Decorating A Trumpet Vase For Your Wedding

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Planning a wedding involves many details, such as the dress, the choice of flowers, and generally creating a memorable event. That is why you may sometimes have to work with trumpet vase centerpieces for different decorations.

When someone hears the word vase, they might only think you can just decorate with flowers. There are several things that go into decorating such a vase. We help you get ideas in this guide to decorate your vase better.

Choosing The Right Trumpet Vase Centerpiece

Before you can start decorating the vase, it is best to know what it takes to find the right one. Here are tips to help you find the best trumpet vase centerpiece.

1. Check The Size

It is possible to come across a company selling vases, which will vary in size. Expect to get many options, from small to large. Start by looking at the space you have on the table in relation to the vase. The final choice of a vase should not be too big to overwhelm the tables and other decorations. It should also not be too small that it is lost in the decorations.

2. The Material

Expect to find that trumpet vases would come in different materials too. The common options include metal, ceramic, and glass. Consider the overall feel and look of the wedding decor before choosing the material that would complement these aesthetics.

3. Choose A Color

You must choose a color also for a trumpet vase centerpiece. Most classic vases are transparent so that you can see the flowers in them. However, you can find colored options too. Notable colors include white, gold, or silver. Pick a color that would work well with your existing decoration at the wedding.

4. Consider The Shape

The shape is important, too, as it can determine how good the decoration looks. The common decorations include flared curves and other unique shapes. In case you enjoy having intricate designs as part of the decorations, check out the different shapes a manufacturer offers.

5. Mix And Match

If you decide to get trumpet vases, do not be afraid to mix and match. This means picking different sizes and materials of a trumpet vase and using them all for decoration. The idea is to get the most out of your decoration.

Popular Trumpet Vase Decorating Ideas

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Now that you have your trumpet vase, how best can you decorate it for a wedding? That is something we want to check out below. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Floral Arrangements

You will definitely have a good time working on your decorations with flowers. This is the most classic way of decorating a trumpet vase. You can use fresh or faux flowers depending on your budget and preference. We recommend picking flowers that will remain looking good for a long and still match the wedding colors or overall theme.

2. Candles

The candles can also be used in filling the vases. You can use floating candles or pillar candles that would fit in the opening of a trumpet vase. Other than real wax candles, battery-operated candles can be chosen. Some venues restrict the use of open-flamed candles. You now have an option.

3. Beads Or Gems

Getting a glamorous look sometimes needs adding more beads or gems to the vase decoration. Fill the beads or gems into the vase creating a subtle sparkle or any popping design that you will like. Sometimes you can use sand or other filling props to create a dramatic effect. Expect to find such supplies in your local craft stores.

4. Ribbon Or Lace

Ribbons or laces are good for adding simple accents to the vase. It can be a simple but still elegant way of dressing up the vase. You could still tie a ribbon around the vase top or the entire vase to create an intricate look. Laces can help create a rustic or vintage look for the decoration.

Incorporating Trumpet Vases Into Wedding Decorations

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Some people wonder how you would incorporate the trumpet vase decoration into the wedding decoration. We give you a couple of ideas to consider to make it successful.

  1. Use the vase as a centerpiece. It is possible to have a trumpet vase centerpiece on a table. This would mean decorating it in a way that makes it stand out. Still, you can use only one or several vases to create a dynamic look. Let us say you are decorating with votive candles; using multiple vases for a better look is better.
  1. Use the vases for ceremony decoration. It is possible to integrate these vases as part of your ceremony decoration. This includes altar decor, aisles, and a focal point at the front of a ceremony space.
  1. Buffet table decoration. To the surprise of many, they might not have thought that buffet tables could be decorated. We recommend such decorations to hold flowers, greenery, and other elements on your buffet table. Make sure these decorations still match your wedding theme.
  1. Still, the trumpet vase centerpiece can be used as additional decoration to the existing decoration. You might find them placed on cocktail tables, near a bar, or even in restrooms to create additional elegance.

With all this in mind, you should always create a cohesive look with the trumpet vases. We advise sticking to a consistent color scheme so that the wedding decorations can blend into each other without a problem. You could also mix and match elements to get different textures. A good example is mixing glass trumpet vases with ceramic ones. This helps create a dynamic look.


A trumpet vase centerpiece can be a nice addition to your wedding decoration. Creating an elegant and sophisticated wedding decoration with such vases is possible. Just make sure you can align the vase decoration with your existing decoration. One option is to use filing materials, candles, flowers, and much more.

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