Wedding Decorative Columns Buying Guide

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Columns used to be an essential part of the architecture to support buildings. Now they are also used for decoration purposes.

Decorative columns, wedding arches, and more can make your wedding venue look classic. You can also use them to decorate venues for events like graduations, parties, etc.

Select The Proper Size

Choosing the column size depends on the venue’s height and place. Also, consider how much weight the column can support. This is because flowers and other decorative items will be there on the columns. The base of the decorative column should be strong. When you put flowers and other decorative items on the column, it should maintain its shape.

Decide the Style

Picking the right style is a must when you look for decorative columns for weddings. You have to understand that even a small architectural feature can change the look of the venue. Pay attention to minor details before selecting any product for the wedding decor.

Square vs. Round

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Deciding whether you need square or round columns is dependent on your preferences. Square pillars are common at weddings as they provide a classy and elegant look.

Fluted Columns

These pillars have a series of vertical grooves or narrow channels running lengthwise. Many modern wedding decors prefer fluted columns with a plain base. It gives a pleasant look to the wedding venue.


Decorative columns are round and tapered. The diameter increases from top to bottom, which creates an interesting profile. It is a quality that is useful on tall pillars or arches. This is because it creates a more streamlined appearance and gives a royal look.

Adjustable vs. Non-adjustable

When you need different column heights in the entryway, choose fluted adjustable columns. Adjustable decorative columns used at incrementing heights look amazing.

Decorative Columns

Decorative columns are available as wrap-around options for existing structural posts. They also come in one piece and are not intended to support the porch roof’s weight.

If your current columns have a visible foundation beneath them, they are likely to bear the load. Columns made of polyurethane and fiberglass can be used for decorative purposes.

Indoor Wedding Decorative Columns

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Indoor decorative columns are popular for wedding decoration these days. You can use them to create an altar for the bride and groom to stand at during the ceremony. Also, use them to section off a large room to make it appear small.

You can use column vases for wedding centerpieces to light up the indoor wedding venue. The stands have a simple column cube shape, and the flower enhances the appeal of the column.

This makes them more stable, so you don’t have to worry about the column falling during events. Install this decorative column at the wedding to give the arrangements a great look.

Outdoor Wedding Decorative Columns

Outdoor decorative columns can be either purchased or rented from a company. You can buy it from a place that specializes in party furniture rental.

A wedding florist can also arrange the column to decorate it with flowers. White wedding pillars are quite common. If you want to change the appearance of the columns, try wrapping them in tulle or fabric.

To enhance the vibe of outdoor weddings, try tall crystal flower stands. It looks like silver stands with its shimmering dripping style. This flower table centerpiece for weddings brings the bling. It adds a sparkling glow to any festive occasion.

Decorative Column Applications

Columns have many uses and can work with different things. They can hold vases, urns, bouquets, and light ornaments. Bigger decorative columns can support fabric swags or more formal arches. They can support decorative ropes to direct traffic flow at large events. Small columns can be good for flower beds to support small, lightweight sculptures.

Wedding Column Installation and Maintenance

The base of columns is frequently sand-filled. This allows them to stand on their own without being staked or sunken into the ground. They are simple to maintain. Simply wipe them down with a soft cloth on a regular basis to remove any dust or debris that has fallen on them. They can deteriorate due to sun exposure. With little maintenance, you can use them for your home decor as well. You can use the column to decorate the wedding stage. Also, you can place them as centerpieces on the tables.


When renting decorative columns for your wedding, first consider the venue. Know about the number, size, height, and type of columns you need for the decoration.

Some columns are more expensive than others. You can place columns inside and outside to decorate the wedding venue.

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