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The rudest thing you can do to someone is not show up at their reception. Regardless of the reasons, if you’ve said “yes” to RSVP and participated eagerly in the pre-wedding celebrations. It is your obligatory duty and wedding etiquette to show up at someone’s big day. The average cost of inviting someone to a wedding is 150 -300 $. Now imagine your friend has already paid this amount for you, and how would they feel when you wouldn’t be there?

It’s like taking away someone’s money from their pocket. In real life, you would never imagine doing that to your friend, but by not showing up, you do that. Has it ever happened to you that you invited someone, and they didn’t show up? How to deal with the embarrassment and humiliation? Let us talk about what you should do if you cannot make it to a friend’s wedding. Learn more about wedding etiquette with us.

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