What to Know If You’re Planning a Marriage During COVID-19

As COVID-19 proceed, we entered phase one and had to call off all the weddings. Vendors, wedding planners, and caterers all went out of business.

83% of couples in the United States consulted local regulations before getting married. In 2021, we entered phase 2, where couples took the relationship to the next level.

But still, there was ambiguity about how to plan a COVID-19 wedding. Should you host an indoor wedding? Are all your guests vaccinated? Can you plan a honeymoon?

About 41 % of respondents said they postponed their honeymoon due to COVID-19 wedding. Are you planning to get married and a little confused? Let us guide you along about how to plan your COVID-19 wedding.

things should know when a covid-19 wedding

Track COVID-19 Updates From Your County

The first thing to do once you decide to get married is to check the COVID-19 updates from your country. First, get done with all the initial wedding preps. For example, you are booking a venue, caterer, wedding planner, salon, etc.

Many authenticated websites provide updates on COVID-19 cases for any country. World Health Organization has envisaged a COVID-19 website for every country worldwide. It provides:

  • The number of active cases.
  • The number of deaths.
  • The current situation in every state.

Don’t plan your wedding without any updates. It is advisable to consult the COVID-19 updates on your country’s situation.

things should know when planning covid-19 wedding

Create Safety Guidelines for COVID-19 Wedding

Having a wedding in covid is not easy at all. You need to take some safety preventive measures into account. For example, wearing masks, vaccinating, having sanitizers, maintaining social distancing, etc.

Many countries have made it obligatory to wear masks and show up with a vaccination card. The same goes for weddings; about 22 % of the couples agreed that they want their wedding guests to be fully vaccinated.

It is not only the couple’s responsibility to ensure safety and hygiene at a wedding. In the presence pandemic, every individual is responsible. Every guest is responsible, and it should be their priority as a guest to ensure personal safety.

They ensure vaccination and carry sanitizer and a sanitary mask before appearing. If you are not feeling well, check yourself before ruining someone’s event. Every guest and host should get themselves tested.

Communicate With Your Guests & Stay Organized

Learn to act smart in the digital world and create a wedding website. Customize a website where you can guide your guests about the protocols. A personalized website to guide about preventives to take while attending the event. Escort them all about the mandatory sanitary masks and vaccination cards. Escort them about seating arrangements and sanitizers on every table and in washrooms. Update them about the type of venue (indoor/outdoor), the number of guests, etc.

Other than the website, communicate with your cousins or other relatives.  To confirm their availability, a phone call, or an email is enough to know their safety.  Assign a close family member for each family relative to have a health check on them.

For example, your paternal aunt’s family can be checked by your sister. At the same time, your brother can take a wellness check on your maternal aunt’s family, etc.

This way, you can save yourself and your loved ones from spreading infection.

Discuss a Backup Plan B With Your Planner or Venue

Everyone should have a plan B. A plan B is a backup plan in case anything unfortunate happens. An outdoor wedding is a rainy day; things don’t go as planned for any reason whatsoever. You’re left with no time to make any last-minute changes so having a backup is a great option. Talk to your fiance and close relatives about it, and scheme a plan B for your wedding. Talk to your vendors about the plan B wedding. Guide them about your priorities and what changes you want in the menu or venue. Ask them about the availability of another date in the future. Request them to first check with you before assigning it to someone in the future. You can pay some fee to get the venue booked for another day. When is the date you’ll decide to get married your call?

wear mask during covid-19 wedding

Final Thoughts

We’re living in a post-pandemic time. Of course, vaccination and treatments are there, yet they cannot assure our lives are safer. Always remember your family comes first. It is obligatory to have a wellness check on your loved ones. It’s not about having a lavish grand wedding but a union of you two, where you both are soulmates for life. Are you planning your wedding? Have you tried some social distancing rules? Let us know in the comments below.

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