What You Should Know Before Scheduling Your Wedding Date

Are you engaged and already looking for some wedding preps? Are you agitated by your friends asking the same question, “Hey there, When’s the wedding date”? It’s time for the wedding bells to chime, but your mind gets perplexed with chaotic questions like what date to set for your big day.

Setting a wedding date isn’t easy; acknowledge your and your partner’s family and friends. They are the most important people, their availability matters a lot.

What if someone close cannot make it to your wedding? What if they have to skip your wedding date to make it to another big day at work? What if your maid of honor is getting married on the same wedding date? Let us give your baffled mind a little relief by guiding some tips to follow before setting a date for your big day.

8 Things to Consider to Set Your Wedding Date

Hurray, you are getting married, but setting a wedding date is way more complicated than getting married. Contemplate many things like venue, photographer, DJ, availability of your family and friends, etc. But, please don’t panic; we are here to counsel you about considering some things before setting a wedding date for your nuptials.

No.1 Season

What You Should Know Before Scheduling Your Wedding Date

Believe it or not, season matters a lot; it’s about what kind of bride you want to be. For example, if you want to be a winter bride, a cozy indoor wedding with candles and a smoky fire pit will make a lovely reception.

On the other hand, a lovely outdoor gazebo or courtyards with fresh flowers and green grass would make you a lovely summer bride. Surprisingly, 35 % of Americans chose summer as their wedding season compared to fall.

No 2. Budget

What You Should Know Before Scheduling Your Wedding Date

Along with the seasons, finance matters a lot. How much to spend depends on the kind of wedding. If you are tight on budget, go for an intimate wedding or spend sumptuously on your big day. Here you can learn some tips to save some money for your wedding. Follow your heart to know where and how much to spend on the big celebrations or your honeymoon. That is your call.

No 3. Destination wedding

What You Should Know Before Scheduling Your Wedding Date

Destination weddings are viral these days, and why not? It’s romantic and magical. Elope with your significant other and with some close family members and live your exceptional moment to the fullest. In Us,  350,000 destination weddings are performed every year (2021). If you plan for a destination wedding, consult various online packages.

No 4. Venues

What You Should Know Before Scheduling Your Wedding Date

If you have finally decided to settle down, the first thing is to look out for a venue. Venues are relatively cheaper and readily available on weekdays so you can opt for a wedding other than the weekend.

Many venues take bookings in advance 12-18 months before the wedding date. Various factors determine the choice of a venue. 205 respondents identified employees’ attitudes as the main factor in choosing a specific venue.

No 5. Friends and family

What You Should Know Before Scheduling Your Wedding Date

While planning, always asks about your relative and friends’ availability. Of course, you do not want your loved one to miss a wedding because of another commitment.

It could be your brother expecting a big conference or your maid of honor has some cousin’s wedding to attend. Always make sure of the availability of your loved ones.

No 6. Work schedule

What You Should Know Before Scheduling Your Wedding Date

Whether it be your job or your partner’s, work comes first. So always check that the settled wedding date does not conflict with your work schedule. Also, ensure you have enough leaves to enjoy your pre-wedding celebrations and your honeymoon.

No 7. Hiring a professional photographer

What You Should Know Before Scheduling Your Wedding Date

A perfect union isn’t complete without a beautiful wedding photo shoot. Today, hiring a professional wedding photographer isn’t an extravagance but a necessity. An average American spends 2500 $ on a wedding photographer solely.

You don’t get married every day; only a professional can convert your beautiful moment into an adorable souvenir.

No 8. Look out for vendors

If you are already watching a specific vendor, make sure you get them booked with some cash in advance. Instead of sourcing help, people usually prefer hiring a professional vendor for the wedding. Out of their total budget, Britons spend  66 % on Florist, 51 % on cake makers, 50 % on catering, 29 % on decoration, etc.

Final Note:

Along with other preps, don’t forget to make an appointment with your favorite salon. To avoid any hassle, give your wedding gown a last-minute try. Have some little self-care. To avoid cold feet, be done with all the preparations one week before the wedding.

Live this moment because this time is never coming back. We hope we have enlightened you enough to make that beautiful wedding course easy. Are you getting married too? Please share your feedback and let us know in the comments below. Happy marriage!

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