your heart. A perfect song for your ideal union. True love will always find a way, no matter how hard life goes.

12. Kiss the Girl ~~~~~~~the Little Mermaid.

What is the best way to tell your beautiful bride how much you love her and what she means to you? A romantic dedication; telling her how much you love her.

13. You’ve Got a Friend in Me ~~~~~~~Toy Story.

What is more beautiful, marrying your best friend or finding a friend, the one you married? How great true love is, but it is no less than a true friendship. A perfect dedication to each other, saying, if you need a shoulder to cry, I’ll be there for you.

14. Can I Have This Dance ~~~~~ High school Musical 3.

Save the best for the last; how about starting your first dance with this lovely dedication. Its lyrics say it all, a pure, innocent love that begins today and will till last.

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End Note

If there is anything ageless, it’s our love for magical Disney songs. The perks of having a Disney song at your reception would be that all the guests know the lyrics to the songs being played. We all grew up with Disney. We hope we’ve refreshed you with beautiful emotions of love. We hope our guide has awakened your inner Cinderella to choose the best song for your wedding’s first dance. So tell us in the comments below which songs you’ve selected for your wedding day. Happy dancing!

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