11 Ideas to Decorate Wedding Place with Flower Ball and Wreath

The decoration plays an important role in making the wedding stand out. In addition to how the bride looks, more people often talk about the decoration. So, how best can you use wreaths and a flower ball to make the most out of the decoration?

We look at the top best creative ways to handle your decorations today. The best part is that it is quite simple to follow along.

Creatively handmade flower ball

The artificial handmade flower ball can work for many special events. Examples can be your wedding decoration or still work as home decor. Such versatility would make many more people consider it to spruce the look of a certain space.

The overall quality of the material makes the piece stand out. Here, the soft, non-toxic polyester material ensures the piece is soft to the touch but still easy to clean if the need arises.

Being handmade means, they do not need sunlight and water to keep them looking good. For this reason, maintenance will not be an issue generally.

Beautiful table centerpieces with flower ball

wedding centerpiece stands with flower ball

A centerpiece at the wedding needs no explanation. If you have a keen eye for detail, then you would find picking this table centerpiece option an easy decision. With its stable flower stand, setting the flower ball up on different surfaces.

The simple but elegant design should easily match most wedding themes. The use of high-quality metal that does not rust makes the piece reusable for different weddings without a problem. Just use a soft cloth for cleaning and drying it to maintain the shine.

The other uses of the piece include bridal showers, celebration ceremonies, event decorations, birthdays, and so much more.

Ceremony entrance

decorate entrance with flower ball

Of course, a wedding ceremony entrance needs to look its best if you want more people talking about it.

Here, there is a need to choose the flower ball carefully to include in the wreath. You can consider them simple but also give a sneak preview of what people can expect once they get into the venue.

Expect to come across such types of wreaths each time you attend a wedding with a different type of styling from one wedding to another.

Do not forget to accessorize the entrance piece. You could play around with different flower types to match the wedding theme.

Flower crown

It is not new to come across a flower crown at a wedding. You may find the flower girl mostly having a flower crown that has a unique look. Or, it can be as simple as a wreath made with olive branches weaved into a crown. You can be sure this would look great.

The idea is always to try something different. Other than the flower girl, some other key people can also have similar crowns. So long as it is simple and elegant, many people might just go for the idea.

Overhead flower installation

People focus much more on the flowers in front of them, such as the table centerpiece. However, you can also come across the overhead flower types that would make the wedding decoration even better.

Overhead wreaths need the best design and flowers too so that they can stand out. You can consider intertwined wreaths with a fresh modern look. Sometimes it does not have to be too many flowers, but you can include more greenery for this part.

Of course, have the flowers installed correctly so they cannot drop during the wedding ceremony.

Chair decor

wedding chair decor with greenery

Sometimes chair decor can make a difference at a wedding. Maybe you are used to some chair decors only having a plain cloth with a few ribbons. That has to stop and get creative with flowers and wreaths.

It is time to upgrade the look of the chairs by adding a mini wreath on the back of the chairs. It can only be for a few key people at the wedding if it seems expensive to do all the seats at the wedding.

Do not be afraid to let your creativity run wild on this one.


Place cards would also use a different touch other than the usual boring cards with a name on them. This time around, consider getting a nice mini wreath as part of the decoration. The little things would make more people feel there is so much thought into the decoration.

You can have different wreaths for different tables. It will add to the design and make your friends enjoy taking their place cards home as souvenirs.

Do not worry so much about the cost since these mini wreaths can be picked from one branch, and that is it.

Happily married ride

wedding car decorating with greenery wreath

This has been a long-standing tradition that would make someone consider still doing it today. Once you are married, you also want a nice, happily married ride.

Depending on your ride, you can add a wreath to it too. A good example can be a boat sailing into the water, showing you have started your life together. Have a nice piece hanging on the boat to give the photographer a nice photo op too at the same time.

A VW bus is also known to rock such types of wreaths better. If it is something you would want, then go for it.

Attached to animals

flower ball wreath attached to your pet at wedding

It can be quite fun to have the wreath attached to an animal at the wedding. A perfect example is using it on a horse the bride uses on a beach. You can picture the scenario in your head and see how it would look good.

Other than horses, some like their favorite dog being the one carrying their rings. Of course, a mini wreath around its neck would make the difference.

Depending on what the bride and groom want, there can be different options for wreaths around the animal necks.

Background setting for a photoshoot

flower ball and greenery for floral backdrop wall decor

Any wedding is not complete without a good photo shoot. One way to make it count is by having flowers as the backdrop of the seating area. Here is where creativity has to come into place and arrange the flowers correctly.

Most people decorating areas for photoshoots are likely to consider going crazy about it, but sometimes simple is better. Focus more on working with less to bring out the best of looks. Too many flower balls might not always work.

Wedding ground entry

One thing that people will always remember is how the bridal party gets into the wedding grounds. They have to be ushered in with some good flower balls too. You need the right stage for this. Go ahead and spruce it with the amazing flower ball and wreaths to make every moment memorable.

Final Thoughts

One thing you should always let loose with weddings is your imagination for decoration. You can always find many more wedding decorations when you want to use more flowers and wreaths. If you have attended more weddings before, you can often find more uses for flowers. Since it is something people enjoy, do not be afraid to use it even more creatively still.

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