How Do You Store A Fake Flower Bouquet Before A Wedding

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Artificial flowers are the best substitute for original bouquets that you can use during weddings. A fake flower bouquet is durable, versatile, and the designer can prepare it beforehand. Hence it is popularly used at weddings these days. These bouquets are a perfect replica of the original flowers, available in many colors. Since these bouquets are prepared in advance, they need proper care.

You need to store the artificial flower bouquet carefully to be used at the wedding. Whether it is your wedding or your loved one’s special day, ensuring the bouquet looks fresh is crucial. If you are wondering how? Here are some tips and tricks on how to store fake flower bouquets before a wedding.

8 Ultimate Tips & Tricks to Store a Fake Flower Bouquet Before the Wedding

During the wedding, there are lots of things that you need to prepare. From your clothing to decoration to food, etc. needs your attention to detail for a perfect wedding ceremony. Bridal bouquets are small items, but they hold equal importance as any other aspect of the wedding. Hence you must store the fake flower bouquet with utmost care to maintain its originality till the ceremony ends.

1. Choose the Right Container

Select a container that is large enough to accommodate your artificial flower bouquet as a whole. Ensure you don’t have to bend or squish it, or it will damage your beautiful bouquet. Ensure that the flowers are kept intact without cluttering and bending. Large boxes or plastic containers are ideal for storing these bouquets, as they can be covered with a lid. Choose a box that is bigger than the size of your bouquet so that it can sit comfortably inside.

2. Clean & Dust the Bouquet

Make sure that your container is clean of specks of dust or debris before you place your fake flower bouquet in it. If there is any dust on your bouquet, gently wipe the flowers and foliage with a soft cloth. This will not cause any damage to your flower and also remove the dust particles from the bouquet. Wiping the bouquet and box will help you maintain the freshness until the time of use.

3. Protect the Bouquet

If you want to keep the petals and leaves of the flowers used in your artificial flower bouquet intact, use an extra layer to protect them. You can use a tissue, newspaper, butter paper, or bubble wrap to keep it secure in the box. This will prevent any damage or deformation and keep it flawless till it is taken out for the wedding.

4. Store in a Cool and Dry Place

Keep your fake flower bouquet away from heat and find a cool and dry place for storing it. Ensure your bouquet is not exposed to direct sunlight as it may fade the colors and make it look old. You can keep it in a closed space such as a cupboard, narrow cabinet, or closet. Heat and humidity may make the flowers lose their shape, so do not let them get wet or heated.

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5. Avoid Crushing the Bouquet

Place the bouquet in the storage so that it is not crushed from any side. You can keep it upright, downside, or lay it flat in the container, depending upon the size and shape of your fake flower bouquet. Once you have placed it in the box, avoid stacking heavy items upon it. This can cause your beautiful bouquet to flatten and lose its original shape and form.

6. Check & Adjust Regularly

If there is time for the wedding event and your artificial flower bouquet is ready, check it regularly. Storing it in a box and keeping it safe is necessary, but ensuring it remains in good condition is also important. You can maintain its appearance by periodically checking it and gently adjusting flowers and leaves. Periodic checks will help maintain the overall look of the bouquet, and it will look its best on the wedding day.

7. Handle With Care When Retrieving

On the wedding day, take your fake flower bouquet from the container with tender and gentle hands. You must handle it with care till the last moment of the wedding. While lifting it from the container, ensure no flower or foliage is damaged. Carelessly handling the flowers can cause them to break or distort, so it is advised not to make any sudden or rash movements.

8. Give the Bouquet a Final Touch-up

Once your fake flower bouquet is finally out of storage, you must give it a final touch-up before handing it to the bride. Use a silk flower spray or a gentle mist of water to refresh the bouquet and make it look vibrant and lifelike. Some flowers or foliage have moved from their places while being kept in containers. They can flatten a bit, so fluff them gently to restore their shape. After you have followed and restored all the measurements, you can hand it to the bride.


Storing a fake flower bouquet is crucial, but it is not impossible to take care of it. You just need to delicately handle the beautiful wedding piece that adds charm to the bride’s overall appearance. If your designer has prepared the bouquet before the wedding, you can store it without causing any damage to it.

You need to know the right tips and tricks that will help you maintain the beauty of the bouquet till the wedding and keep it fresh even after the wedding. Choosing the right-sized container, wrapping it in layers, and avoiding direct sunlight is a must. With proper storage and care, your artificial flower bouquet will continue to exude beauty and elegance. It will also add a touch of timeless charm to the wedding celebration.

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