The Couple’s Guide to Drinking on Your Wedding Day: A Comprehensive List of Dos & Don’ts

Hurray, Wedding bells are on the way; here comes anxiety and nervousness too. A great festive wedding calls out for excellent preps, from wedding gowns to wedding drinks, to vendors, etc. It would be best if you planned everything vigilantly to avoid any last-minute rush. Let’s dwell on the following drinking guide to analyzing what drinks to serve and how much to drink on your wedding day.

Drinking Guide for Wedding Day

couple wedding drink advice

Spent Wisely:

If you’re planning an open bar at your wedding, it will cost too much. According to the wedding report, only 21 % of the couples had an open bar. So while planning, do the math; remember that one bottle of wine serves five people, and one beer bottle serves one glass, respectively.

Discuss With Your Partner:

Remember you both should be agreeable and consistent that you will be serving how much and what kind of drinks at your reception. If one isn’t a big fan of alcohol, settle it down between you two and then proceed with your mutual decision.

Keep An Eye On The Guests:

Try hiring bartenders to serve wedding guests instead of guests helping themselves. One of the biggest drawbacks of self-service is guests usually over-serve themselves. Not only is it heavy on your pocket also guests can get drunk.

Follow Your Heart:

If you have finances, go for a destination wedding if you are a little tight on the budget and thinking of saving up some money for your honeymoon. You can officiate your wedding in a private ceremony.

Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Drinking

A wedding is an unforgettable day, and we all want to enjoy it wholeheartedly. Therefore, please follow basic regulations, so you can enjoy your big day without spoiling it.

couple wedding drink advice


Seasonal Drinks:

Use wedding drinks according to season; for example, a rich red wine would be best for a winter wedding. On the other hand, wedding drinks like mocktails, spiked Lemonade, or sparkling water would be ideal for a summer wedding. Beverages like chai tea, green tea, fresh fruit juices, espresso, and Frappuccino will be a great inclusion to your reception. It will give a different energy to the reception.


Champagne is the best for wedding toasts; sadly, it’s very pricey. Instead, use prosecco, a much more inexpensive version of champagne with almost similar taste. Also, try buying alcohol on a sale and return basis so you can easily sell the new wine.

Keep Hydrated:

If the guests feel dehydrated or thirsty due to alcohol, have water dispensers at your reception. Now the guests won’t have to wait for waiters to serve them. Instead, they can easily go and drink water.

Drink Responsibly:

A bride or groom has 2-3 alcoholic wedding drinks maximum to avoid any topsy-turvy moment. Dehydration leaves a bride with dull skin, so the wedding drinks approximately eight glasses of water daily. If you just had a glass of alcohol, save yourself from dehydration by drinking water.

Mentally Prepare:

It’s your wedding, you’ve planned everything, now it’s time you can sit back, relax and enjoy but don’t drink too much. We don’t want to see you black out. But, if you know that 1 or 2 glasses of wine will make you topsy, revert from drinking more.

Welcome Drinks:

Welcome your guests with a refreshing wedding drink like cocktails, fruit punch, or champagne. If you feel champagne is a little costly for your pocket, serve prosecco. Serve prosecco with cheese slices and canapés.

couple wedding drink advice


Don’t Hire A Family Member:

Hiring a family member, close relative, or friend is not recommended as a wedding photographer. Instead, let professional people do their job. A photographer knows how to make a beautiful moment into a cherishable memory. That is why 85 % of Britons hired a professional photographer instead of sourcing family, relatives, or friends.

Don’t Rely On Your Planning:

It would be excellent to hire a professional wedding planner. It might be costly but worth the price. Check out the following benefits to hire a wedding planner.

Just Say No:

What to do, if a friend or a family member is offering you a wedding drink and you already have had enough? Just say no, thank you. It’s your wedding, and nobody has the right to ruin this day for you. But, if they persist, take a sip out of that glass and put it back on the table.

Not Preferring Guests:

You can use various non-alcoholic drinks for your reception. It will also cater to your guest’s preferences, like pregnant ladies or kids. Try out drinks like espresso, Lemonade, fresh fruit juice, mocktails, chai tea, green tea, etc.

Inform Beforehand:

Your guests are the highlight of your wedding. Therefore, they must be aware of the drinks menu. Be creative by putting a name under each drink with its ingredients.

Serve Accordingly:

It would be great if you knew which wedding drink is served with what food. For example, rich red wine is served with beef, lamb, stew, stakes, etc., while white wine is served with poultry and sushi with Japanese sake, etc.

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