What Candles Are Needed for a Wedding?

Many people are used to weddings having flower vases as the centerpieces on the table. However, you do not have to conform to the norm. You can as well as get something different, and in this case, we mean candles for a wedding.

Considering candles have always been associated with romance, it would not hurt to have them as part of the wedding decoration. Of course, there is the need for proper considerations to ensure that the candles you choose will work great for your wedding decoration. That is what we discuss further below.

4 Different Types of Candles for Wedding Decor

Which candle type would be ideal for a wedding with many candles on the market? Of course, the theme you want at a wedding can greatly influence the type of candles you get. Here are some ideas on the type of candles to get for the wedding.

1. Pillar Candles

pillar candles for wedding

Pillar candles are known for being chunky. This means hours of burn time thus will be great for the wedding looking good for all those hours you will be there with your friends.

One way to use pillar candles is by setting up a sweeping staircase full of candles. These can be the staircase that the bride uses to enter the room. With a few pillar candles neatly arranged, the boring staircase would be transformed into something grand.

Floors can also use more candles, and the pillar candles will do the trick. You may want to consider styling them with floral decorations too. Set them close to the altar and along the aisle floor to have romance set up correctly as you walk down the aisle.

Pillar candles also allow you to mix and match the decoration better. This is because they are available in different sizes and colors too. So, consider what kind of theme you want for your wedding, then have it customized correctly with the candles you want to buy.

You may also get many people pairing pillar candles with beautiful blooms, dried flowers, and grass. The aim is to have statement looks while at the wedding. Let people talk about how unique the decoration was when you use pillar candles.

2. Taper Candles

taper candles

Taper candles have a vintage and classical appeal that gets many people into using candles. Thanks to their endless versatility, you will likely come across them at weddings too. The plethora of options in terms of colors makes them ideal for matching your wedding decor.

Start by pairing the tall with short taper candles to create depth and variation for your decoration. Remember that people will be sitting at different angles and not be of the same height. Such mixing helps to illuminate people at different angles with ease.

Other than setting them up on a table, you can also have them on the floor. Make sure they are in a candle holder. They are not as stable as the chunky pillar candles. Thanks to their soft gold light, they can be great for creating a backdrop for photos.

We had already suggested how good they can be regarding color options. So, do not always stick to white. Consider other options such as gold, blue, and more. The idea is to pick a statement color that ties the other decoration together.

Sometimes they do not need to be lit to work their magic. You can easily pair them with the cake to make it stand out. Consider using sleek and minimalist candleholders.

3. Votive Candles

votive candles for wedding

Being compact and still having ample burn time is one of the reasons we find this one a top pick for most people. It is possible to create many moods throughout the venue depending on how they are arranged. They are also some of the common candles you will find at most weddings; it does not come as a surprise for them to be on the list.

Votive candles tend to liquefy when burned. For this reason, get them the best candleholders. If you choose to give them away to your guests, the better. They will have all the wax still collected in one place to avoid messes.

Votive candles would also be ideal for creating photo spaces in addition to being centerpieces. This is because they have a romantic glow associated with them. People also find them easy to transport and combine them with other wedding decor for a nice photo backdrop.

We also find that the candles would leave you with a lantern effect. This makes them ideal for an outdoor wedding setup. They would simply add more light and glow to the wedding setup. Consider using the right jars and vases to hold them in a manner that spruces the wedding decor.

4. Tealight Candles

tealight candles centerpieces for wedding

Are you looking for a subtle but creative look for your wedding? If that is the case, the tealight candles will generally do a good job for you.

One of the ways you would find people using tealight candles is by hanging them around the wedding grounds. They are supposed to create a sky full of stars. If you want to replicate such a decor, consider glass jars or lantern covers for these candles. Other than hanging them on trees, do the same for archways or ceiling beams.

Of course, having them along the aisle can still do the trick. You may have to set up several tealight candles to cover the whole aisle. Still, it depends on your approach to decorating the aisle with candles.

We are used to having the taper and pillar candles as table centerpieces. However, you can also consider using tealight candles too. They are great in helping create a low-level glow that your guests can also appreciate.

So far, you can see that there will be many applications for you to consider whenever you want to use the tealight candles or any other mentioned above. Do not hesitate to let your imagination run wild with candle decoration.

How Many Candles to Buy for a Wedding?

At this point, you have decided which candles to use, but what is the ideal number of candles to use for the wedding?

When estimating the number of candles, you have to think about the venue, the number of tables, and the space the wedding ceremony has to occupy. The chances are your candles have to complement the existing lights at the venue, so it does not mean you have to use the candles as the main source of light.

A good example is when you are lighting the aisle with candles. You can space them to create a beautiful look rather than crowding them every few inches. Considering that they have to be put on either side of the aisle, it is best to do more spacing to decrease costs.

As for table decorations, look at the number of people using a single table. You do not need many candles, but just a few to create the right mood lighting. If you can get staggered candle holders, the better. This allows you to set up the candles correctly without them feeling crowded on the table.


Candles can do a lot when it comes to improving your wedding decor. We recommend you always consider getting the candles that suit your wedding theme. It would be advisable to work with top-rated wedding planners to find the right supplier for candles and simply make them work. Since candles are relatively inexpensive, you can always find several within your budget.

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