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A cake topper might be small but has the power to steal the spotlight from the cake. Check out the following creative ideas for your cake topper.

What’s the best way to be innovative and add creativity to your big day? What’s the harm in going the extra mile to make your wedding special? No ladies, you don’t need big money but a smart mind to stand out. The best thing about a wedding day is that we plan it as we like it. We decide who to invite, what theme to go by, drinks and foods to serve, honeymoon destination, etc.

Nobody is entitled to take that away from us as it’s our day. We all want our big day to be as unique and beautiful as it is, but how can we do that? Every wedding is incomplete without a cake, and every wedding cake is empty without a cake topper. One might not know how long they are in the tradition. Still, they represent the love and commitment of the married couple.