How Do You Put Flowers in a Wide Mouth Vase Centerpiece

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A lovely bunch of flower vase centerpieces can be perfect for the dining table. Your dinner will become more special when the table is decorated with beautiful flowers.

Without any twists and turns, let’s know how to arrange the flowers wisely to make them appealing and attractive. Arranging flowers is an art that can be interesting or frustrating. The bouquets look pretty when arranged by florists, but they all spoil when you come home and plop them into a vase. A bunch of flowers can be positioned perfectly when you have a vase with a narrow mouth.

However, do You know how to place flowers when you have a vase centerpiece with

a wide mouth? Read the article to learn about it.

5 Tips to Arrange the Flowers in a Vase with Wide Mouth

1. Make A Grid

make a grid in a wide mouth vase centerpiece
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If you have tried to place flowers in a bowl or a vase with a wide mouth, you may know that the flowers fall from the sides. It is challenging to position flowers in the wide-mouth vase.

However, the DIY to beat this problem is making a grid with tape. The tape will help support the flowers and give you better control of your placement of flowers. This will help you arrange flowers in a center point and they will stay there.

arrange flowers in a wide mouth vase centerpiece
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While placing the flowers, make sure that the rim of your vase or bowl is dry, and the container is full of water before making a grid. This technique can help you place and hold the flowers appropriately. You can set the flowers perfectly according to your preferences.

2. Budable Caps

If you are tired of making a grid with tape every time, you can get the budable cap to place on the mouth of the vase centerpiece. Budable is a stretchy silicone cap that stretches up to 4X its size. The tiny holes are perfect for precise control of your flowers. It allows short-cut flowers to stand up at any length.

budable caps for vase arranging flowers easier
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The best part about this arrangement is you can change the water quickly without rearranging the flowers.

You must ensure that your vase’s rim is completely dry and should not slip out of place. You can clean the edge of your vase centerpiece with rubbing alcohol before applying the cap. This will help in maintaining a better hold. As it is silicone material, make sure you place the flowers carefully. The flowers with thorns can tear the silicone sheet and cause damage to it.

3. Use a Smaller Vase Inside

If you have a wide-mouth vase and you are irritated about placing flowers. You can try a small vase centerpiece with the same height but a narrow mouth. This method is helpful for softer stemmed flowers that incline to drape outwards. A vase with a smaller neck can hold the bouquet closer together.

lemon vase centerpiece
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Check the water level carefully if you have a lot of stems in a smaller vase. When you put water in the vase, ensure it gets into the smaller one.

4. Use glass Marbles

While placing the flowers in vase centerpieces, you can use clear glass marbles at the bottom. Put the glass marbles in the vase and push down the stems in the marbles or glass gems.

glass vase centerpiece with flowers
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The glass gems are flat-backed glass marbles in different colors. You can use color or white according to your choice and the transparency of your vase. Glass gems are good for raising the level of the bottom of the base. If the stems are short of reaching till bottom and drape down from a wide-mouth vase, these glass marbles can hold the flowers perfectly.

5. Easy Arrangers

easy arrangers for vase centerpiece
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The easy arrangers help in balancing the flowers. You may find them in various sizes to fit all types of vases. They are flexible and easy to bend due to their rustic look. You can place the arranger on the mouth of the vase, and it will hold the stem of flowers easily, which will help you arrange your vase with beautiful flowers.


Lifting the flowers in a wide vase might be difficult without leaning out to the rim. However, these lifehacks can help you in solving these problems. Florists have many techniques for fixing the flowers to the perfect position using flower frogs, foam, and wires.

These little tips can help arrange vase centerpieces for the flowers with different tricks. If you already have wide-mouth flower vases then you can utilize these techniques or you can purchase other types of flower vases.

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