How Often Do Silk Flower Centerpieces Need Cleaning

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Silk flower centerpieces, made from fabric, are popular for creating beautiful wedding centerpieces. They are also common in floral wedding arrangements and bouquets.

However, silk flowers are an attractive way to add a touch of elegance to your home décor. They make exceptional gifts and easily decorate corners where houseplants can’t thrive. But like all other décor items, they are not immune to stains, dust, or grime.

But when you buy these beautiful centerpieces, you are unsure how to take care of their flowers. 

So how often should we be cleaning silk flower centerpieces?

What are the things we should remember when cleaning these flowers?

This post offers some essential tips for cleaning these stunning floral arrangements. If you follow these tips religiously, these fabulous flowers will look fresh and pretty, always.

How Often Should You Clean Silk Flower Centerpieces

Silk flowers won’t break or fall apart if you neglect them for some time. However, that doesn’t mean you should clean them once a year. While you should dust off the dirt as soon as you see your silk flower centerpieces getting dingy, you can follow a schedule of every two months or so.

However, if you live in a windy and dusty area, you should clean your artificial plants at least once a week. You can use a microfiber duster to swipe off the dirt and prevent dust accumulation.

Let’s look at some ways you can clean silk flower centerpieces.

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Best Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Silk Flower Centerpieces

Cleaning artificial flowers requires a different approach than cleaning fake flowers or plants. The main reason behind this is the dyes used for making artificial flowers. Some people can clean artificial flowers with homemade cleaners and solutions.

But getting rid of grime and dust to maintain your silk flowers is not complicated. All you must do is use the dry and wet cleaning methods. Dry methods are easy and quick. They are best for cleaning flowers that need just basic cleaning. However, the wet process requires more time and effort. Nonetheless, both ways are essential for getting contaminants off your flowers.

– Dry Cleaning Method

The ‘dry’ method involves placing flowers in a cornstarch or uncooked rice bag. Shake the bag gently so the flowers can mix with cornstarch or rice. You can also use a hair dryer for applying gentle air pressure. But remember to set it on the cold setting. Applying heat can damage the glue that keeps the flowers together.

– Wet Cleaning Method

As the name suggests, the wet method involves washing the flowers. Use lukewarm and soapy water to clean the silk flower centerpieces. Don’t use bleach or any other harsh chemicals. Avoid using hot water even if you are trying to remove stains.

Some stains require you to soak the flower. But, again, avoid soaking for too long because silk flowers are delicate. Any mistake can damage these flowers permanently.

If needed, repair your silk flower centerpieces before cleaning them thoroughly. Air dying is the best way to let centerpieces dry.

Lastly, you can use an ozone-safe aerosol spray cleaner. That will prevent the buildup of any bacteria or contaminants.

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How to Clean Silk Flowers with Yellow Stains

Here is a quick remedy if your silk flowers have stubborn yellow stains. Put a cup of cornmeal or table salt in a paper/plastic bag. Put your silk flowers in the bag and shake them gently. That will allow the flowers to contact the salt or cornmeal. Cornmeal or table salt act as an abrasive, removing dirt and dust on the flowers. Use a feather duster to dust off the salt or a hairdryer in the ‘cold’ setting.

But here’s another tested method for removing stains. Prepare a spray solution by mixing equal parts of water and white vinegar. It’s best to first check the solution on a small part of your silk flowers. Continue cleaning if there is no color bleeding. Then, wipe off the solution to remove the stains using a dry towel.

Using lemon juice as a cleaner is another tip. Adding lemon juice to a spray bottle can help you clean stubborn stains. Once the citric acid breaks down, gently rub the grime with a cloth. Use cool water to rinse the flowers. Let them air dry.

Storing Your Silk Flowers

Another important part of maintaining and cleaning silk flower centerpieces is storage. If you are not using them, pack them and store them away. Ideally, you should choose a big container for the centerpiece to fit in. The flowers should not fold, blend, or crumple. Moths can chew away silk, so keep the lid closed. When storing multiple flowers or centerpieces, wrap them individually. Fabric or soft paper are good choices for covering them carefully.

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