18 Table Centerpieces To Brighten Up Your Dining Room

If you want to add spice to your dining room this holiday season, try adding a festive table centerpiece.

Table centerpieces are incredible decorations because they serve an aesthetic purpose and can help add some drama to your mealtime experience. You can even use them on the tabletop throughout the year, whether it’s for entertaining guests or just enjoying meals with your family.

This guide will show you eight table centerpieces that will brighten up your dining room this holiday season.

18 Gorgeous Table Centerpieces That Will Brighten Up Your Dining Room

Table centerpieces can be tricky to master since you want to strike the perfect balance between something exciting and eye-catching but not too distracting from the food or your guests. No matter what kind of dining experience you’re looking to create, these 18 table centerpieces will fit the bill perfectly—and make your dining room look gorgeous in the process!

1. Golden Slices

Look no further than these golden slices if you’re looking for a festive table centerpiece that will wow your guests. Made with natural gold leaf, they add a touch of luxury to any dining room table. Plus, they’re so easy to make. Arrange the slices on a platter or vase, and you’re done. They also come with wooden skewers, which can be used as individual place settings for each guest. It’s a great way to set the mood before dinner begins. And at only $5 per slice, it’s one of the more affordable options on this list.

2. Glass Leaf Wreath

glass leaf wreath for table decor

This glass leaf wreath is the perfect way to add a touch of nature to your dining room table. The leaves are glass, so they’ll catch the light and sparkle. Plus, the wreath can be used year after year. To make this centerpiece, you’ll need a glass leaf mold, clear glue, and green paint. First, glue the leaves onto the mold. Then, paint the leaves green color. Allow the paint to dry completely before removing the leaves from the mold. Once they’re dry, arrange them in the center of your table or on top of a white cloth. Add candles and flowers for an extra-festive look!

3. Mini Vegetable Garden Table Centerpiece

mini vegetable garden for table centerpieces

There’s something so satisfying about being able to grow your food, even if it’s just a few vegetables. These mini vegetable gardens are perfect for those with limited space and make for beautiful table centerpieces. For this, you’ll need a glass bowl or container, terracotta saucers or small pots, potting soil, and water-resistant clay pots.

Spread potting soil in each saucer or pot and sow the seeds evenly. Cover them with another layer of potting soil and add a few decorative rocks. Place the potted plants into the glass bowl or container and fill it with water, then place the whole thing on your dining room table. You can change the seeds every season, planting new types of veggies for spring, summer, fall, and winter.

4. White Petals

white petals centerpiece

Are you looking for a festive way to brighten your dining room this holiday season? Look no further than these beautiful white petals. Arranged in a simple floral vase, they add just the right amount of holiday cheer to any space. Whether you want them on an end table or along the length of your buffet table, these delightful centerpieces will bring warmth and joy to your home. First, fill a clean jar with water and remove the flowers from their stems. Place one flower into each pot of water, then set aside until ready to use. Once it’s time to arrange your flowers, cut off each stem’s bottom inch with scissors before putting it in a tall glass or mason jar as desired.

5. Feather Vase with Water Jug Table Centerpiece

For a simple yet elegant table centerpiece, fill a vase with feathers and top it off with a water jug. The feathers will add a touch of whimsy to the table, while the water jug will keep the arrangement from looking too overdone. Add an assortment of flowers to give your performance even more color. Consider using two complementary colors orange and green or yellow and purple.

Play around with different combinations until you find one that speaks to you. If you want to change up the flower selection, swap out some of the white lilies for something in shades of blue (like blue roses). If you want your table centerpiece to feel rustic, you can also experiment with other textures such as pinecones or paper pompoms.

6. Candles and Flowers in a Mason Jar

candle flowers for table centerpieces

Candles and flowers are a classic combination: they look beautiful together. Please put them in a holder, and you’ve got an elegant, simple table centerpiece that will brighten up any dining room. If you’re looking to get creative with it, try mixing different colored candles or adding more than one type of flower to the mix. The combinations are endless. You can do red and white roses, or blueberries and sunflowers. Whatever your favorite combo, there’s bound to be some arrangement for you.

7. Vintage Fruit Table Centerpiece

There’s something so nostalgic and charming about vintage fruit centerpieces. Arranging a few pieces of colorful fruit in a rustic bowl or basket is an easy way to add a touch of whimsy to your dining room table. Plus, the fruits can double as a tasty snack for your guests. Here are a few of our favorite vintage fruit centerpieces from around the web:

  • Mint Julep Fruit Bowl via Southern Living
  • Wine & Berries Tray via Food & Wine
  • Strawberry Basket via The Kitchn
  • Mason Jar Wedding Fruit Platter with Vanilla Cream via Country Living

8. Watermelon Bowls With Berries And Herbs

These watermelon bowls are a fun and festive way to dress up your dining room table. Cut a watermelon in half, scoop out the flesh, and fill it with your favorite berries and herbs. So easy and so pretty. Don’t forget: The right centerpieces can make or break a party. Don’t let a lack of time or budget stop you from creating something beautiful for your guests to enjoy while they eat. With these quick DIY projects, you’ll be able to create an eye-catching centerpiece without breaking the bank.

9. A Picture Frame with Flowers

A picture frame is a great way to add a personal touch to your dining room table. You can use it to display family photos, artwork, or even pictures of your favorite places. To make a floral arrangement, start by placing the frame in the center of the table. Then, fill it with fresh flowers in a variety of colors. You can add some greenery or other decorations around the frame to give it an extra special touch. For example, you could add leaves from your backyard and pinecones for some natural texture. The next time you host a dinner party, try this simple centerpiece idea for the perfect holiday setting!

10. Black Hydrangeas Table Centerpiece

black hydrangeas centerpieces for dinner table

One of our favorite ways to decorate a table is with black hydrangeas. They are not only beautiful, but they also have a bit of an edge that can make your dining room pop. The best part about them is that they last for months! You can put some in a vase and others in pots to create a centerpiece that will look great from every angle. It’s the perfect option if you’re going for the vibe of a more laid-back outdoor wedding reception or elegant garden party. In addition to being stunning, these flowers go well with many other flowers, like ranunculus or roses.

11. Sunflowers Table Centerpieces

sunflowers for table decoration

Were you looking for a pop of color? Sunflowers are the way to go! These cheerful flowers are sure to brighten up any dining room. They’re inexpensive and easy to find, so if you don’t already have them in your yard, pick some up at your local grocery store or garden center. Combine with brown paper bags and bottles filled with water for an eco-friendly centerpiece that will last all season long. Place these in the middle of your table to make the most impact.

To create visual interest, place taller flower arrangements on one side of the table, leaving plenty of space for plates and cutlers.

12. Succulents Table Centerpiece

succulents table centerpiece

One of the hottest trends in home décor right now is succulents. These little plants are not only beautiful, but they’re also easy to care for. Here are different ways to incorporate succulents into your dining room décor:

  1. Add a few mixed plant containers to each side of your table.
  2. Place one succulent bowl in the center and place more mixed plant containers around it.
  3. Create a living centerpiece by placing various succulents on top of a pillar candle.

13. Basket Filled With Colorful Flowers

This basket filled with colorful flowers is the perfect way to brighten up your dining room table. The mix of colors is eye-catching and vibrant, and the flowers are sure to bring a smile to your face. An additional benefit of this centerpiece is that it can be re-purposed for any occasion in your home. You could use it as a vase when you’re not entertaining guests! Place the vase on your kitchen counter or nightstand, so you always have fresh flowers on hand.

14. A Basket of Fall Foliage

Fill a basket with fresh fall foliage, like maple leaves, acorns, and pinecones. Add in some gourds, berries, and grasses for color and texture. Finish it off with a pretty ribbon tied around the handle. This makes an excellent centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table! All you need is one big serving dish that will hold the food on top of the centerpieces or right next to them. Place all your items onto a large table, or use an entryway table or sideboard near the door if you want to save space.

If you’re using candles, ensure they are secure so they don’t tip over and start a fire. Keep track of where the candles are at all times—kids love playing with these little lights! Finally, tie any loose bows together before placing them on top of the arrangements so everything looks neat.

15. Candles in Glass Vases Table Centerpiece

Fill a few glass vases with different colors of candles for a simple yet elegant table centerpiece. Add some greenery or berries around the candles for a more festive look. Similarly, floral centerpieces will also add warmth and beauty to your dining room! If you don’t have any fresh flowers in your home, use silk ones instead. Just be sure to place them in a vase or water-tight container capable of holding water, so they don’t dry out quickly.

16. A Jars of Light

jar light candle centerpiece

Fill a few mason jars with fairy lights for a simple and elegant centerpiece. You can arrange them in a line down the center of your table or group them for a more dramatic look. Scatter some fresh greenery around the jars, and you’re all set. If you have an extra budget, throw in a bouquet. If not, leave out the vegetation altogether and keep it minimalistic. For a more rustic style, get branches from the outside and put one inside each jar.

17. Flickering Tealights in a Gold Watering Can

This centerpiece is simple yet elegant. Perfect for a holiday dinner party. Fill the watering can with gold spray paint and let it dry. Then, add some tealights. The flickering flames will create a warm and inviting ambiance. To use these centerpieces in other house rooms, replace the candles with tea lights or votives. Please place them in old vessels like jars, mason jars, or vases filled with sand. Add some greenery, and voila! You have an easy DIY decoration that doesn’t cost a dime.

cork coaster with orchids and roses

18. Cork Coasters with Orchids and Roses

There’s something about cork coasters that scream elegant. But when you add in some fresh orchids and roses, they become even more special. These cork coasters are perfect for dressing up your dining room table for a festive dinner party. Plus, they’re easy to make! Just hot glue some cork tiles together, and then glue on your flowers. Voila! You have yourself one of these cute little table centerpieces. These are perfect for family dinners and holiday parties alike. And best of all, these can be made in advance, so no last-minute rush is needed.


When decorating your dining room, table centerpieces are the perfect way to brighten the space. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner or looking to add some flair to date night, you can quickly and inexpensively turn your dining room into a showstopper with the help of these five table centerpieces that will brighten up your dining room. These centerpiece ideas can be easily recreated at home with DIY instructions. Therefore you don’t have to worry about having unique designer pieces to create an attractive space.

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