Guide to Popular Types of Wedding Centerpieces

Anyone holding a wedding would want it to be memorable. That may only happen if you also have outstanding wedding centerpieces at the event.

When we say centerpiece, most people would think of getting as many flower varieties as possible. However, flowers are not your only option when you need the best centerpiece.

This guide looks at the most common wedding centerpiece options in the market and how best you can enjoy them being part of the wedding.


Of course, we had to start with the most popular. Flowers will always be necessary for any wedding. You will find them on the table decoration, bridal bouquets, and many other places around the wedding venue.

You should always be careful with flower budgets. If you decide to pick only exotic flowers, you might end up spending so much on them. We recommend working with a florist who can still help you get high-quality flowers while on a budget.

It is also advisable to get flowers in the season rather than import them from a different state or country. That would lead to spending a lot more on the centerpiece.


Candles have often been used to signify a romantic evening for couples. That is something you would enjoy as part of your centerpiece too.

Several candle types exist, including taper candles, tealights, votives, pillars, and many others. Each candle type has a time when it is appropriate. As such, make sure you know which to use appropriately.

Also, candles will need candle holders to keep them from falling over. That means when buying the candles, do not forget the holders.

Luckily, not all candles need holders. A good example is the pillar candle that can start on its own. The same cannot be said for taper candles.

The candle holders do not need to be extravagant. Sometimes a simple holder will still do the job of looking great while providing the illumination you want.

Wedding Centerpieces Vases

Wedding Centerpieces Vases

Both candles and flowers may need vases to complete the look of a wedding centerpiece. It is then important to consider the right centerpiece vases based on the wedding theme.

There are many types of vases on the market. You can come across tall vases, short vases, and some with rustic designs. So, you just have to pick the one that suits your need for a vase better.

A lot of consideration has to go into choosing based on size. There are times when short vases are appropriate and vice versa. Here is where the wedding planner would help identify the right centerpiece vase as a centerpiece.

You should definitely consider the material and color of the vases. Manufacturers are quite versatile right now to get you a centerpiece vase in the material and color you want. Colors such as gold, silver, black, white, and others are quite common and still affordable.

Garland Wedding Centerpieces

If you like a green theme, you should consider the garland wedding centerpiece.

In this case, you will use plants to set up a nice layered vintage look for your centerpiece. The good thing about plants is that they are readily available. You might find it even easier to save more on wedding decorations.

This type of decoration might not always work for everyone. However, focus more on finding plants that can bring out the theme better. Take note of their smell too. As much as some can look good, there are others whose smell is not the best.

Of course, you would also want to ensure they look fresh on the wedding day. You should not set them up when it is too early as they might dry before the wedding day.

Other than setting the leaves and flowers on the table, you can also hang them. Consider hanging them over the reception table to continue with the natural theme you may be looking to show your guests.


Candles can be good for light as well as a wedding centerpiece. However, they can only be used as supplements. Consider getting chandeliers if you are going for the best light too.

Chandeliers have a way of just making the room look magical. Since you are celebrating an important day, you can have the biggest chandelier on the high table where the bride and groom are seated.

The chandeliers can also be complemented by lanterns too. The lanterns have always had a place in many wedding themes. So, get them painted in a way to match the overall look and enjoy a differently styled wedding.

Still, on lights, you can consider LED lights too. Such lights are known for their versatility, especially when they are dimmable and can change color. You can play around with different mood settings to ensure you have the right mood for the wedding.


antiques for wedding decor

Antiques can be a great way of enjoying a good centerpiece too. This would largely work for those traditional wedding themes where you want a different look other than the usual shiny wedding.

Some things that can be antiques include vases, fine art, candle holders, and so much more.

Get into any antique store and ask about the best wedding pieces, and you should find several options to consider.

You could still add wine bottles alongside the antique centerpieces to make them stand out.

DIY Wedding Centerpiece

It is possible you may not have a huge budget to buy every centerpiece you will use on your wedding day, or you simply want to have a personal touch to the centerpiece. Whichever the reason, just know it is possible to end up with a good DIY wedding centerpiece.

You can do many things when it comes to DIY centerpieces. An example is painting the used wine bottles to create unique-looking vases. You can also make lanterns and spruce them with lighting. The idea is that you get creative and give the centerpieces a personal touch to suit your wedding.

Here is a quick video to help you get started on DIY centerpieces.


How much does it cost to have a wedding centerpiece?

The cost varies a lot depending on the type of centerpiece you opt to choose. Some might be expensive while others are cheap. A good example is importing flowers for a centerpiece will be more expensive than sourcing them locally.

Can you save money while sourcing for centerpieces?

Yes. It is possible to stay within budget and still save money when buying centerpieces. Consider using the flowers in the season rather than sourcing expensive flowers not readily available. Also, you can use non-traditional centerpieces such as picture frames, which are cheaper.


Now that you understand the different wedding centerpieces, choosing one or several for your wedding should be easier. As always, work with a professional. At least you would get insights on how to find the centerpieces and the proper way of staging them. We also recommend sticking to a budget. This would help you set up a nice wedding while at the same time saving on your expenses.

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