How Can I Make Cheap Artificial Flowers Look Better

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The use of flowers made from different materials such as faux, silk, polyester, latex, and plastic has increased. They are an excellent replacement and cost-effective alternative to fresh blooms. You can store these cheap artificial flowers after the event, whereas the original ones are thrown away when withered.

However, these inexpensive faux flowers may need a more natural look and visual appeal. We have brought some simple techniques that will help you transform these flowers. You can create a stunning centerpiece with them that will look realistic and eye-catching.

Materials You Will Need To Arrange Your Cheap Artificial Flowers

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1. Artificial Flowers

You can get beautiful cheap artificial flowers in your locality as these are trendy home décor items. The flowers are available in different colors and sizes, giving an illusion of the original ones. It would be best if you got pick the one that you want to use for your floral arrangement.

2. Container Or Vase

A beautiful and sturdy vase or container is a must to keep your faux floral ball arrangement in one place. You must choose the best vase that can blend well with the color and texture of your flowers. You can either pick ceramic, metal, plastic, or glass vase depending upon the design of the vases. Also, pay attention to its shape and size so that it can fit your flowers well.

3. Foliage or Greenery

Gaps between floral arrangements do not look nice, so you must add some foliage or greenery to fill them. Caladiums, Canna, Artemisia, Coleus, etc., are commonly used foliage you must keep prepared.

4. Natural Elements

Twisted branches, dried stems, plump winter buds, seed pods, lichen-covered twigs, pinecones, etc., are some natural elements. These can be used to decorate your flower arrangement and make them look natural and realistic.

8 Smart Tips and Tricks to Make Your Cheap Fake Flowers Look Gorgeous

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1. Clean and Dust

First, you must clean your cheap artificial flowers and remove all the dust or debris. You can use a soft wet cloth or compressed air can to blow or wipe out the dust particles from faux flowers. You will see a notable change in your flowers as soon as you dust them. The vibrant colors of the flower will be enhanced with the removal of accumulated dust.

2. Enhance Realism with Paint

If you find that your flowers are lacking color, then you can use acrylic paints to enhance their color and texture. Make sure that your color shades match perfectly or closely with the natural color of the flower.

Pay attention to your brush strokes to make your cheap artificial flowers look as similar as possible. The littlest details at the edges of the petals and center need extra attention to make them look real.

3. Add Foliage and Greenery

To create a similarity between original and low-cost artificial flowers, you must use green elements. Incorporating foliage and greenery will help you create a more realistic look with your fake flower. You can use real green leaves and stems to get a natural look and fill the gap between flowers. Adding green and lush fillers will make your flower arrangement look fuller and visually appealing.

4. Arrange in Groups or Clusters

You can arrange different types of cheap artificial flowers together in a group or clusters. Place them together in a way as if they are growing because it gives a natural look. This is a popular technique to mimic the real flower and make the arrangement appear authentic. You can group the same type of flowers or different ones depending on your choice and preference.

5. Vary the Heights and Angles

Avoid keeping all the flowers at the same height, as it makes the arrangement look uniform and unappealing. You can cut, bend, and twist the stems to make them vary in height and angle. This will create an illusion of natural-looking curves that you can see in real flowers. Experiment with different heights to add depth and dimension to your arrangements.

6. Enhance with Natural Elements

You can elevate the look of your cheap artificial flowers by adding some natural elements to your arrangement. Dried grasses, branches, pinecones, etc., can be used to add dimension and depth to the flowers. Choose the elements that can naturally blend with the flowers. This seamless blending will make your arrangement look more exciting and appealing.

7. Trim and Shape

You must have seen long stems that are present in your cheap artificial flowers that make them look unnatural. Since your goal is to make your artificial flower look as natural as possible, carefully trim the stem to an appropriate length.

You can observe the flower you are imitating and mimic its natural curves and bends. Use tools such as a wire cutter to remove excess wire or plastic from the stem. This way, your low-cost fake flower will look more natural and real.

8. Display in Stylish Vessels

After making your cheap artificial flower arrangement, you must choose the right container or vase for the display. You can go with metal, glass, or ceramic vases and keep them in a place that is visible to everyone. There are vases with different textures and designs, so pick the one that complements your flowers. You can also put the flowers in mason jars, vintage pitchers, or decorative baskets. This with create unique home decor and enhance the beauty of your room.


With little attention to detail, you can turn your cheap artificial flower into a beautiful centerpiece. As time passes, these flowers fade, and the dust settles on them. You must keep a periodic check on them so that you can maintain their texture and beauty.

You must incorporate painting when they fade to make your inexpensive artificial flower look better. You must also arrange them varying in height and keep them in attractive vases. Adding greenery and foliage adds a natural charm to your artificial flower and thus makes it look real.

So if you have some faux flowers at home, you can easily create a stunning centerpiece with the help of these tips and tricks.

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