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It’s not only the bride’s but also the groom’s duty to make all preps for the wedding. Gone are the days when grooms used to show up just on the wedding day. Currently, various couples are happily taking responsibility for handling the wedding dos. Here is a groom checklist for you.

Groom Checklist:

  • Equality comes first
  • Choose your wedding suit and band
  • Buying gifts for groomsmen
  • Be punctual
  • Arrange the honeymoon
  • Wedding car
  • Prepare the speech
  • Hire a professional

Specific preps are only done together, like deciding the band, drinks, menu, venue, number of guests, etc. Still, there are plenty of jobs that a groom can do. For example, talk to caterers, book a venue, arrange a DJ or band, and talk to a photographer. Along with helping your leading lady, you deserve some care too. Check out the following groom to-dos before your big day.