Tall or Short Wedding Centerpieces – Which Is Right For You?

One of the most discussed items at your wedding is the decor and specifically table decor. And categorically, the ones on the table are centerpieces. It’s the most noticeable object your guests can easily see on the table. It reflects your sense of style and how deeply you’ve dwelled in your wedding decor. Are you confused about choosing the short or the tall centerpiece stand? Check out our guide about choosing the right size for your wedding centerpiece.

The Pros and Cons of Tall Centerpiece Stand

tall gold centerpiece stand

The beauty of using a tall gold centerpiece stand is it would give the whole ambiance a look of royalty and afar from reality. But on the other side, it hinders the eye level of the guests. A short centerpiece would be great to emit that effect.

If you’ve chosen a large place to RSVP for your reception, the number of guests is also much less. So it would be best if you had something to fill the scantiness of your venue; for this, use a tall centerpiece stand. Another restriction with choosing a tall centerpiece is that it is only to be placed on a large head table. As for the small sweetheart table, it would be a terrible choice.

A tall centerpiece stand allows you to go with the flowers and decor like French tulips. But on the other side, it would need lots of transportation, flowers, and rental costs for the placement.

The Pros and Cons of Short Vase

short vase for wedding centerpieces

If you want to add simplicity to your event and decor, go for short ones. They can add class and grandeur to any floral arrangement. They may be best suited on tables where guests need to interact more with each other. Unlike a tall gold centerpiece stand, a short centerpiece will never block your eye level. Short centerpieces are simple, beautiful, elegant, and less expensive than tall centerpieces.

On the other side, its small size fails to maintain its effect on a head table. It is suitable for a sweetheart table only. In a large venue, using short pieces would be an utter mess as they’d be invisible on the tables. Also, short centerpieces can accommodate greenery or candles. Unlike the tall centerpiece, it can’t cater to a stem of rose or French tulips.

Choosing The Right One

It depends on your reception. Suppose you’re having a huge large ballroom wedding in a huge venue. Then it is advisable to use tall centerpieces to make a presence. Use short centerpieces to complement the effect of a casual or an intimate wedding.

Another factor in choosing a tall or short centerpiece is the table size. A round table asks for minimal size, while a long rectangular table requires a huge centerpiece. Whether tall or short, it depends on your budget. Choose what suits you, not what you like. Choose if you’ve saved enough money or can afford it.

crystal centerpieces for weddings

Consider Your Wedding Day Vibe

Your wedding venue tells a lot about your preferred sense of style and what decor to go with. Consider using traditional decor and centerpieces if it’s a traditional venue. To save cost, for a small reception, always prefer using short table centerpieces with flowers. Also, avoid using highly fragrant flowers to avoid too much aroma.

If it’s a huge venue wedding, then to complement the number of tables, go with the tall centerpieces. It’s all about your budget and affordability. If your budget for decor and centerpieces is low, it’s all right; you always don’t need to use just flowers in centerpieces. Try using candles to give a romantic touch to the event. They’re classy and inexpensive.

flower table centerpiece

Think About Your Budget

It all depends on your budget. If you want the wedding venue and tables to be lighter and simpler, use a big wedding centerpiece to have a beautiful and classy effect. If you are getting married in an intimate ceremony, use short centerpieces.

It depends on your preference. Some want great decor and can forgo the other stuff, while others want a lavish cake and exuberant gown, so choose what you desire.

wedding centerpieces

Consider Using Both

If you’re confused between short and long centerpieces, play safe, and use both. Try combining tall centerpieces with flowers and short centerpieces with candles. Your venue will look ethereal and magical with a combination of these two.

For the head table, use a long centerpiece. If you’re arranging a sweetheart table for both of you, go for a short wedding centerpiece to complement its smaller size.


Whether short or tall depends on your venue, theme, and budget. A wedding is all about festivity and beauty. To enhance the beauty of this wonderful day, use subtle decor. Ultimately, it isn’t about a centerpiece but what’s inside a centerpiece. A centerpiece, long or short, can be complemented with lovely candles or fresh flowers. Have you decided on your wedding centerpieces for your wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

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