Incorporate Family Heirlooms into Your Wedding Centerpiece Decoration

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Heirlooms are items passed down from one generation to another within a family. As you can see, they are great pieces that can also work as a wedding centerpiece decoration. Depending on the heirloom type, it can be versatile for many applications. This includes adding sentimental value to wedding decorations. Is it possible to decorate with family heirlooms? And how can you do it? These are all things we can help you with in this guide.

What Is the Purpose of Heirlooms For Wedding Decorations

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For something to be a heirloom, it means it is quite cherished, and many people would want to see it on display. One way of showing off your piece to people is on a wedding centerpiece decoration. Below we see the purpose of heirlooms and why they can be good for wedding decorations.

– Sentimental Value

Heirlooms hold sentimental value. This is because they are infused with memories by passing down from one person to another. You will feel a sense of history, family connection, and tradition. So, go ahead to showcase the heirlooms as a wedding centerpiece decoration.

– Symbolism

Family heirlooms will always have symbolism. As such, they will be passed down from one person to another. They can also symbolize the continuity of family ties. Still, they symbolize support and love being passed down through the family members. Using the heirlooms as decoration can help pay tribute to the family heritage.

– Personalization

Infuse unique personality and style into your wedding centerpiece decoration with heirlooms. This is because the chances of someone having a similar heirloom are not common. This means the centerpiece decoration will be unique to your wedding. It is also another way to add meaningful and personalized guest experiences.

– Aesthetic Appeal

You may also like the aesthetic appeal that comes with some personal heirlooms for a wedding centerpiece decoration. Heirlooms such as vintage vases, picture frames, silverware, and antique jewelry are good examples. They do possess some of the best craftsmanship and impressive beauty. When you incorporate such into the wedding decoration, expect the best aesthetics.

– Conversation Starters

One thing about family heirlooms is that they are conversation starters. This is because of how some look and the stories behind them. The heirlooms as part of the wedding centerpiece decoration can spark conversations.

Your guests can talk about them as some have seen them before or know the story behind their heirlooms. You will be sure they will create a sense of engagement or intrigue in the wedding space.

– Bridging Generations

Weddings can also bring together different generations of family members. This is even better when the heirlooms are used for wedding centerpiece decoration. Using the heirlooms further bridges the generations. This is because it has moved from one generation to another. The older generation can share stories about it.

How to Integrate Family Heirlooms into A Wedding Centerpiece Decoration

Photo from Valorie Darling Photography | The Knot
Photo from Valorie Darling Photography | The Knot

It is possible to use family heirlooms for decorating wedding centerpieces. We now see how best to incorporate them into the wedding decorations. Below are ideas for getting it done.

– Identify The Heirlooms

Start with identifying the heirlooms that can be used for wedding centerpiece decoration. In this case, we are looking at options such as antique vases, vintage frames, silver candlesticks, china plates, and more. Make sure it is something that can be integrated into the wedding decoration.

– Assess Suitability And Condition

Next is to examine the condition of the heirlooms to see if they are in good condition to be used as part of wedding centerpieces. If they are damaged or in rough shape, you can have them repaired or seek an alternative.

Assess also the size, color, and style of the heirloom in regard to your wedding theme. It should not be an eyesore for your wedding decoration.

– Plan The Centerpiece Design

Plan for the proper execution of this wedding centerpiece decoration. Decide whether you want the heirlooms to act as the focal point or complement other centerpiece decorations. Consider also the heirlooms’ placement, shape, and size to find the most suitable way of utilizing them.

– Pick Complementary Decoration Elements

So, the heirlooms alone might not complete the look you want. This is why there is a need for additional decoration elements. This may include choosing fresh flowers, fabrics, candles, greenery, and other decorative items. Make sure they match the wedding theme and color scheme.

– Work With A Florist Or Designer

Working with a florist or designer for a professional look for a family heirloom in a vase or any other decoration you might have in mind is okay.

The professionals have a way of looking at things from a different angle. This may help achieve a better look. They can also provide you with more ideas for creating a cohesive look. Sometimes it means adding more antique family heirlooms to the wedding centerpiece decoration.

– Share Stories

One way to ensure people understand what the family heirlooms are doing in a wedding centerpiece is to share the story. You can add a small card talking more about the heirloom. This allows the guests to understand the decoration even better and would understand why it has such a sentimental value to you.

Once you finish the day, it is time to return and preserve the heirlooms. Make sure they get the protection necessary, especially for the fragile pieces. Preserve them well for future generations so that they can also have stories to tell.


Using family heirlooms in a wedding centerpiece decoration is a fun way of letting the guests into your personal space. Some heirlooms will be conversation starters as people will have much to discuss. Also, expect those who know about the heirlooms to tell more stories of how they came to exist. Overall, it is a different way of creating a beautiful decoration you would like.

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