The Do’s and Don’ts for Choosing Your Wedding Centerpiece

Never underestimate the power of a wedding centerpiece. Its strength is beyond words as it can make or break the reception. The most important thing which is discussed at a wedding is its decor. This is why the average cost of decoration at a wedding in Australia is 1245 AUD. And for sure, we spent the lion’s share of ornaments on the wedding centerpieces.

A wedding centerpiece makes a statement about a reception. It defines the wedding theme and draws the guest’s attention. As it’s placed in the middle of the table, it is under every guest’s surveillance. Wedding centerpieces are according to the theme of the wedding, for example, rustic, classic, boho, etc.

But how to select an ideal wedding centerpiece? Don’t worry; we’re here to help and guide you about the dos and don’ts of choosing the right wedding centerpiece.

how to choose wedding centerpieces

Dos Checklist for Wedding Centerpiece

  • Mix Tall With Short:

You don’t know which one to choose and are a little tight on budget. Try mixing both tall and short. Tall centerpieces are expensive compared to shorter ones, so use them wisely. You can use them on deserted tables like a table for gifts, cake, food, dessert, etc.

Use shorter centerpieces than tall ones; they’re inexpensive and can go well with flowers and candles.

Tall centerpieces will make your ceilings looks higher. In contrast, the short centerpieces will brighten and fragrant your table with candles and fresh flowers.

A rule of thumb is to use tall wedding centerpieces not taller than 24 “and short centerpieces not shorter than 12 “. Use short centerpieces on the tables to avoid blockage of guests’ lines of sight.

how to choose wedding centerpieces
  • Go For Seasonal Flowers:

Since the cost of wedding decor is high, flowers are an essential part of the decor. So to save money, try buying seasonal flowers compared to specific flowers. It will not only save you time but save you some money.

While using seasonal flowers, you won’t have to bear any transportation costs, and your blooms will be fresh. The best advice would be to go for all-season flowers, like Cassandra, rose, and lantana. These flowers bloom all year, are easy on the pocket, and stay fresh.

  • Add Creativity:

Don’t limit yourself to the typical glass centerpieces. Be creative and go for bird cages, vintage brass candle holders, mason jars wrapped in metallic ribbons, etc. Anything which would make your reception look beautiful, do that.

If you feel like you need more flowers, add faux flowers with real ones and use greenery to make them real. Nobody will know; everybody will praise you for your creativity.


Don’ts Tips About Arragging Weding Centerpiece

  • Don’t Select The Wrong Table Size:

Believe it; every shape is designated for a specific wedding centerpiece. There are three shapes of a wedding table.

  1. circular (round)
  2. rectangle
  3. square

Every table has a different requirement for a wedding centerpiece. Select a single-piece centerpiece for a round table. Since a round table already provides less space, a long centerpiece would look horrendous; try placing a short centerpiece to accommodate the minimal space. For a square table, try using a medium size wedding centerpiece as its space is a bit more spacious than a circular one. Use a large wedding centerpiece on a rectangular head table as it compliments the size of the table.

  • Don’t Need To Match Everything:

Matching colors is good, but not in a wedding reception, especially when using centerpieces with candles or flowers. Remember you’re not creating a garden but just using flowers for decor, don’t forget! Less is more.

Try contrasting colors like royal blue with fawn or beige with blood red. Please don’t use too bright or flashy colors as they will destroy the event’s ambiance. Try subtle colors and match them with slightly bold colors.

  • Don’t Use The Same Centerpieces:

Don’t make the mistake of using the same centerpiece for every table. Nobody told you to have uniformity. Try mix and match and use the relevant decor for each centerpiece. It’s not a school function to maintain discipline; this is your wedding. You can be creative as you want.

Try using various centerpieces like brass holders, bird cages, tall crystal centerpieces, or wine glasses from your kitchen. Try to make it different by decorating it differently with candles, blooms, french tulips, rose stems, etc.

how to choose wedding centerpieces

Final Note

A wedding centerpiece has the power to illuminate the ambiance of a venue. Placing it on the wedding tables with flowers or candles is icing on the cake. Be a little generous with money while using centerpieces with your wedding as an average American spends 2300 $ merely on the wedding decorations. Have you two decided to tie the knot? Did you finalize the venue and decor? Tell us about your wedding preps in the comments below. Happy Planning!

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