How Many Flowers Do You Need for a Wedding?

Different weddings would have different settings for the flowers. Some might have a lot more flowers, while others do not so much. Of course, it will largely depend on the budget available for the flowers and how you want the wedding to look like.

Now that you are ready to choose the wedding flowers, what are your options? Will each table get flowers? These are just some of the questions you might have to consider when seeking to get many flowers for your wedding.

Wedding Flower Checklist: Every Bouquet and Arrangement to Plan For

The wedding flower checklist would help you know the best wedding flowers to consider and how best to choose them. Let us check them out.

Ceremony flowers

inweder flowers arrangement

Ceremony flowers are meant to be around the wedding grounds or church. So, they will be visible to everyone when they enter the venue where the wedding is slotted to happen. Here is a checklist of the ceremony flowers you might expect to find.

  • Welcome or entryway flower arrangement

These flowers are meant to welcome everyone into the wedding venue. They will be a great option for making people feel welcome at the wedding. You could still use other decor elements in addition to the flowers. Of course, some nice wedding centerpieces will do a good job of welcoming everyone into the venue.

  • Chuppah or altar arrangements

Considering this will be where you take your vows, expect the altar arrangement will be a backdrop for most photos on that wedding day. As much as it is not a must to have such flower arrangements, it would be nice to get a good floral arch.

You can always consider decorating the altar with other decorations. It depends on the overall wedding theme you want to achieve.

  • Chair or pew arrangements

The guests would also want to feel like part of the wedding. That is why you often get the chair flower arrangements as part of the chairs. Such improves the styling of their seats. You could also get some weddings having floor floral arrangements. This is to improve the color around the wedding venue and the chair arrangement.

  • Aisle decorations

Aisles are often forgotten, but that should not be the case when you have a florist with a keen eye for detail. The work of the aisle decorations is to ensure that you also get great photos as you walk down the aisle literally. Expect to have some stunning looks at both the beginning and the end of the wedding aisle.

  • Tossing petals meant for guests

Whenever the bridal party is leaving the wedding venue for a photo shoot, they also need the guests to toss some petals over them. That is how the tossing petals come in handy. They are not a requirement, but it would be nice. You could also use leaves or eco-friendly confetti as an alternative.

Personal flowers

wedding flowers bouquet

The personal flowers are mostly meant to be held by the people attending the wedding. It can be the bride, bridal party, and more. Here are the personal flowers you should have as part of the personal flowers.

  • Bride’s bouquet

This is the most important flower arrangement the florist has to get right. Many people will be looking at it while attending the wedding. Of course, you can also expect it to be the most photographed floral piece of the wedding.

Expect the pricing to be a bit higher compared to other arrangements. However, being expensive does not always mean it will be bigger. Such a flower arrangement largely depends on the value of the flowers present in the bouquet, not their sizes.

  • Hair flowers

The hair flowers are also known as the bridal floral crown. It can be optional, but people love them to the point they are quite common at the moment.

They are identified as flowers put into the hair of the bride as part of the decoration. Of course, these need extra care to avoid dropping them. We still find that they will be more photographed since they are on the head of the bride.

  • Bridesmaids’ bouquets

You will also come across the bridesmaids’ bouquets as part of the floral arrangement. They are still important, considering the bridesmaids must follow the bride. There might be times when the bridesmaids do not have their own bouquets. However, most people nowadays prefer giving their bridesmaids such flowers.

  • Tossing bouquet

Many brides would toss their wedding bouquets rather than having a separate bouquet. However, some might want to preserve their bouquet and have them cast in resin for better remembrance. When it gets to this point, a tossing bouquet is highly recommended.

The tossing bouquet will mostly be the scaled-down version of the bigger bridal bouquet.

  • Flower girls’ bouquet

Flower girls attending the wedding also need their flowers too. They will mostly be flowers or a basket of flower petals they can toss around. If your budget allows, you can also consider floral crowns for the flower girls.

The other notable flower arrangements under personal flowers can include boutonnieres, corsages, and nosegays. These would mostly be given to the other important guests in the wedding setup.

Reception flowers

wedding flowers budget

The reception flowers will mostly be common as table decorations where people would be having their reception after the newlyweds exchange their vows. So, what are the options?

  • Cocktail table arrangements

Cocktail table arrangements are not new and are now quite popular depending on what the couple wants to have at their reception. These table arrangements would be generally small, so they do not overcrowd the already small cocktail table.

  • Bar arrangements

Of course, the bar is meant for a good time. That is why you may also want to get yourself a good statement piece to set up in the bar. You can always take another piece from the wedding and set it up in the bar as part of the wedding bar centerpiece.

How Much Should I Spend on Wedding Flowers?

Wedding flowers such as orchids, peonies, and roses are fun to have at a wedding, but they can easily get expensive if you are not careful. It is then vital that you allot a decent part of the budget to the wedding flowers to ensure the florist has enough money to make it look good.

When it comes to the cost, many factors may determine how much this will be. Some of the factors include the venue, season, and type of flowers. Expect the flowers in season to be cheaper than those you have to import.

You should expect to spend an average of $2,300 on the floral part alone in 2022 when you want to do a wedding. This has increased from what people were spending in 2018, which was $1,800. Maybe the pandemic has been the main reason we have seen the rise in prices is because of the pandemic.


Whenever you want a wedding, the first thing to consider is the number of wedding flowers needed. You must always get yourself a qualified florist. This will help ensure you get the best deals on flowers and set up the floral arrangements correctly.

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