6 Flower Vases Centerpieces At Inweder

Flower vases are used for storing cut flowers and decorations. A primary objective of a flower vase is to store a flower shape, keep flowers refreshed, and change the aura of a room. Flowers not only bring colors to a room but also brings freshness to the air. Their fragrance complemented with a vase sets the mood and adds ardor to the ambiance. Check out our fantastic collection of flower vases at our online store with various designs and sizes at discounted prices.

Flower Vases For Table


Made with high-quality metal and sprayed with gold, this sturdy flower vase is solid and durable. It is easy to carry and can complement succulent or green plants well. Light up your room with this durable flower vase by using votive candles. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and moisture as it will adversely affect its quality and shape and might rust the vase. Perfect for all mothers who love gardening, its small and handy size makes it easy to place beside the window seat or kitchen counter.

This stylish and handy vase comes with a hole at the bottom for better water drainage, keeps the plants refreshed, and lets them grow better. This product is available in two sizes, totally appropriate for various sizes of plants. Place it on your coffee table, beside your window, or on your office table; this handy flower vase is the perfect gift for a housewarming or Christmas. Made from wrought iron, it has a smooth, shining texture because of electroplating, and that’s why it’s anti-rust and corrosion.

Flowered Metal Trumpet Vase 10.5″ Set Of 2


This classic and ethereal flower vase is the perfect decor for any formal event like birthdays, anniversaries, formal dinners, etc. Because of its sturdy and metallic body, it can be easily complemented with flower balls (available from our online store) or long french tulips or roses stems. This gorgeous flower vase can be used as a candle holder. Have you tried using taper candles? A simple event can be made lavish and colorful by using colored taper candles; choose the colors best to go with gold.

The most fantastic feature is it doesn’t need any assembling, the package comes with two trumpet-shaped flower vases, and you’re all set. Because of its high metallic quality, dab it with a soft and dry cloth; please don’t use abrasive chemicals and water to clean it. You can use this flower vase as a housewarming, Christmas, or thanksgiving gift or a perfect decor to place on the coffee table or dining table.

Metal Flower Vase For Wedding 5.24″ Set Of 2


This beautiful and elegant flower vase could be the best addition to your room decor. Due to its metallic solid body and sprayed gold color, this flower vase is anti-rust and anti-corrosive. However, don’t use abrasive chemicals or water to clean it. Just dab it with a clean, dry cloth to remove the dirt. A lovely addition for any formal event like weddings, fancy dinners, birthdays, etc., or use this mini metal planter for home decor.

Place them on a dining, center, or coffee table for a chic look. The package comes with two metal flower vases and doesn’t need any assembling. The pot is 2.56 inches deep, so you can stuff this pit with sea shells or mini solid rocks for the flower’s base. Because of its miniature size, use this planter with the mini flower balls, which are readily available from our online store. These mini urn planters can be used with green plants, real flowers, or bouquets to add zeal and zest to your event.

Metal Trumpet Vases Centrepieces 7.87″ Set Of 2


Are you looking for a classy, perfect gift for your friend’s wedding or housewarming? Try these gorgeous flower vases with high metallic quality and elegant unique designs; they are easy to carry and look beautiful. This stylish flower vase comes in two colors, gold, and white, to match your day and night events decor. Use a gold flower vase with flower balls or votive candles for an evening event and a white one with flower balls to complement the day’s event. You can also use these flower vases for home decor; put them at the center, dining, or coffee table for a regal look to your room.

The best thing about this flower vase is that it comes without assembling; each package contains two flower vases in each box. Due to its sturdy metallic body, it is easy to place and carry. This beautiful flower vase can be best complemented with flower balls, readily available from our online store. Try filling its pit with sea shells and rocks to keep its base.

Mini Wedding Centerpieces Vase 4.96″ Set Of 2


A perfect decor that is appealing for the eyes and easy on the pocket. If you’re a plant lover, this gorgeous planter is a must-have home item, which is easy to keep in any place and looks beautiful. Thanks to its metallic solid body, it’s anti-rust. Still, avoid placing it in direct sunlight or cleaning it with chemicals, as it will adversely affect its body and color. These mini flower vases are handy and inexpensive gifts for various occasions like birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, etc.

Its diameter is 3.9 cm wide and spacious enough to fill it with sea shells or mini rocks to keep it intact. Because of its cute mini shape, try complementing it with mini votive candles or flower balls. Our website offers ten different gorgeous colors in flower balls, so you can easily match them with your event’s theme. If your friend or mother is a plant lover, this one is the best affordable gift and looks regal and classic.

Tall Glass Vases Flower Stand


These high-quality, not machine-made but made with hand-blown crystal clear glass, are a perfect addition to your home decor. Are you tired after a long day and not energetic enough to go for a fancy dinner? Now you can have a romantic dinner at home with these gorgeous tall glass vases by complementing them with candles and a filling of seashells or sand. This flower vase is made with high-quality glass; these glass vases are durable and can be used as a perfect table centerpiece.

These glass vases have the power to make any event fancy, a base of green leaves with long stems of french tulips or roses would be an appealing sight for the eyes. A perfect gift for a housewarming, thanksgiving, or Christmas. Just wash these glass flower vases with soapy water and dry them with a clean, dry cloth for a perfect shine. Place these glass vases on a simple dining table or use them as wedding decor for a large head table.

flower vases made of glass

Final Note

Try these beautiful, high-quality, and cheap flower vases from our online store, along with seven available colored flower balls for decorating your room, home, and any event. We hope we’ve made it easy enough for you to decide which flower vase should be your next choice. Let us know in the comments below. Happy shopping!

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