The Actual Truth About Wedding Flowers Cost

Weddings can be a good way of having people celebrate your love for each other. However, it also means you have to be ready to spend a lot more on the wedding flowers to bring out the kind of decoration you like fully.

The wedding flowers cost can vary from one wedding to another. It is best if you can understand the type of costs involved from the start. Also, it is vital to see if you can still save by using the right sources. The expertise to set up wedding flower centerpieces is also crucial to have in mind.

The Average Cost of Wedding Flowers

So, what would be the average cost of wedding flowers? Having this figure in mind helps you fully understand just how much you can commit to setting up the flowers in the wedding venue.

It is estimated that the cost can vary from as low as $10 to as high as $10,000. The average for most weddings is $2,000 in 2022.

As you can see, it will not be the cheapest thing to do to set up the wedding venue. However, with good guidance, you could still save and have the best wedding.

Most florists recommend using around 7% of the wedding budget on flowers. Experience shows that such a budget is enough to cover personal flowers, ceremony flowers, and reception flowers. This means everything will be well covered.

Some of the flower arrangements you have to consider include:

  • Bridal bouquet
  • Pin-on corsage
  • Boutonniere
  • Bridesmaid bouquet
  • Flower girls petals
  • Reception pieces
  • Head table florals, etc.

There will always be more places where you may need to add more flowers to ensure you get a good decoration overall during the wedding day.

Why Are Wedding Flowers So Overpriced?

why are flowers overpriced

People always complain about high wedding flower costs; however, none have actually taken the time to understand why this is the case.

Flowers are expensive because you want to get both a product and a service from one package. The product is the flower, while the florist offers the service of creating masterful centerpieces you can use on your wedding day.

Unless you have florist skills, you might have all the flowers but not get it right when it comes to decorations.

Another reason wedding flowers can be expensive is because of using a specific type of flowers. Some flowers can be cheap while others are expensive. Examples include chrysanthemums which can be as cheap as one to two dollars. However, some want an expensive look, attracting more charges. You can expect to pay a lot more if the flowers are rare.

The season would also determine the price of the blooms. If you opt for flowers in season, then it makes things a lot easier. You can always buy them locally, and the price would be lower. That is not the same for those who want to get flowers from other countries or states.

7 Tips for Saving Money When Buying Wedding Flowers

tips pn saving money when buying wedding flowers

It is widely known that wedding flowers are generally expensive. For this reason, you may find yourself thinking if it is worth having flowers as part of the decor in the first place. Since it is a wedding, flowers are important. What most people might not know is that you can still save money while getting these flowers for the special day. Here is how to do it.

Get a good mix of expensive and affordable flowers

You do not have to spend all your money on expensive flowers. It is still possible to get affordable flowers that still look great.

The bridal bouquet can get expensive flowers, while the table centerpieces could use cheaper flowers. It makes sense to have the bride use expensive flowers since they would be most photographed during the wedding.

Also, you could have a few of the premium flowers mixed with a lot of cheaper flowers. The result is that you have a flower arrangement that still looks great even though you have more of the cheaper flowers in the arrangement.

Add lighting and other decorations to the flower arrangement

When the wedding flowers cost is rising, there is the option of using other decorations, including lighting, as part of the arrangement. The idea is to ensure you get a nice look while sticking to a minimal budget.

You have the option of using candles that can work in place of romantic flowers. The beauty of candles is that they are mostly cheaper. The other cheaper options include lanterns for lighting, pictures for memories, and more.

Focus more on pieces that would blend with the existing decor and easily replace the need for more flowers.

Reuse the ceremony flowers

There is nothing wrong with reusing wedding flowers from one stage to the other. A good example is moving the ceremony flowers to the reception, where they can work as backdrops to various pictures you might have in mind.

These flowers can be transported to the reception venue when the couple is having their photoshopped. So, do not be afraid to move the flowers around to keep the budget as low as possible. If your guests are sitting down for some cocktails, the flowers will be the last thing on their minds generally.

Use flowers that are in season

You should never make the mistake of getting flowers that are out of season. This would definitely attract more prices to your floral budget. If the flowers are not available locally, it means the florist has to import them. This can take time, and the budget would also be tough on you. So, it is best to get the flowers locally and those that are within season. It is still possible to get beautiful flowers locally. They do not need to come from other regions to be the best.

Buy voluminous flowers

Rather than getting smaller blooms, go for flowers with full petals. The aim is to use fewer flowers to cover a wider area. Those with small blooms mean you have to spend more to build a bigger flower arrangement.

Flower branches such as forsythia and cherry blossom are highly recommended. This is because they are colorful and have a lot of volumes per branch.

Use fewer types of flowers

We understand it is your wedding, and you might want not to spare much to have a blast, but there is a budget to keep in mind. Rather than overwhelming yourself with so many flowers, stick to only a few locally available flowers. Sometimes being simple is better than using so many flowers that might not work out so great.

Also, fewer flowers make it easier for the florist to work with the colors and develop creative patterns.

Use plants where possible

Using plants can also be important to consider rather than using flowers all the time. You are advised to consider potted plants and herbs as part of the table centerpieces. With such plants, the guests are free to take them home for replanting if that is something they would want.

Plants such as palms and hearty deserts are loved for such applications. You could also consider terrariums and succulents for this type of job.


We understand that flowers are important to have as part of the wedding decor. However, it does not mean you spend your whole budget on wedding flowers alone. You can spend about 7% of your wedding budget on flowers and leave the rest to ensure the wedding goes smoothly. With the tips on saving money while buying flowers mentioned above, it should be easy for you to get the right flowers without going bankrupt.

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