14 Creative Ways to Make your Wedding Ceremony Unique

Your wedding ceremony should be one event that lights up your face each a thought of it crosses your mind. Thus, you should be able to look back, years later on that memorable day with a big smile.

A wedding ceremony should be fun, exciting, meaningful, and most of all unique and personal.

Growing up, everyone has had an idea of what they want their big day to look like right? I certainly have. From fairytale weddings as a child to a realistic ceremony of equal bliss, the visualizations are endless.

You want a wedding ceremony that will leave the guests with thoughts like  ‘I’ve known this couple for some time and this ceremony was a direct reflection of who they are, it was so them! Wow!!’

Going forward, we will share 14 proven ideas that will make your wedding ceremony the highlight of your day and anyone else fortunate enough to be in attendance.

No.1 Make it about you and your partner

unique wedding ceremony ideas

On this day, no one else matters, no one. Sounds funny right? But it’s true, it’s an opportunity to set the tone for your marriage.

No.2 Write and share your vows

unique wedding ceremony ideas

It is at this point that you put your love and commitment into words in a way that feels and comes naturally to both of you.

Your marriage vows are the promises you make to one another and are the whole reason you are getting married.

No.3 Having a friendly face or family officiate the wedding ceremony

unique wedding ceremony ideas

I witnessed a wedding of a close friend officiated by the grandparents. It was honestly the most fun wedding ceremony I have ever been to, each grandparent spent some minutes officiating a different part of the wedding. It was so much fun!

No.4 Fun music during the wedding

unique wedding ceremony ideas

Who said all the fun should be reserved for the after-party? Do it differently.

How about the bride walks down the aisle to upbeat music?

Weddings shouldn’t be so dull all the time, shake up everywhere with some funny dance moves.

No.5 Pets as ring bearers

unique wedding ceremony ideas

All your dog needs are some guidance, the right dress, and also making sure they wouldn’t crack while walking in large crowds, Exciting! (Hopefully, they don’t go rogue)

No.6 Friends and family telling stories about the couple

It is said that your closest friends and family know more about you know about yourself.

Invite them to share adorable fun stories about the couple. They may share some raunchy stories, but that’s okay hopefully the old people won’t mind

No.7 Switch up the sitting arrangement

unique wedding ceremony ideas

Setting up chairs in spirals allows the wedding party to walk by each guest, the bride walking by each person while she walks down the aisle.

No.8 Play games

unique wedding ceremony ideas

Games are really fun and unique things to do at a wedding ceremony.

There are varieties of games for the couple and guests to play at their tables.

For guests that don’t know each other, table games are really good ice breakers, who knows, they might give you a shout-out at their wedding for unintentionally setting them up.

No.9 Keep toasts short, don’t bore the guests

unique wedding ceremony ideas

Some friends just want to talk and talk about the couple, not bad but it should be quality, not quantity.

No.10 How about a wedding daycare

When many children are attending, it’s important to get a sitter and set aside a space where the kids can hang out, play, and take naps to keep them occupied and the parents as well as other guests comfortable.

No.11 Unique meal choices

Weddings are fun and games but the truth is, your wedding guests like to be fed as well, however, this doesn’t mean that you have to hire Gordon Ramsay!.

Some of the most memorable wedding meals we’ve ever had came in festival fashion.

Ditch reception dinner, and invite your guests to brunch. Serve a range of hot favorites, such as pastries along with fruits and yogurt.

No.12 Guest painting

unique wedding ceremony ideas

Why not!

Have your visitors painted to make them feel over the moon?  A truly unique and one-of-a-kind experience.

It not only amazes and amuses your guests, but it also functions as a wedding ceremony mark that they may keep and treasure forever.

No.13 A special dance

unique wedding ceremony ideas

This could be the highlight of any couples day, a private last dance.

The couple stays on the dance floor for one final dance before the party is finally over with the guests lining up to leave.

They take advantage of this opportunity to think back on the events of the day and savor the remaining moments of their wedding before it ends.

No.14 Going out with a bang, literally

There is no better way to cap off your wedding night than with a breathtaking display of fireworks. In addition to being a great way to cap off a long day of festivities, they also make for a terrific photo opp.

It’s your wedding, not theirs

Most times couples include things they know very little about in their wedding ceremony preparations, but do it anyway because it is ‘tradition’. Well, I’ll say scratch that! Any idea you have is totally acceptable, there are no rules!

It is your special day, you can do whatever you like in whichever way you choose.

In the end, it’s your day, your wedding, your marriage, and your life.

You do whatever you think is best for your special day.

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