Groom To-Dos: The Ultimate Groom Checklist

Times have changed; it’s not only the bride’s but also the groom’s duty to make all preps for the wedding. Gone are the days when grooms used to show up just on the wedding day. Currently, various couples are happily taking responsibility for handling the wedding dos. As a groom, you should check our wedding checklist for groom.

groom duties

Specific preps are only done together, like deciding the band, drinks, menu, venue, number of guests, etc. Still, there are plenty of jobs that a groom can do. For example, talk to caterers, book a venue, arrange a DJ or band, and talk to a photographer. Along with helping your leading lady, you deserve some care too. Check out the following wedding checklist for groom.

Wedding Checklist for Groom

1. Equality comes first

groom and bride wedding checklist

As an equal partner, you must share the load equally. Help your lady love manage all dos and don’ts of a wedding like booking a venue, vendor, DJ /Band, etc. Deciding decor that should go well with your wedding theme. It would be best if you take responsibility for your side of the family. Let the caterer know about any certain food allergies in your guests. What gifts will your groomsmen get? How to facilitate someone in your friends or family with a disability? Etc.

2. Choose your wedding suit and band

groom duties

Choosing your suit and band is one of the wedding checklist for groom. Going with the theme, for example, for the intimate beach wedding, go for a semi-formal suit instead of a traditional three-piece suit. For a big wedding, wear a more formal tuxedo, preferably black.

Usually, the couples shop together for wedding rings. Still, you can surprise your lady love by selecting a picture-perfect piece for her.

3. Buying gifts for groomsmen

gift for groomsmen

Don’t forget the groomsmen, preparing for your groomsmen is the groom’s to-do. You are the best person to know what your groomsmen like; you know them well. So you officially have to buy something for them. It could be personalized cufflinks, perfume, some wine glasses, or something to show them you care.

4. Be punctual


It’s your wedding, and you cannot be late for your wedding. So it’s your job to manage your side of the family, groomsmen, friends, and co-workers, and you to be on time. Your bride needs you more than anyone on this day, so be vigilant. Reach the venue with your people ahead of time.

5. Arrange the honeymoon

proposal wedding ring

What is more romantic than surprising your lady love with her favorite honeymoon destination tickets? You guys have been together for a while; she might’ve mentioned her favorite place to go. Probably it’s too expensive, or you might have already spent so much on the wedding. So why not save up some money and give her the surprise of her life? Don’t worry; even if you’re tight on the budget, various economical packages are available on travel guides.

6. Wedding car

arrange a car is in the wedding checklist for groom

Please give her a surprise; you don’t have to be fancy, have her favorite car for rent. Has it been decorated with beautiful roses or something to go with the wedding? It’ll look classy. Many companies offer various services and packages, from picking up guests from the airport to dropping the guests off from hotels to the venue. Check out the beautiful vintage collection of wedding cars.

7. Prepare the speech

A groom’s speech is what everyone’s been waiting for, especially your newlywed bride. It’s an important one of the wedding checklist for groom. To make it unique and everlasting, have some trial and error and be honest in your writing. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a movie line or well-written.

8. Hire a professional

wedding photo

Incredibly it’s challenging for the bride and groom to enjoy their day most of the time. They’re worried if everything has been taken care of. Who is going to capture every moment of your beautiful day? Your entry, first laugh, dance, toasts, speeches, etc. Only a professional can do that, so let them do their job. Hire a professional video and photographer to capture your beautiful memory. Here are some recommendations for photography and videography.

Final note

A wedding asks for lots of effort and preps, especially the groom’s to-do. As a partner, it’s your responsibility towards your other half to share some load of work. Planning a wedding isn’t easy; it is a lot of work, from booking the venue, caterers, other vendors, etc. We hope we’ve guided all our grooms well in finalizing the wedding checklist for groom. Have you finalized your outfit? Let us know in the comments below.

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