Decorating Each Table Differently for a Wedding

A wedding table decor is important, whether it is the high table or the guest table. The tables are likely to have different decors depending on the wedding theme and personal preferences.

People might ask themselves if they should decorate all the wedding tables the same or if they do it differently. Of course, there will always be some factors to consider before you can decide how best to utilize the wedding table decor. That is what we address in this guide.

Why Should You Decorate Wedding Tables Differently

You might be tempted to have the same design for wedding tables, but you may want to do different decor generally. Just because they are different, it does not mean you end up making them too expensive. You can still have some nice simple and affordable decorations for the tables.

Here are some of the reasons mixing it up will make it a good decor for the wedding.

  • Whenever you mix the wedding centerpieces on the tables, you can create different mood settings for the different tables. Of course, make it good on all tables rather than making it boring for some tables.
  • You would also enjoy the kind of options available so that you can set up the wedding tables better. Most people find it is easier to come up with more creativity when they have different options to play with around the wedding table decor.
  • You never have to get lost back to your table after having a dance ever again. You now know which table you were at because of the centerpieces’ uniqueness. Also, the other notable decorations can guide you.
  • Because the designs are different, many people would have options to consider taking home once the party is over. You might not be intrigued to take a few of the decorations home when everything is uniform. Announce to the quests that they are free to take the pieces with them once the wedding is over.

There are still some benefits to having the same wedding table decor. Such benefits include;

  • You can save on money and time. You will not have to worry about getting different decorations for each table. Of course, you would not mind saving more money on your wedding expenses.
  • A single design for all the tables would mean that the table centerpieces are more cohesive. You would be able to see a common theme that the couples picked and decided to run with it.
  • Some feel having a single design for the wedding decor would make it feel timeless and elegant. However, this is subject to debate as sometimes some feel like making things different. Nevertheless, a single design will give your wedding a clean look generally.

Each of the setups would have different pros and cons. It is now up to you to decide which one works for your needs for wedding decor generally.

Ideas for Decorating Different Wedding Centerpieces

ideas to decorate wedding table

We will focus more on decorating the wedding centerpieces differently for each table.  You will need a few tips and tricks to have it executed correctly. Here is a guide from a wedding expert on how best to achieve the decorations.

  • Use different heights of centerpieces

It is advisable to use different sizes of centerpieces on each table. This would make it possible for the tables to look different from each other. Using centerpieces with different heights is highly advisable.

If you are going for a tall centerpiece, pick a thin one. This allows the guests to keep conversing even when seated across the table. As for the low centerpieces, use them mostly on the larger tables as they tend to have more blooms. This means there will be enough room for them to be set up correctly.

  • Different flowers

A good design would try to incorporate many types of flowers to come up with the best look. When we say different flowers, we mean that the flowers are also tastefully selected to make the table centerpieces stand out. Make sure the flowers are also different from what the bride has in her bouquet. Of course, they can also have some theme that interconnects them.

  • The flower colors

Since you want to keep things different, ensure you are working with as many colors as possible. This allows you to play around with the colors to create unique designs that stand out. Consider having roses as part of the centerpieces. You can also include other flower colors such as red, pink, yellow, and white as part of the centerpiece. It will also help if the flowers are available in different sizes and shapes.

  • Use plants

Small plants will just do the trick. Many people might be using floral centerpieces, but you can also add small plants to the centerpieces to give them unique touches. Some of the options are small topiaries, bonsai trees, lucky bamboo plants, and more.

  • Leaves during fall

Fall weddings could use decorations available in fall. Some decorations would include leaves from different trees. Popular foliage to use includes oak, elm, and maple trees. Scatter the leaves on the table or incorporate them into different centerpieces. This offers a unique flair based on the seasons you are in at the moment.

  • Use photos as part of the decor

The couple might have documented their journey of love ever since they met, engagement, and many other fun photos they might be having. Consider using photos of the same size to create uniformity and a coordinated look. As you can see, this would be free and saves you money on the wedding table decor.

  • Antique vases decor

You will also likely come across a rustic and casual look for a wedding. It would not hurt to use some antique vases and other decorations on the table. The good thing about antique vases is that they make each table look different and quite good. Some even use milk glass vases in case it is a garden wedding.

What Needs to be Kept the Same for a Wedding Table Decor

decoration for wedding table

Although you may want to keep the wedding table decor different, there will be a few things you have to consider keeping the same. The aim is to still maintain a coordinated look at the end of the day. Some of these things include;

  • Place settings
  • Cutlery
  • Linen design, shape, and size
  • The wedding favors
  • The font on place cards
  • Water pitchers

There is no problem with making a bit of variation of the things mentioned above, but try to keep them subtle. Most of the time, the head table might be the one setting the tone for the various decorations of the other tables. Just make sure you do it correctly for the best outlook.


Wedding table decoration should not be hard. We always recommend that you do proper research to find which wedding table decors would work great to get a clean and coordinated design. Of course, with a different look, the guests would feel you took the time to work to have a unique wedding. Consider having table markers too to help the guests find their way back to the seats in case they go for a dance.

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