Can Wedding Centerpieces Be Tall and or Short?

In the world of wedding decorations, centerpieces are usually what makes or breaks a table decoration plan. One particularly tricky aspect of wedding centerpieces (especially if you’re planning your wedding) is deciding how tall to make them. If they’re too tall, you risk them not fitting into the space provided by the venue’s décor. If they’re too short, they may not serve their purpose as focal points of your table’s cape. There’s no right or wrong answer here—figure out what works best for your style and situation!

Wedding Centerpiece: How Tall Should it Be?

The wedding centerpiece is integral to the reception’s design, and its size can accentuate or detract from the aesthetic. If your centerpiece is too tall, it will block the view of guests seated at the tables in front of it; if it’s too short, you won’t be able to admire it when you look up from your plate during dinner.

The average wedding centerpiece is about 30 to 36 inches tall.

wedding centerpieces

But your specific centerpiece height should be determined by the size of your table and the overall look you are going for. A more towering centerpiece will make the space more open if you have a small table. If you want a more dramatic look, choose a more elevated option.

Different Show-Stopping Tall Wedding Centerpieces

Suppose you plan to have tall wedding centerpieces at your ceremony or reception. In that case, the question you’re probably asking yourself now is, how do I choose the fitting tall wedding centerpiece? Well, there are wide varieties of tall wedding centerpieces to choose from, and I would be happy to share my favorites with you here!

Blushing Peonies with Gold Roses Centerpieces

These are a classic choice for tall wedding centerpieces, and adding some gold roses adds a touch of luxury. This centerpiece is perfect for a glamorous affair. This all-white arrangement is ideal if you’re going for a more minimalist look. The different heights of the blooms give it some interest while still keeping things clean and simple.

Tropical Greenery and Orchids wedding centerpieces

A tall, tropical centerpiece is perfect for a summer or destination wedding. We love the idea of mixing different types of greenery with pops of color from orchids or other flowers. To get this look, start with a tall vase and add some greenery like Monstera leaves, ferns, and palm fronds.

Then, add in your flowers and fill any gaps with more greenery. Add some tiny white votive candles to provide light at night, and you’re done. The result will be a show-stopping centerpiece that looks effortless but takes quite a bit to create.

Aqua Vases with Bubbly Drinks

Aqua vases are a refreshing and unique way to add height to your wedding centerpieces. Fill them with bubbly drinks for an added touch of elegance. Plus, your guests will love being able to help themselves to a drink throughout the night.

Use these tall candles to create other interesting focal points on your tables. Create a romantic ambiance by placing votives on long tea light holders of varying heights and widths around the room.

Blue Vases with White Roses Centerpiece

A blue vase with white roses is a classic and elegant choice for a tall wedding centerpiece. The blue vases will pop against the white tablecloth, and the white roses are a traditional symbol of love. You can also choose to use red roses or other colors to get a little more creative with your décor. These centerpieces work well for tables with eight people seated since there would be two flowers per person.

Copper Pumpkins in Glass Jars

These unique centerpieces are perfect for a fall or Halloween-themed wedding. To make them, paint the pumpkins copper and place them in glass jars filled with greenery. Add some glitter to the pumpkins or jars for an extra touch of glam. If you want something more colorful, paint the pumpkins gold and use pink flowers instead of green.

Wooden crates Centerpiece

If you’re hosting a rustic wedding, try using tall wooden crates as your centerpiece. They’ll give off that cozy feeling your guests will love! You can use any color ribbon to decorate them with—be sure not to cover up the wood’s natural beauty. Are you looking for something more elegant? Try using tall vases covered in tulle.

Farmhouse Style Bouquets with Mini Pumpkins

Try incorporating mini pumpkins into your floral arrangements for a rustic chic look. This is a great way to add a pop of color and seasonal flair to your tablescape. Plus, your guests will love the unique twist on a classic bouquet. In addition to the pumpkins, this arrangement includes sunflowers, mums, eucalyptus leaves, and pinecones. Try opting for florals in oranges or yellows for an extra autumnal feel!

Essential Types of Small Centerpieces to Add Visual Interest to Your Table

wedding centerpieces

The small centerpieces will add visual interest to your table. No matter how small your table may be or how many guests you plan on serving, some famous types of small centerpieces will be perfect for you.

Cactus Small centerpiece

Here are six reasons why a cactus makes a great small centerpiece:

  1. A cactus is unique and eye-catching.
  2. It is easy to care for.
  3. A cactus can last a long time.
  4. It doesn’t take up much space.
  5. These centerpieces can be used indoors or outdoors.
  6. A cactus is versatile in terms of the types of containers it will work well in.

Wildflowers Wedding Centerpieces

A Mason jar filled with wildflowers is a simple, rustic way to add color and visual interest to your table. You can find wildflowers at your local farmer’s market or backyard. To keep them fresh, trim the stems before adding them to the vase and water as needed.

If you are transporting flowers from one location to another, fill the bottom of the container with ice cubes. Place the flowers on top and cover them with plastic wrap secured by a rubber band, so they stay cool until they are ready for use.

Twigs Centerpieces

An easy way to add visual interest to your table is with a small vase filled with twigs. You can find these at your local florist or even in your backyard. Please place them in the center of the table, and then add some candles around them for a simple and elegant look. You’ll need a clear vase or glass container, branches from an evergreen tree, and clear fishing line candles to set this centerpiece.

Mosses Small Wedding Centerpieces

A moss centerpiece is a great way to add some greenery to your table without too much space. To create a moss centerpiece, gather some moss from your yard (or purchase it from a craft store) and arrange it on a small plate or in a bowl. You can add rocks, twigs, or other small decorations to give your centerpiece extra visual interest.

The best part about this type of centerpiece is that you don’t have to worry about watering it! For an even more rustic look, use dried sprigs of lavender instead of fresh flowers.

Pink rose centerpieces

A simple yet elegant pink rose centerpiece is perfect for a romantic dinner or any special occasion. Fill a clear vase with fresh water and add a handful of pink roses. You can add baby’s breath or other greenery for an extra touch. This type of centerpiece is easy to make and relatively inexpensive. It also adds a nice pop of color to your table.

Another variation is to use a single stem in the center of the table, in which case you will need two: one on either side. And if it doesn’t come as such, use floral foam inside the vase so that the stem stays upright.

Tall vs. Small Centerpieces: 7 Key Differences

You may think tall centerpieces are the same as small centerpieces, but they’re very different in crucial ways. You need to be aware of the differences between these two centerpiece types before making your purchase so you can get what you want and save money simultaneously.

wedding centerpieces

Here are seven key differences between tall and small centerpieces that will help you decide which one to buy.

1. Height

The first and most apparent difference between tall and small centerpieces is height. Tall centerpieces can range from a few feet to over eight feet, while small centerpieces are typically under three feet. This height difference can give each type of centerpiece a different look and feel.

A taller centerpiece might make your table more noticeable or serve as a focal point in the room. A shorter centerpiece could be placed on a coffee table or desk where guests will be seated and remain visible.

2. Composition & Color

Regarding composition, tall centerpieces tend to be more complex than small centerpieces. They often have more elements, including flowers, greenery, and other decorations. This can make them appear more dynamic and exciting. As for color, tall centerpieces usually have bolder, brighter colors than small centerpieces. This is because they need to be seen from a distance and make a statement.

3. Overall design appeal

When it comes to wedding centerpieces, tall designs tend to have a more dramatic look that can add height and elegance to a tablescape. Conversely, small centerpieces are often more intimate and can create a cozier feel at a reception. Also, smaller arrangements may be less expensive than larger ones. Lastly, taller centerpieces are also heavier and may not be appropriate for venues with high ceilings or roofs without support beams.

4. Space Needed

One of the critical considerations is the available space when deciding if tall or small centerpieces are suitable for your event. Tall centerpieces can take up a lot of space, making them less ideal for smaller venues or events with limited table space. Smaller centerpieces are much more versatile and can be used in various settings.

They may not look as attractive as tall centerpieces, but they also won’t take up as much room. There’s also a greater risk that more elevated centerpieces will tip over during an event due to uneven surfaces or high winds.

5. Amount of Reception Space Available

You can get away with taller centerpieces if you have ample reception space. But if your reception space is on the smaller side, then you’ll want to go with shorter, more compact centerpieces so that they don’t overwhelm the room.

6. Theme

When it comes to wedding centerpieces, there are two main camps: those who prefer tall and those who go small. While both have their merits, there are some critical differences between them that you should consider when making your decision. Tall centerpieces are better for more formal weddings, while smaller ones can work well for a more casual event. If you’re unsure what type of atmosphere you want at your event, taller centerpieces may be the way to go.

7. Budget

The price tag may be the most apparent difference between tall and small centerpieces. Tall centerpieces tend to be more expensive, requiring more flowers, greenery, and often a taller vase. They also take up more space on tables and in rooms, leading to higher rental costs for event spaces. However, there are many ways to save money with small centerpieces by using fewer materials or cheaper flowers.


No matter how big or small your wedding is, you’ll want your guests to feel comfortable and can look at each other during the ceremony. For this reason, it’s essential to create an optimal height for your wedding centerpiece so that the guests can easily see everything that’s going on throughout the wedding ceremony. Use this guide on wedding ceremony centerpiece height to help you plan out every detail of your big day size of the centerpiece.

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