What Drinks To Offer At a Wedding

Wedding day is for the newly married lovebirds, a beautiful phenomenon. However, there are still certain things that should complement the beautiful atmosphere also. One of the things you should consider to complement your beautiful event is the types of wedding drinks you offer.

You do not want to hear mutterings at your wedding, and awful gestures or remarks about the drinks served on your wedding day. Some drinks are best for weddings and will want to make your well-wishers want to have your wedding every day. That’s an exaggeration, but it’s true.

Wedding drinks range from wines, beers, and carbonated soft drinks, for instance, Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, spirits, and Sparkling wines, make your drinks something to covet at your wedding, but there are some wedding drinks ideas you haven’t thought of yet.

15 Wedding Drinks You Haven’t Thought of Yet

– Alcoholic Wedding Drinks

1. Sapporo Pure

What Drinks To Offer At a Wedding

This light-colored beer is an alcoholic drink. You’ll undoubtedly have categories of well-wishers who will preferably go for alcoholic drinks. Another thing to note from this drink is that; it is the ideal choice if your wedding falls during the hot period of the year, especially during the summer. Every sip of the beer refreshes with gentle floral notes and enthralls your well-wisher’s spirit. You can bet have a wonderful atmosphere with this drink in the bars.

2. Amstel Light

Ninety-five calories and with 3.5% of ABV, this light beer is another best wedding drinks idea in your bar for your wedding. This light-colored beer is also suitable for hot weather conditions. Amstel light beer is a go-to beer. It will keep the atmosphere rocky and lively for alcohol admirers.

3. Keegan’s Mother’s Milk Stout

Sweet/milk stout contains 6% ABV. This dark-colored beer is a favorite if you’re planning your wedding for the winter. This beer is best served along heavy and light meals for balancing sake. You want to consider serving this drink at the night party or during the speech. You keep your wishers carried away with sweetness on every side.

4. Dogfish Head

What Drinks To Offer At a Wedding

This drink contains 7.4% ABV. It is also a dark-colored beer and a suitable winter break. This beer can be best served as a wedding pre-launch ( if you choose to have one) or during the reception. It keeps your well-wishers highly spirited.

– Wines Wedding Drinks

1. Twill Cellars Chardonnay 2018

This drink contains 12.5 ABV. This is a good budget wine to offer at your wedding, during the partying, or during speeches. This white wine has a superb freshness to keep your wishers on during the wedding.

2. Scheid Family Wines, Ranch 32 Chardonnay 2019

This drink contains 13.5%. This wine falls into the white wine category. As you can’t tell which wine drink your wishers, prefer over others. Having two to three white wines in the drinks bar would be a good idea. But looking at your budget, two white wine drinks would fit. This wine has the aromas of orchard fruits, Papaya and Mango. Something well-wishers will cruise on.

3. Richard Bruno, Petite Sirah 2018

This red wine contains 14.5% of ABV. With amazing mixtures of ripe fruits, coffee beans, and spicy elements with oaks added makes, this wine is a good idea you should think of for your wedding.

4. Lohr Vineyards & Wines, Petite Sirah 2018

Contains 13.5% ABV. This is a typical red wine that has a mix of fresh plums and blackberry fruits. It has a smooth palate with well-handled oak. This wine is good for pre-wedding and wedding reception.

5. Denbies Greenfields NV

Contains 12.5% of ABV. Gleaming silverly lemon that has constant streams of bubbles. This white sparkling wine drink has a zesty and richly fruited taste. This would add color to the atmosphere.

6. Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon De-alcoholized

This wine is an alcohol-free wine that is suitable for those are do not fancy alcoholic wedding drinks. So it’s better to have this as your idea of such wines on the bar.

– Soft-Drinks

1. Coca-Cola Classics

This is one of the best-carbonated wedding drinks, low budget, and cool. You want to have the 34mg, 12 fl canned-sized Coca-Cola. Suitable for your reception or wedding. The fact remains that many will go for different types of drinks.

2. Diet Coke

This is a low-calorie soda renowned all over the world. Although, this 12 fl, 46 mg drink comes in a can. This drink also has variations and flavors: Caffeine-Free Diet comes in Lemon, Diet Vanilla Coke, etc.

– Cocktail

1. Sangria

Paint your lovely wedding with natural drinks from natural fruits like Sangria. Not all wedding guests prefer carbonated soft drinks, beers, or liquor. Some choices will also aim for this cocktail. Consider having this too for your wedding.

2. Lemonade

What Drinks To Offer At a Wedding

Something natural like this is ideal for your wedding. You probably haven’t considered this before. It is high time you did so. Surprisingly, many may prefer this traditional natural drink to all others.

– Water

Water is essential in all drinks mentioned here. Keeping bottles of water around for all sessions of your wedding is as important as any other thing. However, some do not go with any wedding drinks except just water. This, among others, caps your drinks bar and makes your wedding memorable.

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