Wedding Flower Balls for Centerpieces Set of 2


Artificial wedding flower balls:

This set contains 2 realistic-looking flower bouquets, for interior decoration, office decoration, or Valentine’s Day display. Suitable for road lead flower rack, which is also sold in our store, elegant and stunning for wedding/party table centerpieces and flower decorations.

High-quality material:

These flower heads are made of soft polyester attached by a plastic base ( with a base, this fake flower can be placed directly on a rack) more durable and easy to clean. With high color saturation, it simulates the feel of real roses. As for DIY lovers, it can provide more ideas for you to do wonderful work.

15 flower heads:

Each artificial flower ball contains 15 flower heads, making the whole rose ball fuller and extremely eye-catching. The average diameter of the flower head is 7.6cm/ 3 inches.


Thanks to their artificiality, these wedding flower balls do not require water or sunlight; perfect for brightening up your office desk, your living room, or as a nice decoration on a windowsill, without worrying about long-term care.


Our fake rose flower bouquets are great for decorating weddings, parties, homes, offices, and other occasions. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, creating a friendly ambiance.