How Do You Make Fake Flowers White Again

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The significance of artificial flowers is obvious, and there’s a good reason for that. One of many reasons is; it is long-lasting. Also, replacing it frequently at your place is cost-effective and less costly. Artificial flowers are hypoallergenic, so they require less maintenance or care. They keep our home lively and colorful. Even if they don’t go through the wilting process, they can still be subject to change and damage to fake flowers.

We designed this article to address your concern about their damage and change. You will find amazing ideas to clean and revive faded artificial flowers. In addition, the steps to whiten fake flowers are also highlighted here.

How Do Silk Flowers Fade?

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Like any other material, silk flowers can fade for multiple reasons. Here are a few common reasons why silk flowers fade over time:

Sunlight Exposure

The prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause silk flowers to fade. Ultraviolet radiations from the sun cause the deterioration of dyes or pigments in silk flowers, resulting in washed-out colors over time. Specifically, it is true for outdoor displays or flowers in zones with much direct sun exposure.

Chemical Exposure

Another way that may cause silk flowers to fade is exposure to harsh chemicals like solvents or cleaning agents. Such chemicals remove the dyes or pigments, resulting in discoloration or color fading.

Dust  and Dirt Accumulation

If not cleaned regularly, dust and dirt can accumulate on fake silk flowers over time. This accumulation can make the original flower colors appear faded and dull.

Wear and Tear

The general wear and tear can progressively cause the fake silk flowers to lose their color vibrancy and, thus, fade. Other reasons include frequent handling and friction or rubbing from surfaces, resulting in the dyes or pigments wear-off.

Simple Tips to Clean and Revive Faded Fake Flowers

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Regular Dusting

You can remove slight dust deposits through a clean swipe or gentle tap of a cleaning cloth. However, you can use a blow dryer on the minimum set-up for hard dust, which you may check from here. A quick vacuum clean can also do the trick for tough-to-clean accumulated dust. During this, taking care of fragile designs on your fake flowers is essential.

Salt Treatment

Though this method seems uncommon, it works wonders! Place your artificial flowers inside a resealable vessel and fill it with coarse salt. Once you wrap the bag, start shaking it to undo dust and dirt. Cornmeal is a great alternative if you do not prefer salt use for this treatment.


Depending on the material of your fake flowers, you can gently wash the material like plastic or silk. Fill the sink with lukewarm water and a few drops of dish soap. Submerge the flowers in this water and swoosh them around gently. Rinse your flowers thoroughly with clean water and tap them dry with an uncontaminated towel. Then, allow them to air dry fully before displaying them again.

Cleaning of Spots

For minor spots or stains on the fake flowers, try a mix of water and moderate dish soap. Damp a sponge or soft cloth with this mixture and slightly blot the affected areas. Stop rubbing forcefully, as it can damage the leaves or petals of your flowers.

Reviving Color

Surprisingly, you can revive the color of fake flowers with lost vibrancy by using a few simple saving hacks. For fabric ones, you can slightly spray them with fabric spray paint in a color that matches the original flowers. You can use acrylic craft paints to touch up faded areas for plastic-type flowers.

For this, dilution of paint with water is needed to achieve a brighter shade, and further, try using a small brush to apply it to the discolored leaves or petals. Remember to allow the paint to dry fully before displaying the flowers.

Also, you can check the following video for a more simple way to revive artificial flowers.

Video from Joanna’s DIY Life | YouTube

Fluffing Flowers

If the fake flowers have squished or flattened petals, you can softly fluff them up to restore their original shape. Use a soft brush or your fingers to separate and reorganize the petals, providing a more natural and fuller look.

Arranging silk flowers in a centerpiece vase will also help the bloom fluffy.

How to Whiten Fake Flowers?

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Whitening fake flowers is a relatively easy process that can be achieved using simple household items. You must use materials such as fake flowers, a container, hydrogen peroxide or bleach, water, clean cloth, plastic gloves, and a well-ventilated area. The following few simple steps you can take to whiten fake flowers:

  1. Dusting Off the Fake Flowers

Gently dusting off using a cloth or brush removes debris or dust from the fake flowers. It will help prepare the surface for the whitening procedure.

  1. Preparing A Whitening Solution

The type of whitening solution you use would depend on the material of the fake flowers. You can create a solution for silk or plastic flowers by adding equal parts of water and H2O2.

  1. Testing the Solution

Before applying the whitening solution to the fake flowers, test it on a minor area to ensure its safety without any harmful effects.

  1. Applying the Whitening Solution

Next, it comes to applying the self-prepared whitening solution. You need to dip a sponge or clean cloth into this solution and apply softy it to the fake flowers.

  1. Letting The Solution Stay And Rinsing Thoroughly

Let the solution stay for the suggested amount of time. Lastly, thoroughly rinse the fake flowers with clean water to remove the whitening solution.


The above-listed simple tips and tricks can help you to clean and revive faded fake flowers easily. Thus, following every single step meticulously, you can better preserve the beauty of your artificial fake flowers, allowing them to look fresh, white, and vibrant once again.

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