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More couples choose to delay marriage by staying together and working on their individual and collective goals and objectives. This is especially true for women. The feminism/women’s liberation movement saw women move away from marrying as a matter of duty and cultural obligation to marrying for love and personal satisfaction. If there is no need to rush, why not wait a few years?

On the one hand, you cannot know an individual before marrying them. On the other hand, you should know an individual to an extent before committing to marriage. Granted, you already know their background, likes, interests, and dislikes, but experience and time unearth things you never knew were there.

How varying are the experiences you have had together? A few months after you met, your relationship is, more likely than not, in its butterfly stage. Have you had fights? Have you attended events— weddings, funerals— together? When faced with certain contexts, there is something insightful about getting to know who your partner is or what they can be. For example, have you seen your partner in a state of mind? Loss of friendship or a family member and other issues that present themselves out of the blue can make you see your partner differently.