Guide to Wedding Reception Decoration

Some people may not attend the wedding service but expect them at the reception. This shows that people feel the reception is where the fun is and are there for all of it. That is why the reception stage decor still has to stand out just as any other wedding decoration you might be thinking of including.

Some might ask, what should be included in the reception decoration? Such are the things we look at in the guide and how much it might cost you to decorate the reception area.

How Much Does It Cost to Decorate a Reception?

The money you spend decorating your reception varies based on the other amenities available. Of course, the number of guests can also be a factor as you may have to hire tents too. A good example is that sometimes you may have to get several tents for all your guests, and they might need to be left there overnight if you plan on dining outdoors after the event.

It can cost an average of $1000 to $10,000 just for the wedding reception decorations. So, what is this you will even be decorating?

Decorating the reception stage will have many things for you to consider. Here are examples:

  • Coming up with centerpieces. This means having the right table decor since they mostly carry wedding centerpieces. You can choose flowers, candles, and greenery, among many other centerpiece ideas.
  • Chair covers are still just as important. People make a habit of forgetting the chairs. Simply get slipcovers, and they should transform how the chairs look at the reception.
  • Ceramic or porcelain plates can be a good idea for reception decoration. This type of material is known for giving off a formal look to the wedding table. Such plates are also available in several sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, and more. You can always customize them to your liking.
  • You should also consider the glassware too, including the various types of glasses. It can be the flute, goblets, and many others. It all depends on which drinks you plan on serving at the wedding.
  • You can consider setting up the sweetheart table correctly. This is the table that the newlyweds would sit at during the reception. Of course, it has to stand out by having the best centerpieces and drinks, among other things.

Some of the other reception stage decor ideas will include:

  • The backdrop for the sweetheart table
  • Cake table decor and signage
  • Cake topper
  • Lighting
  • Dance floor etc

7 Ideas to Set Up My Wedding Reception Decoration?

Now that you know what you will likely include in a wedding reception decoration process, we want to give you ideas to get you started. Here are the top considerations for having a reception stage decor.

Make use of greenery garlands

Make use of greenery garlands

People think you only have to use bright flowers as a wedding reception decoration. However, you can do things differently this time around. That is why you can consider using greenery garlands to make the reception look different from what people expect.

It could be a nice way of bringing the outdoors inside a wedding ballroom if that is where you are holding the wedding. The best part is how it can also be an affordable way of adding more reception stage decor.

Make sure to play around with different plants available locally. Take note of the smell too. Some might be too strong. Of course, do not forget to add some flowers here and there to break the green monotony.


Chandeliers for reception decoration

There is just something about chandeliers that would make a wedding stand out. You should consider getting different types of chandeliers that would match the other decor at the reception. A good example is having assorted beaded and woven chandeliers. The idea is to keep them different and let people enjoy new looks.

Of course, the chandeliers have to be fitted with the right lights too. You have to consider keeping the brightness just right for a wedding that will go into the night. Not too bright or too dim. LED lights are recommended as some allow for adjusting the color and brightness.

A long table with candles

A long table with candles for reception decoration

It is common to find candles on tables as part of the reception decoration. The reason is that they simply work great, and it should not be a problem at all. There is a wide range of candles to consider, but this time you can go for the taper candles considering we are using a long table too.

Taper candles cannot stand independently, so the right candle holders are also necessary. With good candles, expect them to keep the room well-illuminated and leave you enjoying your wedding dinner. Just make sure you are getting high-quality candles too.

Wedding bar

Wedding bar for reception decoration

The wedding reception is where people come for food and drinks. It makes sense to have the wedding bar at the reception too. You should want to make the bar look just as good as the other parts of the reception and not an afterthought. That is why you need a nice floral backdrop for the wedding bar.

Other than the cute backdrop, you also need it stocked with the best drinks for the guest. It could be some signature cocktails, and a great sitting area, among other things. Make it functional and lively.

Greenhouse style reception

Greenhouse style reception stage decor

You are not limited to hosting the reception in just the gardens or outdoor spaces. You can turn anywhere to the reception area so long as there is a space to work with. That is why a greenhouse would also make a great reception decoration.

You can set up the area with nice silver disco balls, custom wedding signs made of neon, and so much more. Working with an event planner is highly recommended to help set up the reception area almost out of anything.

Make use of the lights

wedding lights decoration

One thing about lights is that they can never get boring. You are bound to have a good time playing around with different designs until you are happy with how the reception looks.

Start by looking at lantern options. They might be old-fashioned, but they can still be incorporated into the existing decor to look good. You also have the option of using the Boho chandeliers. There is just something about such chandeliers that would make the reception look good.

Marquee lights can also be a good choice, especially for spelling a message for the newlyweds. As you can see, customization can be endless depending on your creativity.

Host at a historic venue

reception venue

It could be that you are both into art or history, so why not host the reception at a historic venue? This could be a good thing to make the day even more memorable as you enjoy the space around you.

Look around your area and find the best sites to consider. Make sure to ask if you can have a wedding reception in such venues and if there are other restrictions you should know.


Wedding receptions should always stand out considering how special such a day is to you. That is why you should always put in more effort to have the reception decoration you will always cherish. Expect such decoration to cost around $1000 to $10,000, depending on how crazy you want to go with decorating ideas. However, you can still get a beautiful look on a budget by considering some of the abovementioned ideas.

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